Is this latest discovery enough to convince you about MH370’s fate?

Debris that could be from a Boeing 777 aircraft has been uncovered around Mozambique, and could belong to missing Malaysian

Debris that could be from a Boeing 777 aircraft has been uncovered around Mozambique, and could belong to missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

According to Malaysia’s transport minister, the debris is “yet to be confirmed and verified” but there is a “high possibility” it came from MH370.

“Based on early reports, high possibility debris found in Mozambique belongs to a B777”, Minister Liow Tiong stated online.

This discovery comes just days before the two-year anniversary of MH370’s disappearance. The flight “suddenly went missing” from radars over the South China Sea in March 2014.

Aviation experts, like former pilot Byron Bailey, have offered controversial theories about MH370’s fate. Mr Bailey claimed that MH370 was actually hijacked by its pilot.

“The only logical conclusion I can draw is that (MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah) carefully planned and executed this very clever hijack scenario”, Mr Bailey told media in January.

“To end up in perhaps the world’s most unsurveyed deep-sea mountainous terrain, 6.5km deep in a cold, dark hell that would not be found — an area not that far north of Antarctica”.

Families of MH370 passengers and crew have previously called on Malaysian authorities to do more, believing the plane may still under duress.

“We believe our loved ones may still be alive”, families of the Chinese passengers said in a joint statement earlier this year.

“In the absence of proof to the contrary… We would willingly grant to the perpetrators amnesty in return for the release of the missing”.

Of course, whilst Starts At Sixty has previously reported on developments with MH370, many readers have expressed their reservations at “believing everything”.

One SASer said, “to me it is a mystery, until actually found. We can all have theories, and theories they are!”

Whilst another added, “it’s very sad. People just don’t want to believe their loved ones could be gone and you can’t blame them”.

Do you think this newly uncovered debris could help “solve” the mystery surrounding MH370? Or do we need further evidence to understand this airline tragedy?

Plane debris which washed up in Mozambique could be from the same model as missing MH370.

Posted by BBC News on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

AN object that could be debris from a Boeing 777 has been found off Mozambique with Malaysian Transport Minister stating there was a 'high possibility' it is from missing flight MH370.

Posted by Daily Telegraph on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

  1. I have no idea if it debris from MH370, that is a job for the experts but do feel very confident this plane has crashed somewhere, either by accident or foul means and everyone on board is dead.

    • It’s the only logical conclusion. Where would you be able to hide over 200 people these days

      • Vannus  

        Plenty of places are ‘set-up’ for just such a scenario.

        Do you know how many slaves work in Siberian salt mines?
        Do you know how many slaves are in ANY of the ‘Stan countries?
        Do you know how many slaves work in mines in South America?

        Next time, just think, before answering so stupidly.

      • Vannus  


        And what proof have YOU got that it ACTUALLY has?

    • Mike here-it’s the second series of ‘Lost’. The aircraft is actually none of our business. Why are we paying a single penny of the search fees? What or who, other than its commercial passengers, was on that plane? Must be important

  2. How do they justify the expense? We will spend millions looking for a plane full of deceased people, but spend pennies on the thousands of our own living on the streets. The strange part is, nobody in the govt will give you an answer.

    • Marilyn Riddle Really!! How much do you think they’re contributing towards the cost? If its so important.

    • Marilyn Riddle What do you mean, who cares?? I bet they’re not contributing one cent, and if they were asked to, the answer would be no. Could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    • Many thousands of passengers lives are at risk if there is some hidden fault with this type of aircraft that caused the demise of MH370. Hence the justified expense to find the cause before it happens again.

      • Vannus  

        Trevor…….there was NOTHING wrong with the Aircraft!
        It’s the Pilot Flying who’s in the wrong!

        Boeing aircraft reliability is second to none. The Boeing 777 is a magnificent piece of machinery, beautiful to fly in, like the rest of its’ ‘Parentage’, & ‘Relatives’, from the Boeing 707-138B, onwards, from the late ’50’s.

        Give me a Boeing aircraft over an Airbus one, any flight!

    • Trevor Salmon I totally 100% disagree with your comment Trevor. I think its ridiculous.

  3. The Liberal Government has spent hundreds millions of taxpayer dollars searching for this plane and they are still paying to continue to search, this is not an Australian Plane, the country who this plane belongs to should be doing the paying and in the next breath they want you to sell your house and live on the proceeds instead of giving you a pension

  4. Very very strange, I really don’t think they will ever get to the bottom of this mystery until they find the remains of the plane and really don’t know if they will ever find it.

  5. Yes we need to stop looking and paying for the search of this plane ….we are in serious debt …
    Dont belive its in our waters …and what about the wreckage that was found earlier ..its gone quiet to …something very suspicious here

  6. two years its gone, and we need to stop paying for Tony’s search he is gone so is the aircraft.

    • If closure is so important Heather, why are we not still looking for the thousands of servicemen missing in action????

  7. the airline lied right from the time the plane went down, the day after, one spokesperson stated on tv that the 2 Iranian men who boarded with stolen passports were only trying to go to china, question, when did they find out about the stolen passports and who told them they were seeking asylum in china, and why the cover up, after watching what has happened [on tv last night] the government allowed the airline to change its name ect and now they don’t have to pay compensation let alone be held responsible for a lot of deaths. if it was me I would not fly on any airline belonging to this country.

  8. We have spent so much money looking for this plane. It isn’t Australias responsibility to do this. Can bet that if it was an Australian plane, the Malaysian government wouldn’t have bothered helping to look for it.

    • Vannus  

      True, so true, because they’ve no money due the ‘way’ their Govts. ‘run’, or not, as the case maybe!

      QANTAS certainly has the ability in its’ brilliantly trained Pilots to get their Aircraft, even though it’s an Airbus, which I refuse to fly on ever, passengers’ & crews’ out of ‘deep do-do’, NOT caused by them, but a Rolls-Royce c@&$ part.

      Capt Richard de Crispigny certainly earned his Australia Day Honour, & then some.
      Read his ‘QF32’ book. It’s an eye opener to how well run the procedures in emergency happen, at
      least on a QANTAS flight deck.

    • Dan  

      Well actually it is Australia’s responsibility to search for MH370. Australia’s search and rescue responsibility stretches from the middle of the Indian ocean in the west to south Pacific islands in the east. The Indonesian archipelago to the north and Antarctica in the south.

      Secondly, the Chinese and Malaysian government are splitting the cost of the search three ways.

      Lastly, unless something is found in the next couple of months, the search will end in June.

  9. The plane is gone, sadly with everyone on board.
    Anyone who thinks it is being held captive somewhere, particularly for this long, has been watching too many trashy movies.

    The difficulty of tracing its whereabouts amazes me a little. Yes, it is somewhere at the bottom of a deep sea. Yet, satellite photos can pick up individual people – and certainly even small aircraft – on the ground.

    Satellite photos have also been used to map the sea bed, with its underwater mountain ranges and other topography. But if the plane is scattered in pieces down there, maybe that’s the reason.

    • Yes – the Pilot would also have known this! He did extensive research. So sad for those who cannot get closure – can’t blame them for hanging on to hope

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