Is this a case of throwing stones in glass houses? Rupert Murdoch makes another wild accusation

Never one to shy away from voicing his opinion, Rupert Murdoch has taken a swipe at Google for not paying
DAVOS-KLOSTERS/SWITZERLAND, 30JAN09 - Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, News Corporation, USA; Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 captured during the session 'Advice to the US President on Competitiveness' at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2009. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Monika Flueckiger

Never one to shy away from voicing his opinion, Rupert Murdoch has taken a swipe at Google for not paying enough in taxes. Google has recently been ordered to backpay $263 million dollars in unpaid taxes in the UK. However, Rupert seems to have forgotten that his own multi-billion dollar company News Corp did not pay taxes at all in the UK between 1987 and 1999.

On top of that, eight out 10 media companies that paid no income tax in 2014 are linked to Rupert’s business ventures.

Rupert took to his twitter page to vent his frustrations about Google’s tax deal, saying they should have to “pay like the rest of us”.

What he also failed to mention was the fact that News Corp received a massive $880 million in cash back from the Australian government in 2014 as a tax deduction.

It’s not the first time the media mogul has been caught out by his own tweets. He suffered a huge backlash in 2014 when he seemed to brag about the fact the Daily Telegraph, which he owns, was the first paper to report on the tragic end to the Sydney siege.

Do you think Rupert is being hypocritical with his comments about taxes? Should big businesses pay more taxes?

  1. Full of his own importance. Pay your own tax Rupert, after all one of the first things Tony Abbott and his looney mates did was stop the Tax Office pursuing Murdoch’s company over unpaid tax. Hypocritical creep.

  2. Well he hates Google he can’t control it and people are turning away from his trashy papers using Google. Hey Murdoch what about the $887 million that you got payed out from the Australians last year and really who’s the tax dodger yep Googles one but how much are you claiming this year. Oh a horrid horrid despicable waist of fresh air this moron is.

  3. This is a man who doesn`t pay his Australian taxes. He is also a member of the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs), which is a far right think tank. The IPA devised a wish list for the current government, which most have been implemented. He lies in his newspapers and televised news broadcasts for the purpose of swaying the public to his opinion, and as our last election proves, the public take it in, hook,line and sinker.

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