Is Nick Kyrgios’ ad ‘tasteless’?

With the Australian Open kicking off controversy has already struck, but this one is off the court. Nike and Australian

With the Australian Open kicking off controversy has already struck, but this one is off the court. Nike and Australian “bad boy” tennis star Nick Kygrios have come under fire for a new ad campaign that they launched online.

The campaign which is a still image of Kygrios with animated cloud and lightning coming from him was accompanied by the slogan “Dark clouds never got in the way of talent” which many believe is a disrespecting hit at mental illness.

One social media use fired back at the ad saying “What a tasteless way of saying mental illness is no big thing”. With others quick to heap criticism on the international company saying that they were “tarnishing” their brand while some have stated that they will never buy another Nike product.

While most were content at aiming the criticism at Nike, some also took a shot at the star of the ad. One person wrote, “Can’t believe someone like Nike would sponsor such a disrespectful person”.

Kygrios is a divisive presence in tennis as he has been routinely fined for antics on and off the court. He recently server a three-week ban and $16,500 in fines for lack of effort in a Shanghai tournament. After that particular tournament, tennis great Andy Murray told reporters, “When I was very young, I struggled with it massively. In those situations, he maybe needs to be guided a little bit better, and I’m sure he will learn from this. We don’t always talk about it when we’re that age”. Murray added, “Sometimes the mental health of players is not really discussed because we’re supposed to be mentally strong. If you are seen to be talking about feelings or not believing in yourself or struggling to cope with pressure, that’s seen as a negative.”

At this time there has been no statement of the controversy from Nike or Kygrios.

What do you think of the ad?  Do you think it makes light of mental illness or is the ad referencing his “bad boy” image?

  1. christine spottiswood  

    how ridiculous. when he should be coming under fire for his abysmal performance at the hopman cup, in contrast to his outstanding performance in Sydney, instead we are talking about an ad that is clearly not diminishing the seriousness of mental illness. What is wrong with Australia that we will take any amount if appalling behaviour from our sports stars and then go after them for absolutely nothing. If we held him accountable for the real things he does, maybe we wouldnt need to imagine appalling behaviour. Actually he does enough that we should be holding him to account. This ad is not one of his bad behaviours and I dont think journalists are helping by almost lauding his bad behaviour

  2. Cornelia  

    Nike using his moron for advertising?
    They’re nuts!
    He’ll LOSE them business because he’s such an arrogant, ignorant idiot!

    • Dawn Perdue  

      Totally agree. Let’s promote our tennis players who not only repect the game,, respect their fellow players and the people who pay good money to see a good game of tennis.

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