Is this how Malcolm Turnbull will win the election?

Malcolm Turnbull has always been considered a left-leaning Liberal, but this latest move has surprised even the most hardcore Labor

Malcolm Turnbull has always been considered a left-leaning Liberal, but this latest move has surprised even the most hardcore Labor politicians.

The government has announced changes to the superannuation tax break that are even more extreme than those proposed by the Labor Party.

While Labor has promised to cut the income threshold on heavily taxed super contributions from $300,000 to $250,000, the Coalition says it will take it even further, cutting the figure down to $180,000.

This means that anyone who earns over $180,000 will have to cough up the money come tax time.

Previously, anyone earning under $300,000 was able to get away with a lower tax rate on their super contributions meaning they had even more of an advantage over low-income earners who couldn’t save nearly as much for their retirement.

The Turnbull government says it will set a higher tax on the super contributions of an extra 244,000 Australians and will net $2 billion a year, compared with Labor’s $500 million a year.

The proposed changes will be announced by the Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison on budget night, reports SMH.

With Australians heading to the polls on July 2, the tax changes are considered a smart move by the government as they try to win back popularity ahead of the vote.

The changes make it difficult for Bill Shorten and the Labor Party to criticise since it has undeniably one-upped them.

It’s not over for Labor yet though, with the party gearing up for a huge campaign against the Coalition.

While the government has them on this particular budget measure, Labor is sure to highlight the fact that Malcolm Turnbull was not actually elected into the position of PM and that his popularity has been slipping over the past months.

Who do you want to win the election? Who would you like to see as Prime Minister?

  1. Jenni king  

    Ash but can we blue eyes anything a liberal government say. I think not.

  2. The Watcher  

    And they will leave enough loopholes so that certain classifications will not be affected only tradies, engineers and other waged workers…I wonder if those people unaffected could be possible Liberal donors? CEO’s, Property developers, bankers etc?..Never trust a Lieberal. Since Fraser thay have been anti Australia.

    • Wiso  

      What an silly person you are. don’t you think these supposed ‘donors’ aren’t already paying the higher taxes !! Of course they are. 80% of them are already above the current threshold so there will only be more of them in that category when the changes come in. Please educate yourself about superannuation before making silly comments like the one above.

  3. Wiso  

    It will happen if the Senate allows it to. the only reason a lot of things promised before the last election have not been delivered is because the Senate has not allowed them to happen despite the Government wanting them to. Unfortunately, too many who don’t understand our Parliamentary system just blame the PM and accuse his of lying, but he can only do what the Senate allows him to do.

    • Catherine Balaz  

      Wiso, Politicians are only accused of lying because that is what they do to get what they want then blame everyone else for not delivering. Don’t blame the Senate, they try to keep stupid people from making stupid decisions. Debate and voting is the democratic system and preferable to a Dictatorship.

  4. Henry Kaye  

    The choice is simple. Do you want the country run by business or by unions. The personalities are a sideshow that dextracts from the important and basic principles.

    • Catherine Balaz  

      Henry Kaye, I guess that depends if you are a worker or a “fat cat”.

  5. gonnie  

    They will leave enough loopholes so they still dont have to pay tax . And nothing this prime minister promises kicks in till 2018 or even later ,he hopes by then people have forgotten i dont trust him at all He back flips all the time .

    • Ray Stanborough  

      yes that is the truth of the matter, and also anything said has to be taken with a grain, I mean a lot of salt as all politicians go back on their promises after the election.

  6. Harry  

    Who do I want to win the election? Best answered as, Whom do I DON’T WANT to win the election!

    – Not any neo-right or right wing party members. So that leaves out 52% of the NLP Party MPs and Senators.
    – Not any communist ideologists. So that leaves out The Greens Party. Definitely not a single person from the Greens Party who are advocating the decriminalisation of prohibitive drugs, such as ‘Ice’. Who want to disband the Police Drug Sniffer Dog Program thus aiding and abetting criminal drug dealers in poisoning our youth and helping them to become drug addicts.
    – Not any MPs and Senators that vote against increasing the Age Pension, So that leaves out 75% of all MPs and Senators from all sides.

    Who would you like to see as Prime Minister?
    – Probably, Nick Xenophon who
    Voted very strongly for An emissions reduction fund
    An NBN (using fibre to the premises)
    Creating a federal Anti­-Corruption Commission
    Greater public scrutiny of the Trans­Pacific Partnership negotiations Increasing access under Freedom of Information law Increasing beef import standards Increasing funding for road infrastructure
    Increasing funding for university education
    Increasing or removing the debt limit
    Increasing restrictions on gambling
    Increasing support for community radio and TV
    Increasing the age pension
    Letting environmental groups challenge the legality of certain government decisions Recognising local government in the Constitution
    Requiring Parliamentary approval of military deployment

  7. The only reason why Mr Malcom Turdbull would do this is because we will end up with lower incomes if he gets in and it still will be about the equivalent to what it is now. The low life pondscum.
    The liberals only care about there mates and themselves no one else

  8. Labor WILL WIN and Australian politics is yet to let us elect PM, only those in his or her electorate gets to do that. I don’t understand why people have a problem with Bill Shorten, he can’t be any worse than Abbott and Turnbull. People I ask say its Shortens connection with unions but these people are quite happy to accept all the benefits unions have won for the workers.

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