Jacqui Lambie slams the Defence Force for covering up abuse of our countrymen

For anyone who has been or knows someone in the Australian Defence Force, you’ll know the pride and dedication it

For anyone who has been or knows someone in the Australian Defence Force, you’ll know the pride and dedication it takes to represent your country. Unfortunately, this was stripped away from two men and then covered up.

Jacqui Lambie has slammed the ADF for its treatment of two men, alleging they abused them and didn’t take responsibility for the harm caused.

She has also called for Australian of the Year David Morrison to resign for his alleged involvement during his employment as the chief of the Australian Army.

Senator Lambie, under parliamentary privilege in the Senate adjournment debate overnight, spoke about SAS trooper Evan Donaldson and former Army officer Marcus Saltmarsh’s abuse as they watched on from the public gallery.

“The cover up in this matter has been at a very high level, spectacular and absolutely deliberate,” she told the chamber while describing Mr Saltmarsh’s case, reports the Courier Mail.

She said Mr Saltmarsh had been the “subject of extraordinary abuse of office by senior members of the Australian Army”.

Senator Lambie believes he should be awarded the immediate classification total permanent impairment for post traumatic stress disorder after being sent 28 autopsy photos of his best friend, who he accidentally killed.

While serving in East Timor in 2000, Mr Saltmarsh’s rifle independently discharged, accidentally killing Corporal Stuart Jones.

In other shocking allegations, Lambie said Trooper Donaldson had been the victim of brutal sexual abuse and other assaults during secret training exercises run by the Defence Intelligence Organisation.

“Evan was bashed, bound, bagged, blindfolded, stripped naked, placed in stress positions, deprived of sleep and food for 96 hours and during that time he was sexually assaulted and left bleeding,” she said.

She said he had been subject of almost seven years of government investigations and the Defence department had misled six defence ministers regarding the case.

Senator Lambie invited PM Malcolm Turnbull to meet the two veterans and hear their plights for himself.

Tell us, do you think there should be more done to help our war veterans with PTSD or even more transparency over abuse or other issues?

The video of Ms Lambie’s address can be found here


    • So easy to put her down with that one quick statement isn’t it.
      If there is substance in what she said then the defence force and its bosses do have a lot to answer for.

    • Ms Christmas……that was a little nasty and are all of your comments…I am not a Jacki Lambie fan but she seems to know what she is talking about, regardless of that she is trying to help those who can’t help themselves…..good on her pitty there weren’t more like her……amazing how the 2 most forth right politicians are women and the most disliked women in this country disgusting I think….more people should have the fortitude to speak up…..

  1. She is such a coward. If she so brave and strong, come out to say it, not under the protection of the ‘ privilege’ in the parliament.

    • Who cares where she said it ……… good on her for having the guts to do so! Maybe if enough people bring it to the attention of parliament, things may start to happen and Defence force leaders might be held accountable.

    • Jacki is dealing with an all boys club.. there use to be a saying if u cant stand the heat in the kitchen move on.. i learnt that in the services.. its not a place 4 a teenage girl.. plus all the whines as the guys used to latch on to the girls.. oh my wife dosnt understand me. Windge

    • Parliamentary privilege is there for a reason, you can’t say it’s there for what ever, then when someone says something you don’t like say they shouldn’t use it for that. Jacki did it this way to stop the shit she would get from bring ing it to the fore good on her….Morrison was given the job cos someone knew this was going to happen, they wanted him protected……

    • Salona, if she didn’t say it under parliamentary privilege she could be sued and spend months in court. Coward, no way, she has more guts than most of the politicians.

