Is this what we want from the Government in 2016?

Last year, we said economic and financial issues were the biggest problem facing the country and for good reason – there

Last year, we said economic and financial issues were the biggest problem facing the country and for good reason – there was a catastrophic Budget and a change of Prime Minister that shook up everything.

According to a recent poll, nothing has changed and we still want to know what is happening with our economy. On a more positive note, however, the poll showed that concerns about the state of our political leadership have been quelled since Malcolm Turnbull became took over the top job, reports The Age.

A recent Roy Morgan poll found 38 per cent of Australians are most concerned about “economic and financial issues”.

Other issues high on our list include unemployment, the cost of living, and the gap between rich and poor are more concerning than immigration, environmental issues, and social problems.

The poll, the first since the September leadership ballot, comes just a few weeks after the government’s mid-year budget update that showed the budget deficit will blow out by another $26.1 billion over four years.

Right now it seems the Government is working on fixing the issues of the past before making any bigger decisions, with one of them being a potential increase on the GST – clearly something many are concerned about, especially pensioners and low-income earners.

Roy Morgan’s poll showed the next most important set of domestic issues for Australians is “religion, immigration and human rights”, with 16 per cent of those polled saying they are of most concern.

Environmental issues, including climate change (10 per cent), and social issues such as drug abuse, family breakdown and social apathy (10 per cent) rated next most concerning.

As for the biggest problems facing the world, 30 per cent of respondents believe they are “terrorism, wars, security, safety”, which were ahead of environmental issues, at 21 per cent.

So over to you: What do you think if the biggest issue facing Australia today? What about the world?

  1. Anybody who votes for this mess has rocks in their head. Mr Slick and the same hit the vulnerable policies.

    • this is about a Poll that was taken by Australian’s, it is not talking the country down it is or should be showing you what the average Aussie thinks, most of us don’t need a poll to tell us this, it is common talk in pubs and around the back yard BBQ’s

    • what a joke of a post this is Gayle it was the Liberals who talked the country down and nearly got us into recession, how can we ever forget Australia’s budget emergency 🙂

  2. I am not surprised that the gap between the rich a the poor is an issue, it is ever widening and the rise in those who cannot get work is appalling. The irony I feel is that this Liberal Government has highlighted these issues by their terrible policy directed at poorer Australian’s including pensioners. Remember it next time you vote

    • 457 visas Libbi, the slave trade widens…our young people suffer, who voted this Elitist clan in…..worst Gov’s Australia has ever had..

  3. Perks for politicians – perks for the rich. Tax breaks to help the rich not pay tax, negative gearing turning home ownership to an impossibility – let’s start with these problems then move to climate change and water conservation.

  4. The gap between the rich and the poor is a real worry, if the rich paid taxes the same as the poor the gap would certainly be closed, this govt have a lot of questions to answer but they won’t they don’t want to face the reality of life.

  5. The rich get richer and the poor sink deeper into poverty under the LNP. The unemployment figures dropped slightly but it is only due to seasonal work, like fruit picking and the Christmas trade in shops, more and more are losing their jobs every day of the week

    • Labor didn’t sack 16,000 public servants in one hit. I’m constantly amazed that Liberal supporters always revert to criticizing Labor instead of worrying about what this government is doing

    • Just what the Liberals want, more competition for jobs so their mates can offer less money to workers

  6. I can not now or ever vote for any party who repeatedly attacks the most vulnerable in our society, while granting themselves pay rises they just DON’T need. The present GOVERNMENT has totally lost touch with the everyday Aussie and quite frankly they just REFUSE to admit that the gap between the RICH and the most vulnerable even exists. PLEASE DON’T BE SUCKED IN BY THE MULTITUDE OF PROMISES THEY WILL MAKE BEFORE THE NEXT ELECTION.

    • Gail Riley  

      Those that make the policies all appear to be ‘well off’ financially and have no understanding at all, of how most of us struggle to keep roofs over our heads and food on the table. We deperately need someone in power that has come from that place of merely surviving and willing to change our entire system of inequallity. Someone the average Aussie can believe in and trust to do their best for everyone.

    • I agree Gail, we need someone like Dick Smith he is always trying to help people less fortunate, I guess we can dream can’t we?

    • I did ask on Turnbulls page if the pensioners could have a ten grand pay rise too, that they probably needed it more than the pollies. No reply yet

    • Wouldn’t it be great Sue if they took the time to give you an HONEST answer, sadly that will never happen.

    • Not holding my breath Trish. I’m more likely to be blocked from his page than get an answer

    • Kerry Goodwin  

      That seems to be the problem! People moan about the govt then vote for them at the next election. Short memory problem?

    • I didn’t vote for them last time, and I won’t vote for them next time. I’d rather shove a sharp stick into my eye

    • So what is the alternative ? I’m open for suggestions , so long as it’s not that crook shorten . The ALP started this financial slide so it’s highly unlikely ( in fact completely unlikely ) that they are capable of doing anything worth while . As history shows us . So what is our alternative ?

    • Get the facts Carolyn, the deficit has been more than doubled by this GOVERNMENT!!!!

    • Try Australian Alliance….They will never govern but they might put a spanner in the works for Turnbull / Shorten and that silly woman who lives in the bottom of the garden with all the fairies…

    • Australian Alliance is the Reclaim mob..the far right, bet they give their preferences to the Liberal Party

  7. I think this pool was taken in a very selective demographic

      • Neta Williams  

        If this poll was taken Australia wide they would have to speak to over 20 million people and they certainly did not speak to me so therefore they do not speak for me. What we need in this country is a government who will rule to look after all the people and the country as one not just cater to themselves and the rich.

  8. Liberal do not look after working class people rich just get richer think of poor people what do they get higher price for medication all the government is good for is looking after themselves time to wake up

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