Jacqui Lambie unleashes on the PM and Cory Bernardi

If you’ve ever wondered how Senator Jacqui Lambie really feels about Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, she will not hesitate to dish it
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If you’ve ever wondered how Senator Jacqui Lambie really feels about Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, she will not hesitate to dish it out. In fact, on the new season of ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet, Jacqui did not hold back as she described him as an “a**hole”.

And this is when things in the kitchen got a little heated. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Jackie said, “There’s been a couple of times I’ve thought about jumping out of my seat and going across the floor.”

This promted show host Annabel Crabb to ask, “Who would be your first victim, do you reckon?”

“Bernardi … Yeah. He’s just an a**hole. Typical, ‘Hello, I’m born with a silver spoon up my rear end’,” said Jacqui.

And just what does Jacqui think of the PM?

“Oh. You know, we all had these high hopes and I was out there from day one going, ‘Turnbull needs to be PM! Turnbull needs to be PM!’” she said on the show.

Jacqui explained that she was a supporter of Malcolm Turnbull before he took over the top job, but now she is “disappointed” by him.

“It’s a real shame too, ’cause I actually quite like him, personally. I like having cups of tea with him. I don’t know what he puts in his cups of tea, but I always come out of there with a big smirk on my face,” she said.

“I don’t know what his problem is. I don’t know whether he’s struggling with his own party or … You know, it’s really hard when you see that these guys are put on strings, when they can’t actually be leaders. ’Cause leaders shouldn’t be put on strings, they should be leading,” said Jacqui.

On the recent changes to Senate, she said, “We know that all our a**es are on the line right now going into the next election, but it’s my conscience. So if I don’t win my seat back because I believe I’ve done the right thing, well, then, so be it, but at least I’ll be able to sleep at night time.”

Watch the clip here…

Could such a transparency be a breath of fresh air?

  1. Pam Nicholls  

    Well done Jacqui,
    You have much to offer Tasmania, hopefully your electorate will appreciate you as much of many ABC followers.
    You know what struggle street is all about, thank you for bringing your experiences to the rough and tumble of federal politics.
    Thanks for saying what many Australians feel about Corey Bernardino, an awful man!

  2. Jennifer Dickson  

    Surely Taswegians have the brains to keep this honest and straight talking woman in the Senate. There aren’t many pollies I give a toss for, but Jacqui , Ricky Muir and Tony Windsor are 3 I do admire.

  3. Marilyn Montgomery  

    Last night’s show with Jacqui Lambie was an absolute breath of fresh air ; one of very few politicians who calls it the way she sees it; no fear or favour for anyone. My kind of politician and one, I think, who can’t be bought. I loved her honesty regarding her background and the challenges she faced along the way; the girl’s got guts. Go Jacqui and win your seat again….we need more of you in parliament as so many are sickeningly plastic sycophants.

    • I agree a breath of fresh air and honesty, calls it as she see’s it. I really hope the electorate you represents has enough sense to vote you in again. You go girl, xxx

  4. I have come to quite like Jacqui, but I take exception to her words, thoughts, behaviour and ignorance regarding Islam. I do hope that Jacqui does get the opportunity to lash out further at Cory Bernardi. Thank you Jacqui.

  5. Ray  

    Easy pleased in Tasmania obviously.

    • Leonie  

      Jacqui ‘s language is uncouth. Perhaps she could try to be more gracious and ladylike, then her opinions might be heard.

  6. Jen  

    Not impressed with her language, she is a bully and proud of it.She does make some relevant comments but knows there are little consequences for what she says.

  7. Jan  

    Good on you Girl, that’s what I like about you, you say it how you see it, not in for the money, but in for the concern of your fellow Australians and a better Australia. Wish you represented my Area.

  8. Wayne  

    Good as a senator … keep the bastards honest !

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