I will do whatever it takes in the Australian Senate – including voting against all Liberal/National Government Legislation – to stop Malcolm Turnbull and his incompetent Health Minister Sussan Ley from increasing the cost for Australian women to access vital Cancer health checks.

I agree with Tasmanian businesswoman Kalhi Deegan 100%. Health Minister Sussan Ley and PM Turnbull must stop messing with our Medicare Bulk Billing rates. Australian women should never be forced to pay $30 for pap smears – when most were able to access this vital women’s cancer health check – for free through our Medicare and Bulk Billing system”, she said.

I notice that the Victorian Liberals are pushing for more women in Parliament. What good is it, having more Liberal / National women members in the Senate and Lower House – if they don’t have the courage to stand up for women over the important life and death issues?

Conservative women politicians who talk about fixing a gender imbalance – while their senior female colleague tries to bring in dangerous health policy changes that are guaranteed to harm thousands of Australian women each year – is hypocritical, obscene and an insult.

If Health Minister Sussan Ley and her male Liberal political masters are allowed to have their way in the Senate  – and increase the cost of women’s cancer checks – it’s guaranteed that more Australian women will die early, horrific and unnecessary deaths. And that’s not going to happen on my watch.

Senator Lambie also released a short video of her plans to tackle this contentious issues: