These cruel bullies are targeting overweight people. Let’s stand up to them!

When health worker Kara Florish caught the train recently, she never expected to be the target of deliberate cruelty. Kara

When health worker Kara Florish caught the train recently, she never expected to be the target of deliberate cruelty.

Kara was handed a card claiming to be from “Overweight Haters Ltd,” with the purported logo “it’s not really glandular, it’s your gluttony.”

The card’s contents are even more shocking. “Our organisation hates and resents fat people,” it reads. “We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves.”

“We disapprove of your wasting NHS (National Health Service) money to treat your selfish greed. And we do not understand why you fail to grasp that by eating less you will be better off, slimmer, happy and find a partner who is not a perverted chubby-lover, or even find a partner at all.”

“We also object that the beautiful pig is used as an insult,” the card finishes. “You are not a pig. You are a fat, ugly human.”

On Twitter though, Kara has responded with strength. She described the card as “hateful and cowardly,” saying it could “potentially upset people struggling with confidence.”

As those of us who struggle with our weight know, there are many reasons someone can become overweight, and shaming them in public is just downright cruel. Can you imagine how you would feel if this happened to you – or worse, your granddaughter?

Fortunately, it looks like the public are standing with Kara. She has since been inundated with offers from beauty magazines who want her to feature in photo shoots, and retail brands who have “saluted her bravery.”

What do you think about this “Overweight Haters” group? Do they have a right to target people who they think are overweight? If you want to stand up to these bullies, share this post and add the hashtag #notashamed

  1. I think that is terrible , humiliating people is never the way to go, it is bullying, there are many reasons why people are overweight. To lump them all in the one basket is cruel and irresponsible. We all have a right to live OUR lives as we see fit. If you overweight and happy then I can’t see it is anyone else’s business.. more power to you, there are plenty of skinny miserable people in the world

  2. Sadly most of what they say is true.I have never seen so many obese mostly youngish women around the shopping malls as I saw last week.It is a bloody epidemic!!! They just look plain disgusting. Cure? Stop eating Maccas,Wendys,Hungry Jacks,the list goes on.

    • Once again the voice of pure ignorance speaks. Yes some may be overweight due to what they eat but others may be overweight for all sorts of reasons. To always blame fast food, sweets, chocolates etc is an over simplification of something often much more complex.

    • I don’t hate them or think they should be bullied in any way,just such an eye opener to see so many way overweight.Take our town for example,2 Maccas, 1 KFC, Hungry Jacks,Red Rooster and all the pizza brands.

    • As I said in my post, there are ignoramus’s everywhere. You are just one of them.
      I have a relative who suffers badly from asthma. She has to take steroids to help keep her alive. The steroids cause her to stack on weight.
      But people like you only look at the exterior picture and make judgements based on your own prejudices.

    • Funny none of us wr fat in the 70s and there was maccas look at all the junk they put in food and prossed we at lollies pies drank coke we wr all thin think about it

    • Ruth I have a very good friend on steroids and yes she stacked on the weight,but she still looks different to the young ones couple of kids in tow eating a never ending supply of junk food.

    • Unless of course, unless that’s not the reason! If they are trusting labels on all the ‘ fat free’ and ‘healthy food’ them they are being lead badly astray. I think even mac as is allowed to advertise ‘healthy’ good! There is nothing sadder than a human without compassion or understanding…

    • Elaine Grogan
      I was a in my 20’s in the 70’s and I was overweight. In fact, there were millions of people overweight back then.

    • Jacqueline Johnston
      In the town in which I live we have two fish and chip shops and a private pizza shop. We don’t have any Maccas or Red Rooster or KFC or Hungry Jacks or Pizza Hut or Domino’s or Buritto places. But we have plenty of overweight people. We are a farming community and at least half the community grow their own fruit and veggies. So it doesn’t alwaus have anything to do with take away food outlets.

    • No,Ruth maybe not,really it was just an observation last week with my husband.We were sitting in a shopping mall having a coffee,outside a Wendys and Oporto.All the customers that went to either of them were young women,couple of kids either in tow or at foot. All waaaay overweight just buying crap.

      • cathy  

        somtimes thats all they can afford have you tried eating healthy these days .wether a person is big or small skinny or fat they are human beings and no one has the right to ridicule them

    • Jacqueline Johnston you are as ignorant as they come, I’m over weight however it is very rare for me to have fish and chips and I never eat MACCA’s, I do eat veggies and plenty of fish but that has not been successful in controlling my weight as I would like it to, you and people like you don’t have the RIGHT TO JUDGE PEOPLE you don’t know and just assume that all overweight people OVER EAT, I would much rather be overweight than to be a heartless judgemental moron.

    • For heavens sake people, the problem is too much food around, after the war food was rationed so no chance of getting fat but we were healthy. Nowadays people have so much choice they can eat all day if they want to and many do. The price of prosperity I am afraid.

    • And of course you would be an expert on the subject Jacqueline, because it appears you have nothing better to do than watch the comings and goings of people going in to these food stores. You seriously need to get a life.

    • Why is it any of your business Jacqueline if people are overweight or not, if you don’t like looking at overweight people stay home & worry about yourself instead of judging other people.

    • ann day  

      I can’t believe you! You sit smugly, drinking some kind of exotic latte of your choice and have the nerve to criticize other people consuming something of their choice. It is snobby B***hes like you that that have no idea just how rude they sound that makes life unbearable for some people. Yes I am overweight but I work out at the gym 3 days a week and swim the other 4 just so I can walk around being criticized by you. I am 62, have severe arthritis and take multiple medications, including steroids so I can look after my grandchildren. get a life and GROW UP!

    • @jacqueline Johnston……..I wonder if you have any understanding of basic anatomy & physiology? I doubt it. Are you aware of the toxins that have poisoned our food chain? Probably not. These toxins are endocrine disruptors……there is NO OBESITY “EPIDEMIC”…… Get it? Every aspect of human existence is poisoned by interference in the food chain by multinational corporations. Please do some research.

    • Jacqueline Johnston
      Sorry, not falling for your attempt at humour. Just shows we all got to you.
      As someone said, your life must be so bad that you have to spend your time looking for and running down other people.
      PS: Have you looked in a mirror lately. You might find that what looks back at you isn’t all that perfect either…..

  3. Another form of extremism…be proud of who you took me 66 yrs to make me ME. Some idiot with a stupid card won’t change that. Can understand how it would be upsetting for’s only a card..toss it away..

  4. This country is going down hill fast when bullies like this are allowed to accost strangers on the streets, it is cruel.

  5. I can always remember a photo in one of the Sydney tabloids in the early 70s of Artie Beetson sitting in the change room in a pair of shorts showing a roll of fat. The article started by asking “is he overweight?” and then went on to say he had just torn a testing machine at the Institute of Sport to pieces. Yes he was 188cm tall and 105kgs but nobody thought he was fat.

    So we should get a few “Arties” together and go and tear some of these nuts apart. Or will the PC police stop us? B|

  6. Bullies are effective on when they are allowed to. Stand up to them as they are always cowards.

    • Yes that is very true. That indicates their cowardice by acting in a pack. You should do one of our courses on this very subject.

  7. Haters are always going to find SOMETHING to hate – and to hurt. It makes them feel superior and powerful. Basically because deep down they realise they are a sub-human species.

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