Is Tony Abbott more dangerous on the backbench?

Tony Abbott has confirmed today that he will remain in parliament until the next election, saying that the role of

Tony Abbott has confirmed today that he will remain in parliament until the next election, saying that the role of a backbencher is an honourable one, and that he is happy to represent the 100,000 people of his electorate.

But, while it’s good to know we won’t have to form out $450,000 for a by-election as we did for Joe Hockey’s seat of North Sydney, the question is, will Mr Abbott do more harm than good?

In just three short months, it’s become clear that without the advisors and media people hovering close, Mr Abbott has taken the gloves off and is prepared to keep on swinging.

The enemy, as we all know, is ISIS/Daesh or whatever you want to call them. Just this morning, Mr Abbott again called for Australia and our allies to step up our fight against ISIS.

Speaking to Alan Jones on 2GB, the former prime minister said, “We’ve seen from bitter experience how easy it is to make a bad situation worse in the Middle East. But nevertheless just because Islamic State — the death cult, as I call it — is spoiling for a fight, that’s no reason not to give it to them,” he said.

“If they’re unfought they continue to flourish and while they’re flourishing they are inspiration to a whole lot of people who might not otherwise do the dreadful things that we’re now seeing.

“So it is important to escalate the campaign against Islamic State in the Middle East just as it’s important to make sure that we’re doing everything we humanly can both to engage with decent Muslims here at home and abroad and to have a very strong domestic security response as well.”

This call to arms comes just days after Mr Abbott said “all cultures are not equal” and that Islam needed to undergo a version of Christianity’s ­Reformation, The Australian reports.

“One of the responsibilities of being an ex-prime minister is, from time to time, to speak out sensibly on important subjects,” said Mr Abbott.

However, others are less enthusiastic about the former prime minister’s new calling. Yesterday Bill Shorten told a media conference that Mr Abbott had been “let off the leash” and that his comments were damaging, Fairfax reports.

“I don’t know if he’s Australia’s version of Donald Trump but he’s a very unusual man, Tony Abbott,” Mr Shorten said.

“I think his views are not befitting a former prime minister who was in charge three months ago…We shouldn’t have a bar of what he says.”

The opposition leaders has called on the Prime Minister to bring Mr Abbott into line, however, Mr Turnbull said earlier this week that his former rival was entitled to an opinion.

Counter terrorism expert associate professor Nick O’Brien disagrees. He told Fairfax that Mr Abbott’s comments about Islam and the “death cult” made the Muslim population of Australia feel “under siege”.

“I know the head of ISIS Baghdadi will be rubbing his hands together with glee because they’re exactly the sort of comments that will drive people towards being radicalised,” he added.

Do you think Tony Abbott is entitled to speak his mind? Or should he be reigned in?

    • I would say that an awful lot of you should have been drowned at birth…..leave him alone, he is more Australian than all you people who like to put your heads in the sand.

    • Oh Really, I find that quite an uneducated comment. You don’t know too many of us and can’t pass that sort of judgement. Those that don’t like bigotry or secular condemnation or going against the population that supposedly elected him are mostly the people that make those sort of comments. He made me ashamed to be Australian, for the first time in the 65 years since my birth here. You are entitled to your opinion and I am glad that we have the opportunity to not agree, something that Mr Abbot does not agree with!

  1. No way am I voting Liberal but I feel sorry for Turnbull, Abbott is going to undermine him all the way until they lose the next election, he can’t seem to adjust to the fact that he is just a back bencher now

    • feel sorry for Turnbull??? Selling out Australia, apologising for islam, increasing GST,…

    • If TA was still prime minister and a back bencher was carrying on like this, people would be calling for his head.Abbott either needs to go or keep out of cabinet area discussions.

    • Turnbull doesn’t need Abbott to undermine him he is doing a great job himself. Wage increase, gst, Morrison,Brough, Wyatt Earp,Bishop, need I go on I think the above is self explanatory.

    • I’m waiting to see if Turnbull has the gonads to deal with him. I suspect not

    • Kerry Goodwin  

      Cant stand Turnbull. He needs to go!

    • Leanna Stephenson you could at least do KERRY the courtesy of getting her name right

    • Dave Deacon I think that is the least of anyone’s worries and Leanna is right , we just don’t care, she needs to go tell you that..I nearly put your name wrong it must be catching..blame the heat

    • changed the name but care if her name is Bertha Bunting what I said still stays the same..I don’t care who she voted for or you either Dave Deacon..go tell someone who cares

    • Yes, Tis exceptionally hot n humid this summer arvo in Sydney, but I’ll tell you what, wouldn’t be anywhere else. 😊

    • He’s doing a Rudd……Got the shits because he got ousted. Only thinking of himself not the country.

    • That’s easily fixable, (must watch my spelling), just poured a tall glass of larger, I’m fine now, good afternoon all 🍺!!

    • Ah “a rose by any other name……….” Ladies please. It’s bloody freezing in Burnie. Sitting here, cab. sav. in hand, with trackie dacks on. Would appreciate the phone number of a brass welder if anyone knows one.

    • On issues, people, all people can speak out. It’s democracy. But when a person denigrates another it’s idiocracy. We’re Australians and we’re better than that.

    • Glenn Darlington we were forced to listen to him when he was PM but he has no more authority now than Bronwyn Bishop and we don’t listen to her and we won’t be listening to him..if you want to listen to a back bencher ..fine go right ahead

    • You got to be joking, fell sorry for Turncoat. He and his gang were the ones white anting Abbott. Turncoat and that slim Bishop now have their way i believe. Apologists to Islam and sucking up to the UN.

  2. We used to enjoy free speech in this country…I happen to agree with him and so do many other Australians. I can’t see why it shouldn’t aply to tony

  3. He think everyone is panting to have him back as PM, he is delusional, I am glad he is gone but it was his own Party who tossed him out and he can stay gone as far I am concerned

  4. I have a feeling that TA will try and make a comeback once MT’s honeymoon is well and truly over. Politics just gets crazier each day!

  5. David James everyone is panting to have him back he’s a far better bet than Turdballs.

  6. aBBOT,TURNBULL…they are all the same….liberals….total failures…one deserves the other….abbot is cold and direct,while turnbull is smiling and waffling…..but both are in it for themselves….all about power and greed……and not one thing about helping the people of Australia .

    • here is another brain dead labor supporter how can you really say anything about the coalition when your Giilard/Rudd disaster sent the country in to massive debt and if labor gets in again they will make it worse than ever

    • Eric Miller yes and one of the Libtards still believes the utter bulldust about the massive debt and deficit. Labor did NOT get us into massive debt at all!

    • Yes they did, and the Libs have pretty much doubled it. Hopefully they can pull a miracle and get us out of it. Both parties are despicable at the present time, and no change on the horizon apart from making us into a well oiled third world country. The rich and the very poor.

    • I think both main parties are equally as bad. I have no idea how I will vote. We have no statesman in politics at the moment and few worthy MP’s. A sad state of affairs.

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