Is there any hope for our nation when our senators speak like this?

Just yesterday, Barnaby Joyce said he was worried Australian politics had become too sterile and politically correct. Well, he may

Just yesterday, Barnaby Joyce said he was worried Australian politics had become too sterile and politically correct. Well, he may be pleased to see that – for this senator at least – there’s no danger of that happening.

Libertarian senator David Leyonhjelm has called someone the C-bomb in an exchange on Twitter, offering further proof that perhaps politicians shouldn’t be allowed near any smartphones or other devices without a team of advisors nearby.

The backbencher was commenting on Penny Wong’s statement about Peter Dutton’s text slip up, in which he sent a message to a News Limited political editor calling her a “mad f*^&ing witch”.

Below is a copy of the exchange between Leyonhjelm and his provocateur – call us prudes, but we have blocked out the stronger language:


senator leyonhjelm exchange screenshot

While Peter Dutton seems to have got away with accidentally sending the text, which was intended for disgraced Jamie Briggs, this exchange between Senator Leyonhjelm and, presumably, a member of the voting public has us wondering, where have manners gone?

It’s one thing to be a bit of a character, and we all know that politicians swear (hello, Kevin Rudd), but naming someone in this way is beyond the pale. And doing it on social media where it is there for all to see is just plain dumb.

However, the senator himself seems nonplussed. When contacted for a comment by the Herald Sun, a spokesman for Senator Leyonhjelm had this to say:


Is there any hope for the rest of the nation when our leaders behave and speak like this?

Do you think Senator Leyonhjelm is out of line with his bad language? Should politicians be more careful what they say in the public space or is it free-for-all?

  1. I must have missed something here chris gayle a cricketer is all over the media for asking a female if she wanted to have a drink with him, peter dutton front bench politician has had little coverage for calling a woman a mad fucking witch i know wich one is the more offensive so do the media drive these issues?

    • Pamela  

      The Peter Dutton story has been all over the TV and computer since it first became public.

      I just googled ‘Peter Dutton text’ and got ‘About 1,300,000 results (0.46 seconds)’ covering most Australian media outlets!

      So you certainly did miss something!

  2. I read somewhere that our leaders reflect us (meaning our society). From some of the language I hear in everyday life I am starting to think there might be some truth in this statement.

    • There is the old saying ‘water finds its own level’ however Debbie professional people need to be and usually are above this. I won’t accept that it is okay for them to reflect the lower standards of society.

  3. I think that anyone entering politics and representing our country should be beyond reproach yet sadly we’re stuck with any Tom, dick or Harry entering politics with their own agenda and not the best interests of the country

  4. If POLITICIANS can’t control the filth that comes out of their mouths, or in this case what they write on Twitter then they are definitely in the wrong job. He should be SACKED IMMEDIATELY.

  5. Remember we are paying their big pay packets plus the bits and pieces eg air travel comm cars free meals need I say more

  6. I think it is not only Senator Leyonhjelm , Peter Duttons language was a disgrace to that reporter, he is not only in the Cabinet but he was an ex Policeman, he should have known better, everyone is sick of these badly behaved Politicians

  7. Seems to me that people are still missing the point here. Surely it is not just about getting caught out. It’s the whole attitude men seem to have towards women, and when women speak up they are f***ing witches or whatever other vile language these men choose to use against women in general if one of them disagrees with something a man says or with his behaviour.

    • A good point Carol, but the issue for me is this is not a reflection of all men and is in fact an embarrassment to many of us.

  8. We have had many conversations in here about the lack of manners that some young people have today, what sort of an example are the Politicians setting ? We can’t expect our children to be well behaved when the countries leaders are foul mouthed. Parents and Grandparents should demand excellence from these people who are paid by the taxpayer

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