Is this Chinese festival something to get up in arms about?

It’s an annual festival held in Yulin, China, but people are so outraged by the practice that more than 11

It’s an annual festival held in Yulin, China, but people are so outraged by the practice that more than 11 million signatures have been collected in the hope it will be banned.

Western cultures might not consider the family dog or cat something to be nibbled on, but in southern China there is a 10-day festival that does exactly that, and it’s causing quite a stir.

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival will see roughly 10,000 dogs and cats killed and eaten as people gather in Yulin for meat hotpots, lychee fruits and local liquor.

It’s a tradition that dates back some 500 years in China, South Korea and other countries, and those taking part believe doing so helps ward off the heat in the summer months.

The local government says the festival does not have official backing, rather it is staged by private businesses.

While residents and vendors say the animals are killed humanely, critics disagree and have cited incidents where animals have been denied food and water, or have been killed publicly and brutally — including being beaten to death or cooked alive.

The conditions for these animals are less than idea, and there are suggestions that some are stolen pets because they have been photographed wearing collars and looking in good health.

Dog meat is legally sold for human consumption in China.

But a recent poll shows 60 per cent of local people aged 16 to 50 years would support the festival’s permanent end, while another 51.7 per cent would like to see the dog meat trade banned entirely.

China has a very strong pet industry. Animal grooming in particular is said to be worth $1 billion annually; who can forget the trend to get your dog clipped and permed in such a way they resemble a panda? It’s little wonder then the Yulin festival is getting such a negative response.

In 2011, a similar festival in the Chinese province of Zhejiang was banned.

What do you think about the dog meat festival?

  1. Daniel baxter  

    Is there any difference between what they eat and what we eat IE cattle sheep,pigs fish kangaroo ect ect to a Indian their probably just as discussed at out eating the cattle(cow)

    • Jennie  

      Grammar? Spelling?
      Did you not attend School, Daniel?

    • [email protected]  

      It’s not so much about the fact that they eat these animals but the unnecessary and disgusting cruelty that goes with it!! The sooner it’s banned the better

    • Bee  

      Some fools here think that eating dogs is the same as eating other animals. I dont eat meat from animals that are burnt alive, canines that has to be beaten up brutally and slaughtered while they are still alive! Although some cattles and flocks are ill treated the same way, i dont eat animals which are sadistically tortured. I eat halal food which is strict about the way animals are handled. Animals are handled in calm ways and their jugular veins are slitted using sharp knives(the more sharper the less pain of the skin where the slit is) to drain out their blood. After the animal passes on, butchering starts. And the butchering is not done infront of other cattles! Its a nightmare how these dogs and other animals are put to so much of torture so that they can tastier flesh is a lie! Chinese people take pride in their own sadistic ways to torture animals which are providing them with meat. Some people here know how to eat but no sense of proper treatment of animals providing us with meat!

    • Kristin  

      They skin, boil and burn the dogs while they are alive – while those in cages watch and wait for their turn of horror and death. This is barbarity there is no other word for it, there is no excuse for it.

  2. Anthea  

    Just goes to prove how cruel a people they are.

    They think that we ‘Westerners’ are stupid for having dogs, & cats, as household pets.
    To them, they’re food, as article discusses.

    Terribly cruel practice which should be shut down immediately.

  3. vic roby  

    Westerners eat all sorts of animals but not usually meat eating animals such as dogs but, having said that, as we eat all sorts of animals, why cant other cultures eat dogs?

  4. Laurie Baker  

    I partially agree with Vic Roby, but although I eat chicken, lamb etc., I would never get the lamb I intend to eat; tie its legs together with wire and throw it screaming into the BBQ fire pit. If I had a $1 for every dog that has been thrown alive into a burning fire during the history of this festival, I would surely be a millionaire.

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