It looks like Tony Abbott is the real winner of the election

Only hours after her emerged victorious in his electorate of Warringah, Tony Abbott was fielding questions about a possible return

Only hours after her emerged victorious in his electorate of Warringah, Tony Abbott was fielding questions about a possible return as prime minister.

Mr Abbott won a whopping 60 per cent of the vote in his electorate where support for the ex-PM is still as strong as ever.

Now, with the LNP under threat of forming a minority government, there are calls for Malcolm Turnbull to step aside and let Mr Abbott finish what he started.

A number of senior LNP members and political commentators have said it’s only right for Mr Turnbull to stand down.

Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt proclaimed Mr Turnbull is “finished” and “should resign”.

“Malcolm, you assassinated a Liberal Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who’d won an election by a huge margin. You promised to do even better than him … and now look. Almost everything turned to ruin.”

Others said Mr Abbott should at least get a starring role on the frontbench if the government manages to hold power.

Sky News political reporter Kieran Gilbert said it would “be smart” for Mr Turnbull to “bring Abbott straight in to cabinet” to appease voters who deserted the party when Mr Abbott was dropped.

“First thing Monday, he’s gotta start thinking about the Abbott grouping and bringing them in to the tent straight away,” Mr Gilbert said.

So is Australia ready for the return of Tony Abbott?

The whole thing is a near replica of what happened between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, with the two Labor leaders proving anything is possible.

While Mr Abbott has a lot of support in some areas, there are those who would be furious to see more turmoil within government and yet another leadership change between elections.

Would you be happy to see Tony Abbott return as PM? Who do you think will win this election?

  1. Cliff  

    I think julie bishop should lead the party now

    • Lynette Nelson  

      Julie Bishop no way she is a back stabbed

    • Marjorie browne  

      No, no, no, not Julie, I would rather see Abbott come back, he should never has been treated the way he was.

  2. Pamela Skipper  

    They are also calling for her to resign as well as she is such a Turnball supporter

    • Snowwhite  

      Julie Bishop is a supporter of whoever keeps her in her job. She’s a survivor. She is not loyal to anyone but herself. If they bring back Abbott they really will be self imploding. The Conservatives still can’t understand that they have to govern for ALL Australians not just the rich.

  3. veronica cheeseman  

    If he comes back we have learned nothing and as for the little ‘ fox terrier’ aka Cruella de Vil, please go somewhere, anywhere as I’m sick of your face!

  4. Snowwhite  

    Julie Bishop should resign. She supports any leader who keeps her as the foreign minister.
    She is only loyal to herself. The Conservatives are delusional if they bring back Abbott. They really don’t understand that far right politics has been rejected and they will never be in power until they learn to govern for ALL Australians and not just the rich.

    • Marcia hartley  

      Love tony Abbott but are we just the same as labor if we do this. Perhaps if Turnbull resigned then that would be different. Also Julie bishop she is a Turnbull supporter.cant be trusted.

      • Mareela  

        Sorry but LNP is far worse than Labor could ever be. They are infected with too many greedy, corrupt far right politicians who are not interested in improving the life/jobs of ordinary Australians. They should be gone, dead, buried and cremated like their policies. I’ve never known such liars who care so little for the future of Australia and Australians. Shame, shame.

        • Snowwhite, what makes you think the LNP are any better? It’s just laughable Malcolm spouting about “stability.” What? Because no leader has been stabbed in the back for 9 months? Do these pollies have a clue what the effect is of their ridiculous lies and false statements? I’ll tell them. It turns us off you even more!

    • Sandy Balfour  

      Well said – couldn’t agree more.

  5. Yes lets bring back Tony Abbott. This will really sound the Death Knell to the LNP. The voters have obviously left the LNP in droves so lets finish it off with Abbott at the helm. The far right are on the way out. All I can say is thank god for that. Lets have a more humane society dealing with the important things like, protecting our environment with more Renewable Energy, Allowing Marriage Equality, putting money back into Medicare, Schools and funding programs that help the unemployed find work. The important things in our world.

  6. I am at a loss for words re Tony Abbott……as I have said before on several occasions…
    Let’s look at the mans moral character…HE IS THE ULTIMATE LIAR, DO YOU NOT REMEMBER??

    • Brian, those who do not remember, do not remember willfully. It’s called “cognitive dissonance.”

  7. Stephen  

    A few of Abbotts parliamentary supporters lost their seats, as did a few of Turnbull’s, all of which make up the factional numbers who really decide whose who in the parliamentary zoo. What we didn’t note was a number of the other retiring M.P.s from safe Lib seats were replaced from the far right Young Libs movement, and that Abbott spent most of the election polling in their electorates, which will boost his factionalism.
    As for the Libs moral behaviour there is none when it comes to survival of their jobs amidst this massive right/left internal division. There is no point in screaming “Liar, liar your pants are on fire”, without showing people that Medicare was in actual fact being dismantled through the back door, just ask the doctors; or that Turnbull made his great political inroads on the Republican debate, that is so close to his heart that it didn’t get a mention in the election. These are the real, non political Truths that the mindless will not see because they listen to what comes out of the politicians mouths and not the evidence of their activities. Thus do we have the worse political mess since Federation created by Turnbull, based purely on his own ego, whilst his mouth his declared stability, and then blamed everyone else for the mess he created.

  8. Di  

    The Fickle fingure of Politics, 12 months or so ago Tony Abbott was the of the Australian electorate, the brunt of many jokes, the press running riot unchecked with their comments of anti Tony. Be careful of what you wish for, comes to mind.


    Tony Abbott has travelled ( at our expense )the world and poked his nose in where it was not wanted. Tried to see the Queen and was denied. Went to America and heavens knows where else . He is determined to get rid of Medicare and only people who lived before Medicare was introduced know how hard it was to get into hospitals which have advanced to one of the best in the world . Says he stopped the boats but Julia Gillard tried but he blocked every move she tried to stop them. Gave us the least amount of money to pensioners . I was so ashamed of him every time he was on the public stage to represent our wonderful country

  10. Jeff B  

    If Abbott was PM for this election, the LNP could not have won. His rusted on supporters and shock jocks who believe in their own infallibility, conveniently forget the number of lies Abbott told the voters and the fact that he massively increased the deficit. Pity Turnbull was handicapped by the right wing zealots in the party.

  11. Jenny Koppe  

    At least Tony Abbott was elected by the people, not Thurnbull,nor Shorten. So give him a other change,

    • Raylene  

      Where do you get the idea the voters elected Tony Abbott, the party room elects the leader, voters have no say.

  12. Jenny Koppe  

    At least Tony Abbott was elected by the people, not Thurnbull,nor Shorten. So give him a other change,

    • Mareela  

      Abbott WAS NOT elected by the people of Australia. Unfortunately he just happened to be leader of the party that was elected to govern Australia. And what a mess he made of everything. And Bill Shorten would only be PM if Labor won the election because he happens, like Abbott, to be leader of the Labor party. Australians do not vote for a PM.

    • Gary Suter  

      Don’t be too sure Bill Shorten is in with a chance. Once his policies are acted upon there will be no return to Lioberalism ideology.

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