Is this husband’s idea to change a routine sensible, or just plain ridiculous?

It’s a routine that’s so ingrained as part of our day-to-day lives, that we don’t think twice about it. But

It’s a routine that’s so ingrained as part of our day-to-day lives, that we don’t think twice about it. But one woman’s husband has triggered a fierce debate in the digital space when suggesting that his wife – and women in general – should wash their hands before using the toilet, as he theorises that the germs on a woman’s hands will be transferred to her genitalia.

A user was on an online discussion board, and posted her conversation with her husband, because she was wondering if she was unhygienic, or he was just being unreasonable? She says of the conversation, “According to him, men don’t touch the ‘important bit’ of their apparatus when they wee. Obviously if they do a no.2, the same applies as above.”

When she pointed out that women use toilet paper, so they don’t actually come into contact with their bits, he questioned why they washed afterwards then. She responded with, “I had to think for a bit and then concluded that a) it’s habit, b) who knows who else has/hasn’t been touching their bits/not washing their hands and c) occasionally the paper isn’t quite thick enough and a feeling of dampness seeps through. bleurgh.”

This posting immediately sparked debate online with users having firm opinions, disagreeing actively with the

KateLivesInEngland wrote: ‘Nope, never occurred to me to wash hands before. Unless I’ve just been elbow deep in the garden and am wearing my white jeans or something … Otherwise it’s a bit pointless.’

And PresidentCJCregg argued: ‘But…but….he actively touches his (bits) when going to the loo, we don’t actually touch our bits?! He has this all back to front!’

What are your thoughts on the topic? When do you wash your hands?

  1. When i go into the Little room and shut the door its my business. But, should all wash our hands, with soap when we come out… Must say Men are very lacking in that department…

  2. CJCT  

    Not too sure what he does in the ‘little room’ but it obviously isn’t what and how I understood most men ‘spend a penny’….. the mind boggles!!!

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