Is Pauline Hanson spreading fear and division

Things were bound to get heated when Pauline Hanson, newly elected Queensland senator, appeared next to Labor senator Sam Dastyari

Things were bound to get heated when Pauline Hanson, newly elected Queensland senator, appeared next to Labor senator Sam Dastyari on the ABC’s Q&A program on July 18. What started out as a sort of joke a couple of weeks ago with the offer of ‘sharing a halal snack pack’ turned into a feisty debate with harsh words on the popular panel show.

A member of the audience asked Hanson to explain the grounds on which she has called for a royal commission to determine whether Islam is a political ideology or religion.

“Why are you pushing this agenda and pushing fear into our community?” the audience member asked.

“People in Australia are in fear because they can’t walk in the streets, they’re in fear of terrorism, which is happening around the world,” responded Hanson. “Why? Because of Islam.”

Her response was met with fire from senator Dastyari who told her she was “not an amateur… you know exactly what you’re doing and the language you use and the power of your language”.

Dastyari told Hanson that she was the master of picking one section of the Australian community and laying the blame on that one group for what are widespread and complicated problems.

“It is the politics of picking one section of our community — pitting one section of our community against another section of our community, about simplifying complex problems and placing the blame on one group at one point in time. It is the politics of fear and division, and Ms Hanson — you’re incredibly good at it,” Dastyari said.

Senator Dastyari then took aim at Channel 9 television host Sonia Kruger who had earlier in the day spoken out regarding the immigration of Muslims to Australia, saying her comments had affected his family.

“Are you Muslim? Really?” Hanson asked him.

Dastyari’s family moved from Iran in 1988. He was born in the Islamic nation under Islamic law and told Hanson “I think you’re trying to make a joke of what is serious”.

The program centred on policy areas of religion, immigration and terrorism and, as one would expect, Pauline Hanson was in the firing line. Other panellists were Simon Birmingham, Larissa Waters and Nick Xenophon.

Do you think Pauline Hanson is spreading fear and division or is she highlighting issues that some Australians are genuinely concerned about? Was the Q&A program deliberately set-up to attack Pauline Hanson and her views and policies?

  1. Pauline Hanson has an opinion as has every other person, whether you agree or not the average Australian person does have fears for their safety and that of their families ,I believe it,s only a matter of time before Australia will become a target ,just my opinion

    • Jaya  

      When a person is a Senator and given ‘air time’ – one importance rises above all.- Responsibility. She is pushing & playing a divisive game by spouting her ‘intelligence’ without any carefully given thought what damage she is doing.

      • Robert Selway  

        During the first and Second World War we interned Italians, Germans and Japanese, why ? You ask, well we at war with their respective countries.
        I could swear we are at war with a world wide terrorist organisation / religion that is determined to kill, or should I say, murder as many innocent, peaceful, law abiding people as they can. The killing just won’t stop because we do nothing to stop it. Pauline Hanson is harassed, abused and howled down because she tells the truth. She has ever been gaoled for her political beliefs.
        I and many many other Australians agree with her. I am sick to death of ;
        Political correctness,
        Idiotic ideas that all peoples and cultural persuasions can get along together, they cannot. History proves it.
        Asylum for so called refugees. Today a refugee in Germany went berserk in a train hacking and stabbing as many people as he could, how old was he? 17 and what was he yelling?
        “God is great” What sort of God would approve of murdering innocent people.

        Wake up Australia, I expect I’ll be abused and threatened by all the do Goodes.
        I am a at veteran and I have worked hard all my life to contribute to our wonderful country but I really fear for my grandchildren.

    • Esther Scholten  

      The world is becoming far less safe. The debate on Muslims needs to be had. Pauline Hanson handled herself very well. Being the ABC it was always going to be biased and I only watched it to see how Pauline would be attacked but she was more than capable of handling them. It was advantageous that Sam Dastyari played the little 7 year old waif. There are plenty of 7 year old Australian kids suffering too. Go Pauline and good on you Sonia Kruger for speaking on behalf of many of us.

      • 5thGen Australian.  

