Is today really the best day for this debate?

While it’s something we know we need to discuss in a rational way, at some point, we can’t help feel

While it’s something we know we need to discuss in a rational way, at some point, we can’t help feel that the Greens party’s decision to launch a debate about the Australian flag could have waited, say, a day or two rather than today. What do you think?

In case you haven’t heard, Greens leader Richard Di Natale believes Australia should follow New Zealand’s lead and change our flag, holding a plebiscite to choose a design.

While the Greens don’t have a design in mind, Di Natale says the Union Jack is “unlikely to be preserved” and that Australians would opt to see it removed from the flag.

“It’s one of the national symbols that defines who we are,” Senator Di Natale told the ABC.

“I do think having a flag that really represents the Australian identity is something we should be open to doing.”

He added that a renewed flag debate take Australia a step closer to “consensus and unity” about an Australian republic.

“We’ve got three political leaders who support a republic,” he said, referring to himself, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten. “This idea we need to wait for the Queen to die to take steps to a republic just defeats the whole purpose.”

The Greens chose today to announce this position, a day on which we remember the two great wars in which we fought for Britain. And, of course, the Duke And Duchess of Cornwall are here in Australia, at the start of their whistlestop tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Today is also the 40th anniversary of the Dismissal, the last time the monarchy significantly interfered with Australian governance.

Do these three factors make this the ideal time to open the debate on Australia becoming a republic – or is it disrespectful to our guests and the soldiers we remember today?

Let’s talk: Do you support the Greens’ call for a change to the Australian flag? And do you think the timing is appropriate? 


  1. David James  

    Every day would be a bad day for some people, I did note today that Bill Shorten got up in Parliament and thanked Turnbull for his acknowledgement that the Liberal Party and Fraser did the wrong thing by Whitlam. I have no objection to a flag change

  2. Why not? If any day is relevant, it’s the day we commemorate what men “fought and died for” as is so often said.

  3. Today or tomorrow what difference does a day make? yes I support both a Republic and a change of flag, one that ONLY belong to us, not one we share to share with England

  4. I support a change to the flag , something that is uniquely Australian and easily recognizable as ours

  5. Leave our flag alone ! Who do you think fought for this flag

    • I’m not in this for an argument,, it would be disrespectful, they fought under this flag which belongs to this country.

    • My family fought in all wars that Australia has been in up until Vietnam and they did not fight for the flag, they fought to keep Australia free

    • Mary Comer I don’t think they fought under this flag …… wasn’t the Australian flag changed in the 1950’s ??? I also repeat what other have said, they fought for Australai not the flag ….. move forward !

    • Correct Victoria Our current blue ensign flag did not become our national flag until 1954. Robert Menzies changed it from red ensign to our current flag

    • Galipoli,showed what the English establishment thought of our Aussie soldiers …dump the Butchers apron….it is now an embarrassment..

    • So much bitterness! So much hatred! I’m sure if it went to a referendum, it would once again stay the way it is!

  6. No it’s not and they need to learn to respect our fallen soldiers

    • My family have fought in wars for this country and they did not fight and die for a flag, they fought to keep this country free

  7. Have some respect for those , who salute the flag , who fight for the flag and are buried under the flag .🇦🇺

    • i agree no respect I was not born here been here a long time love this country and are flag

    • Isobel Gray I was born here and my family fought for this country and my dad died of war injuries sustained in New Guinea, he was also in Darwin when it was bombed and I support a flag change

    • the flag will always be there, it in no way disrespectful to change it. MOST countries in the world have changed their flags, yes MOST. None consider it disrespectful. Only a few Commonwealth countries still have the UJ on their flag. get it off I say.

    • Barbara Easthope  

      Why on earth is wanting a change of flag disrespectful. Nobody fights for a flag they fight for their country or what they believe in. Most Australians who died fighting for Australia died at a time they were still regarded as British Citizens and would have been buried under the Union Jack.

    • I suggest that you Google ‘Australian Red Ensign’. At most patriotic gatherings during WW1 people flew the Red Ensign and/or the Union Jack. The blue ensign was allowed only very limited use in WW1 and has had its design ‘adjusted’ several times since WW2.

    • Okay you lot what flag is draped over the coffins of our solders these days and then given to the family. It is not the red ensign or the Union Jack it is the Australian flag. Now grow up and show some respect.

    • I bet you are a pommie Isobel grey who immigrated here and want to keep a slice of England

    • Brenda Griffiths  

      That was not a nice comment David James to make to Isobel Gray. Shame on you

    • she said on another post she was not born here Brenda Griffiths..well I was and I support a flag change

      • Robb Gee  

        And the dogooders including the once communist greens party and the lefty media along with the fashionable bleeding hearts are slowly but surely tossing our country into an Islamist violence filled ditch. Get out of our lives you spoiler greens and go teach your muscovite masters about the environmental dangers of drugs used in sports.

    • I fought under the Australian flag in Viet Nam so it stays. And Wayne Ferne have you served in the Military, I think not so you would not understand.

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