Is this ‘terrorist hoax’ funny or just plain stupid?

Three Melbourne brothers are facing a police investigation and serious public backlash after videos of their so-called terrorist pranks were released online.

Three Melbourne brothers are facing a police investigation and serious public backlash after videos of their so-called terrorist pranks were released online.

The Jalal brothers Max, 20, Arman, 18, and Rebeen, 16, are reportedly making thousands of dollars by dressing up as terrorists and staging fake shootings around the city.

One video shows a little girl clinging to her father’s leg in fear as the brothers point a fake AK-47 in her face as part of their ‘joke’.

The brothers say they are creating the videos to make fun of Islamic State and other terrorist groups. The only problem is, no one is laughing.

They have been have faced severe backlash people from all over the country who say it is irresponsible to carry out such violent pranks, especially given the increase in real terrorist attacks around the world in recent months.

“This isn’t a prank, it’s inciting panic!”said one online commenter.

“In a time like this, all you’re trying to do is get a few extra dollars because you’re not capable of find real jobs. Disgrace,” wrote another.

The brothers appeared on Channel 10 program The Project last night where they were blasted for their irresponsible behaviour.

Host Waleed Aly slammed the boys for their dangerous pranks.

“Isn’t it pretty damn irresponsible to create that whole scenario that is necessarily going to get people involved and make them think they are in the middle of a terrorist attack?” he asked.

“I think, guys, the idea of a shooting like that and a terrorist attack like that is not a hypothetical fictional idea to people right now. It’s one that is very real.”

“We heard earlier in the week from a terrorism expert who said that a terrorist attack of the kind we saw in Paris may well be inevitable here. That’s what people live with. So you go and do this right now, that’s what you’re evoking in people.”

The brothers have tried to laugh off the comments, saying it’s all in good fun.

What do you think about these so-called pranks? Are they dangerous, or is it all just a joke?

  1. Bruce Taylor  

    They are pathetic and any money they have made out of these moronic activities should be confiscated as being the proceeds of crime.
    They should also be fined heavily.

  2. Lorraine Cross  

    Think this is an absolute disgrace. THINK it funny do they!!These sort of Morals and Standants ARE not the AUSTRALIAN way.Why haven’t the Police Charged them ? The next time it could be real guns and bombs ! Stick them on a plane ,send them back to the country the parents originated from and give them the real gear and let them see how funny it really is. Pack of DOLE bluggers.

  3. Neta Williams  

    By taunting the real terrorists by laughing and joking about them only inflames the hatred and could the real thing to happen here as we already terrorists here. Very poor taste boys perhaps we should put you in the army and send you to a war zone to teach you a lesson in reality.

  4. Maureen  

    I don’t think it would of been a joke for them if living in US ,maybe someone would have shot them and asked questions later. In this time of history how dare they pass this off as a prank

  5. Moronic idiots. Send them back to their country of origin to fight for their fellow countrymen .War is not funny and neither are they

  6. Cheryl Teigs  

    They are terrorists. If you go around terrorising people you ARE a terrorist. If an older person had had a heart attack and died, what then.
    These people should been thrown in jail. Might make others think twice. How do we know that they are not part of the terrorist network. They would not have done this in America, someone probably would have pulled out a gun and shot them
    Lock them up

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