Is Pauline Hanson speaking the truth about your aged pension?

Pauline Hanson has made some controversial comments about Australia’s Aged Pension, and it’s got people all riled up. Is the

Pauline Hanson has made some controversial comments about Australia’s Aged Pension, and it’s got people all riled up. Is the One Nation leader making sense to you, though?

In an official Facebook post, Ms Hanson wrote: “Why is it we constantly hear the Australian Government wants to cut Australia’s aged pension scheme, YET foreign aid, politicians entitlements and economic refugees have an open cheque book?”

The 61-year-old, who will run for state Senate in Queensland’s next election, is making sense to many Aussie voters. As Facebook user David Stewart wrote, “You got my vote (Pauline). I’ve had enough of this”.

Whilst Joni Alacpone added online, “all politicians should have their wage capped at $150,000 a year! If they work after politics no pension at all! Just like the rest of the country”.

Facebook user Paul Murphy also said, “Wake up Australia. We can’t afford to support the refugees and let them change our culture once they are here”.

On the other hand, some Facebook users argued that embracing refugees allows Australia to have an ongoing tax basis. “Pensioners are previous tax payers (but) refugees are future tax payers”, wrote Tony Cotterill.

Where do you stand? Do you agree with Pauline Hanson’s comments? Are pensioners losing out to foreign aid, political entitlements and refugees? Or is the One National leader out of line?

  1. Dennis Clark  

    She’s spot on, with big business and the wealthy ripping off the tax system and politicians giving themselves huge pensions for being a politician, add that to foreign aid and refugees, clean it up and health and education would have plenty of funds and pensioners could get a descent amount

  2. Chris  

    She certainly does make a lot of sense…..

  3. Dianne Evans  

    We are not having big families and who is going too look after all the aged if we do not have people welcomed here who have children.

  4. Neta Williams  

    Yes Pauline is right. The gentleman who said refugees are future tax payers must know a lot more then the rest of us because all I have read and listened to state that they have everything paid for them and not many get jobs to pay tax. Perhaps if the government looked at themselves first and cut all their lurks and perks they could then leave pensioners alone. They say we pensioners are free loaders but I believe ex pollies receiving pensions while still earning big money are the free loaders. Example if needed Paul Keating paid 6 million dollars to do study for Campbell Newman. Does he really need a pension?

    • Beg to differ on the refugees not being taxpayers – we have many success stories here in Tas of refugees who have their own businesses now, who have gained uni degrees and gone on to employment.
      But totally agree that it’s about time they took a knife to pollie entitlements . It always seesm to be the one area NO party wants to tinker with – funny that.

  5. E. Woodham  

    Yes we paid our taxes, plus we worked at any thing that paid us a wage.

  6. She made sense all those years ago, and she is still making sense now. Why or why do not the majority of others see this? Go Pauline!!!

  7. Glenda Faber  

    I always thought she made sense

  8. I have agreed many times in the past and now again. It is time we all showed that we support what she is saying. They got rid of her before because they knew that most Aussies agreed with her. Sad but reality is that they will get rid of anyone ( one way or another) not supporting their policies.

    • Robyn rylands  

      There are many who don’t support the bigoted woman so please speak for yourself.

  9. Mez  

    We’ve been heading towards pension age for 65 odd years ….but all a sudden there’s too many of us. .so government has to find a way to stop paying us our entitlements. It’s time we the public had a vote on what the politicians should be paid .

    • Amen to that. Who puts the reins on pollies. We should have an independent council that decided what pollies can and cant do in regards to their entitlements.

  10. Susan  

    I always thought she spoke sense. Why did all the rest run scared? Why dont politicians listen to us? We are getting restless with all the unfairness and muslims etc…words are cheap…no one listens

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