        One only has to read the history of where Islam came from. Mohammad’s writings and how he switched things to suit himself, or his situation. He wrote the Koran, it isn’t a number of scribes or a Devine deliverance. Read all you can of the history, don’t just take someone’s view point, be informed, as i hope Pauline is doing.

    • DeborahDenny  

      You are not allowed to have an opinion or voice your views anymore for fear of upsetting someone…its all to late to fix anything now…its a sad world to live in fear if you go out for a day of fun with your could be your last. never know when and where the strikes will happen.

  2. Roy Bridges  

    Sam has a lot to compare need to look in own back yard if you talk about divid! Need to be able to ask questions and not bullyed about you opinion .

  3. Kay Sutherland  

    Pauline does not need to spread fear as fear is already here and that’s why we the public have voted for her as we have faith in this courageous Lady who speaks and tells how it is
    Thank You Pauline Hanson, keep both those guns blazing

    • Dagmar Limp  

      To spread fear is easy….take a look at the propaganda of fear that was spread about the Jewish people during Hitles time!
      Please. Just think,read and learn

    • Maree Dawson  

      Kay Sutherland whether you like it or not Pauline Hanson represents about 500,000 Australians who voted for her. NOT all Australians. I did not vote for her but like all elected representatives I think she has the right to be heard. I also think she is very divisive and extremely unhelpful. If anything her views are likely to alienate those marginalised youth in our society. The fact that her views resonate with some Australians is very scary.

    • Totatally agree one bold woman ..when was the right to have an opinion abolished in Australia .. I think politicians are scared of Pauline because she speaks for many of ud … and sick and tired of being called a racist because of questioning a religous belief that is dangerous ..

    • Totatally agree one bold woman ..when was the right to have an opinion abolished in Australia .. I think politicians are scared of Pauline because she speaks for many of us… and sick and tired of being called a racist because of questioning a religous belief that is dangerous .. how many on here slamming Pauline want to make a guarantee that ALL the islamic believers living in Australia will not one day turn and murder us in the name of mohammed who wrote their kuran , who was nothing but a murderous terrorist that gained followers out of fear and does to this day .. many muslims are becoming aware and turning their backs on islam .. i pray that many more will see that truth ..

  4. Patrock  

    She is on the money. We should be feared!

  5. Margaret Palisi  

    Unfortunately Pauline is saying what many are thinking. And that is sad. I myself do not believe or agree with her. Not all of these religious groups are bad/evil it is the minority few. We talk about being “fair” so therefore we should not put everyone on one basket. My upbringing was catholic and because I was half Italian I was called names and ostracised.

    • G Stewart  

      I feel for you Maragaret, I too was called names and ostracized at school, I’m Australian but nobody liked me. It was a very common thing in the good old days, it didn’t matter what religion or where you came from if kids wanted to pick on you … they did.

  6. kelbre  

    Pauline has the right just like every other person to express her beliefs, the difference is that there are a lot of people who agree with her, I also want to feel free in my own country, I want to be able to to go to sleep of a night without the fear of someone breaking into My home and taking what belongs to me. You keep it up Pauline, you travel to other countries and you must obey their laws and rules otherwise there are penalties you must pay. I say respect the lives that were lost fighting for this country and encourage growth with Australians

  7. Mandi bennett  

    I agree with Pauline. When did the fear start? Why did it start? Think about it….

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes we all agree. Australia is being overtaken by Muslims, Refugees and asylum seekers and most cannot speak any English. This is annoying for all of us. I have experienced this many times in shopping centres where they sit and take up all the seats and do nothing if a person with disability comes to try and sit down and when you try to talk to them to move over, the hand goes up with a wave “NO ENGLISH”

  8. Helen J Burfield-Mills  

    I loved Hansen’s double take and the look on her face when she realised she had been sitting right next to a ‘Muslim’!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Me too, but he has been here for many years and that was when any people coming into Australia had to be able to speak enough English to integrate into Australian Life and come the legal way.
      Now the last 20-25yrs nobody does and that’s caused trouble. Abuse is thrown and we Australians do not know what these people are doing or thinking.