    • Elaine King girls r vulnerable in the services especialy if theyre not street wise.. they can get roped onto anything

  2. good on her, I listened to an interview with Trooper Donaldson last night on the ABC and I don’t mind telling you it made me feel sick. This man was sexually assaulted while doing training, it left him with a bleeding anus among other things, he has suffered years of mental trauma over this. This abuse has to stop

    • more than you Angela, she has lived it, you are just passing judgement from afar, and not about the abuse, you are more interested in slamming Lambie, you missing what the whole issue is about. No Australian should ever be physically or verbally abused doing service for this country

    • I bet many people are glad the Christmas only comes once a year when they are around you Angela

  3. Yes my great nephew was abused, I don’t know how exactly because I didn’t pry, he has never recovered mentally.

  4. Our son was in the army for 4 years. We had dealings with David Morrison to get him out. Trust me, I believe every word of this. It is all about lies and cover up. I cannot speak about details as we struck a deal with Defence to keep quiet. They gagged us. The public need to know what is going on. I don’t usually agree with Ms Lambie but in this case. Go Jacqui, give it to them. Needless to say I felt like vomiting when Mr. Morrison was named as Australian of the Year.

    • Can understand you feeling this way. I would too Debbie. My husband is ex British Forces so know how they all operate.

    • Christine Raynes He is fine. He had wonderful support in his non-coms and his Captain and Major who were all on his side. The Padres were also wonderful. For us it was not so much the individuals as the whole organisation. Bureaucrats in uniform who have never been on the front line who treat our diggers like dirt. Lies, cover ups, arrogance and the list goes on. He is doing a Law Degree at ANU and at the moment looking for a job.

    • Debbie is your son specialising in anything in particular? Our son is a lawyer and specialised in family law. I did law years ago, then went into local government, then banking.

    • Christa Caldecott He is doing a Juris Doctorate Law degree. I don’t know what he is specialising in if anything.

  5. While these issues remain hidden, people will continue to be abused, Australian parents should be assured that their children will be safe in the hands of our defence forces. Any abuse should be investigated and the perpetrators punished. Good on Lambie for speaking out

  6. Although I don’t usually agree with some of Jacqui Lambie’s comments, this is one occasion I do support her. Abuse in the Defence force should not and is not acceptable at any level, the perpetrators need to be thrown out if that’s what it takes to get the message through. Abuse breeds more abuse and if not stopped someone will be killed.

  7. I feel so sorry for that Trooper, that will haunt him for the rest of his day, I don’t think any man would get over that

  8. Yes and yes, my eldest daughter was in the air force and would often make remark of the abhorrent behaviour that goes on unchecked.

    • I know someone who had an OP score of 1 and joined the air force. Soon left. He said he didn’t study all his life to be treated like that. Problem is, we don’t keep the best people in the military -Decent ones leave.

  9. My husband was in the RAAF for over 30 years and never came across any incidents of abuse. I’m not saying it doesn’t go on as I know it does and is totally despicable. It’s been a news topic for decades now and I am sure it is being dealt with in the correct manner with all the exposure it has received. Is Ms Lambe the Minister for Defence now?? Sarcasm.

    • I don’t know why the sarcasm Julie, just because your husband never encountered it does not mean it Does not happen, it is disgraceful and I support anyone who speaks out against violence of any kind. I will never condone that..good on Jaquie Lambie

    • Read what I wrote again – I never said it doesn’t happen and I most definitely do not condone it!! This has been a long standing issue and must be addressed and stopped. However, I am not a fan of Jacqui Lambe,

    • How do you know she is doing nothing? Abuse goes on in just about every walk of life these days. Totally abhorrent in any shape or form.

    • Rest assured Julie it is not being dealt with. It continues to be given lip service and the Minister for Defence will be a tad angry when challenged by Jacqui, who perhaps would take a more pro-active approach in the position.

    • Julie maybe yur husband was streetwise . Watched his back. Stood at least 6ft tall n had a personality that could cope.

    • Absolutely none of those you’ve mentioned Elaine, just a regular guy. My dad was in the army for 22 yrs also so I come from a long family tradition of forces people. How many of you are in or have been in the Defence forces?

    • I watched David Morrisons Australian award speech..strong speech….and I admired him when he first defended the abuse of the women in the army..and saying men could “get out” who have done that…also saw him on Q & A..very strong..and probably emotional when talking about domestic violence but perplexed when the republic was also mentioned in his Australia Day speech…probably too much information too soon for most of us..

    • Sarcasm??how dare you..these poor buggars have gone through hell and all you can say is SARCASM..think you might be covering up as well..TO YOURSELF!!!!!

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