Jacqui Lambie cracks up when talking Turnbull and Trump

Trump or Clive? These are the questions that caused Jacqui Lambie to be lost for words.

While appearing on the Today show this morning to talking about the political landscape in Australia at the moment Jacqui Lambie was a lost for words…as she was cracking up.

Leading up to the hysterics, Ms Lambie had been discussing what needs to be done in parliament.  She wants to see both sides of politics stop “shooting your mouth off at each other, put the bills through. get the legislation through, and let’s get on with the damn job.”

A few chuckles came out when the presenter asked Ms Lambie’s advice for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in his dealings with US President Trump.  The presented likened it to Ms Lambie’s own dealings with another billionaire that entered politics in Clive Palmer.  Laughing, Ms Lambie said “Good luck with that.” 

Ms Lambie then let out a big laugh because she has to “watch her words” but offered some advice for both President Trump and Prime Minister Turnbull saying, “They can’t move in the right direction without us and we’re the same. We’ve relied on each other for many years. I don’t want to see that friendship broken but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a little bit of argie-bargie. You’ve got to stand up for your own nation.”  

To see the questions that made her laugh visit here.

What did you think of Ms Lambie’s statements? Do you agree?  Let is know in the comments below.


  1. Murray Walker  

    Well yes let try something novel and deal with the real issues at hand. Budget. Health. Education. Security. Refugees. Gee whiz political parties and the independents could even work together to pass legislation, wouldn’t that be novel.

  2. Roxy  

    Please re-read your article and correct the typos Etc. It is a real affront to Over Sixties who care about these things (which maybe the Millenials don’t). But this is why we read your articles…e.g “presenter” instead of “presented” and “Let us know in the comments below” instead of “Let is know…”. If you are accepting money for and we have to put up with ads for Three Energy Killing Foods and Finding Birth Records online X 2 in the middle of the article, you could at least have a site that is professionally produced.

  3. Ellen  

    Well said Roxy. The continued “typos” are both annoying and unprofessional!

  4. Mary  

    I believe I am getting my money’s worth out of this site i.e. free – I can put up with the typos and still get the information I need. How lucky are we to be able to just log in and have this site to read – I would not bother if I felt it was annoying an unprofessional.

  5. Dieter  

    I with you here Mary.
    This is a site of information and not a school yard.
    If someone cannot cope with some typos just get your info somewhere else.
    It’s that easy.
    Get a life complainers.

  6. Dieter  

    Ohh I am really sorry for my typo I hope I didn’t spoil someones day.
    It should have read:
    I am with you. …….

  7. Glen  

    You are so right Jaqui. Keep up the good work. We are indeed fed up with the pointless point scoring and ridiculous behaviour in parliament. Politicians are not elected to get the most laughs at the expense of the other party, they are there to run the country, but you wouldn’t think so.

  8. Unfortunately Jackie is right. Politicians are all about putting on a comedy act, rather than doing the job that they were elected to do. That being pushing bills through parliament for the betterment of the country and not their hip pocket.

  9. Dave boyd  

    Unfortunately politicians once they get elected. Change there attitude towards there voting public and think we the voters are idiots
    But its the politicians who are really idiots..because one day
    Some one is going to get really serious about doing good for Australia. And kick these politicians. Out on there lazy asses
    At the moment its people like Jacqui and Pauline. That seem interested enough to do the right thing for Australia and its people

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