    • Elise  

      It sounds as if you really enjoyed your dose of Schadenfreude. Just beware it does not come and bite you in the proverbial one of those days when Pauline’s concerns and beliefs turn out to be vindicated. I suspect you are the stereotypical, virtue-signalling SJW and your kind of nastiness is the kind that is not only permitted but indeed encouraged by your ilk, i.e. the neo-fascists of the Left.

  9. Lyle Walters  

    I watched Q&A last night and for a politically stacked and very biased Show Pauline answered her critics well and not once did We hear any of the Moslem stacked audience denounce any of the recent terrorism atrocities.

    I have no problem with any immigrants who come to our country via “the front door” and not via a boat with no papers and then when they get here they go into an enclave style of living that excludes any non Islamic persons. And we are racists for thinking this way?
    The enclave style of society is not exclusive to our country as it happens wherever they go and resettle. They don’t assimilate but self segregate and want their own laws within our countries. Of course we need to look at this situation and maybe come up with a suitable resolution.

    • woollett  

      So agree with you . Australia has always been a multi cultural country. Now with the boat people , the y are told to get rid of their papers . Watching interviews on these people they (most) are not poor re flying to places to get the boats. These people use their children as pawns fully knowing the risks they put the children into.Then when situations go bad the children are used as news ratings.I have absolutely no problems people coming doing the correct thing the right way nothing to hid. The only thing is DO NOT CHANGE OUR COUNTRY. It is Australia the AUSTRALIAN people will retaliate if you want to change it.No other nationality has wanted there own schools demanded medical staff ,own food slaughtered & labeled, the list can go on & on. This is what we are all angry about let alone the rapes ect. You live in OZ resect OUR LAWS ECT.

      • Carolyn  

        And I so agree with you. I respect our multicultural society but I firmly believe that “new arrivals” should assimilate and not want us to change our ways for them.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I so agree with you Lyle, Woollett, Carolyn. We Australians do not want to change our ways or be forced to change our country for them. They have to come here and blend into our Australian way of life. Also they should speak enough English to be able to have a conversation.
      There was a Current Affair program a few weeks ago which was done without any help from the Government, and reporter went to Nauru and these people were complaining about the way they live. Reporter was asking questions about How much to come to Australia, $5000-$7000 each, where did they get the money, it would have been cheaper to come the legal way. They were also asked about things that were in the units and who gave them to live a normal life. The answer was The Government. This is microwaves, televisions, computers. They live a better life then us pensioners. AND THEY HAVE THE HIDE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT CONDITIONS. They only come here for the benefits which they get far more then we Pensioners and Disability and Low Income earners. WHERE IS THE FAIR DEAL FOR US AUSTRALIANS

  10. Muriel Thurgar  

    What Pauline said in the past was true, and what she is saying now is true. She is voicing what ‘true’ Aussies are thinking. How else did she get into the Senate? You can’t just buy a ticket. There is only one reason why certain sections of muslims want to change our laws, and that is to take control of this country. With the increasing number of ‘boat’ people, that gives them the voting power. That is the hidden subtlety of their agenda and Pauline knows this. These are not terrorists, but they are silently applauding the actions of the terrorists, as it takes the spotlight off them and their agenda. The day will come when the country will wish they had taken her more seriously. It is not just her opinion, she speaks the truth.

    • Yes you are reading my thoughts to the letter we will be out numbered in the end unless something is done soon the horse has bolted but if we close our borders we can tame the ones that we have perhaps

  11. Annette  

    No Pauline is not at fault. many have been saying it for some least we now have a voice..its a start….next election we will have even more like minded people in the big house on the hill…..we are in the enviable position of being able to stop things happening here ..if the leftist cant see that..they need to wake up.

    • Pauline is the voice for people in fear. I think what we do fear is Sharia law–overtaking our own laws. Muslim is a faith NOT a nationality. We don’t go round as catholics, atheists, Buddhists etc – so why Muslims?? WHAT is their nationality. AND when any nationality / religion come her to live – they live under AUSTRALIAN law. We certainly would have to live under the laws of their country IF we ever lived there !!

      • valerie  

        How true is that comment. Its what alot of people are thinking.

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