Is Malcolm Turnbull scared of Pauline Hanson and Jacqui Lambie?

At his final National Press Club address before Saturday’s Federal election, Malcolm Turnbull urged voters not to vote for minor

At his final National Press Club address before Saturday’s Federal election, Malcolm Turnbull urged voters not to vote for minor parties – could this mean he is threatened by independent candidates such as Jacqui Lambie and Pauline Hanson?

In his major speech, the PM warned Australians, saying it could lead to chaos and instability.

Turnbull implored Australians to make a solid choice if they want the federal parliament to end theatrics and “offload ideology”.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged that Australian politics had been a mess since Kevin Rudd took over the leadership in 2007.

“It is a roll of the dice that could well result in Bill Shorten as Prime Minister, with unions, Greens and independents pulling the strings,” Mr Turnbull said.

“This threat is real. So when it comes to the minor parties — be they Lambie, Xenophon, Lazarus or Hanson — Australians need to consider very carefully the impact on practical policy outcomes, and the workability of the parliament.”

“I say to Australians, again — if you only really know the leader of a minor party, but you don’t really know their candidates, and you don’t really know their policies, don’t vote for them. Australians won’t want to end up next week with a result they didn’t see coming”.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said that it is the pot calling the kettle black.

“We know the Liberal Party is not united. Mr Turnbull says give me another chance, I will unite the nation. It’s ironic because of the tensions in the Liberal Party but more importantly than that, the issues which affect working class and middle class people in Australia will not be solved by Mr Turnbull,” Mr Shorten said.

“You cannot unite Australia whilst you are cutting school funding. You cannot unite Australia when your only policy for housing affordability is get rich parents. You cannot unite Australia when you won’t take real action on climate change”.

Pauline Hanson used the opportunity to ask voters to vote 1 for One Nation:

“Many people are not happy with our choice of Prime Minister or the ‘two-party system'”, her team said in a Facebook post.

“We can combat this by putting the right people into the SENATE so that only legislation that is beneficial to Australians can be passed. The Senate is the House of Review and therefore people who are going to debate the issues should hold these seats”.

Jacqui Lambie spent today exposing “Liberal lies”, with her target aimed firmly at Liberal cuts to Tasmania’s Aged Cared sector.

“The Tasmania Liberal Party director Sam McQuestin has been caught out lying again about my voting preferences (I have – and always have had an open ticket and have never preference any political party in how to vote cards)  – but it’s not unusual for Liberal party state directors to be dishonest.” said Senator Lambie.As for Nick Xenophon, he wrote a Facebook post about Turnbull ‘scare campaign’ against him:

And Glenn Lazarus is too busy in the studio with Triple J’s Hack program to respond at the moment.

Tell us, do you think Malcolm Turnbull feels threatened by Lambie, Hanson, Xenophon and Lazarus? Should he?

  1. Joy Anne Bourke  


    • J.Loehr  

      as i called him Malcom bulldust even a none australian can see the lies he tells

  2. Regardless of his desperate advertisements to garner votes no one i know is listening to this self appointed PM. If Pauline gets in, or Jacquie, then what a punch in the head that will be to him. Saves me doing it which is what I imagine everyone time I see his smug face. He is far too fond of people who arent capable of allegiance to australia and upholding our beliefs…Why, I dont even want to think about. What benefit is he gaining by his “hail fellow, well met,” attitude towards a particular band of people? ( For want of a better description) . I cant wait to see the outcome of Saturday.

  3. Barb  

    The ads run by the Libs exhorting Australians not to vote for independents are annoying, frustrating and patronising. How dare any political party try to tell voters how they should or should not vote! I think there is a continuing move away from both major parties towards the smaller parties and independents. Certainly I have moved in that direction. There are plenty of governments around the world where multi-party groups form government and manage to do the job. What gives the two majors the idea it can’t and shouldn’t happen here? Why can’t they cope with the idea of shared power? Also, I think there should be a debate about proportional representation. We are not getting truly representative government under the current system.

  4. Like all of us, I am fed up with being bombarded with advertisements – which cost a fortune – TELLING me what the “opposition” (whichever party) is doing wrong and how a vote for whoever is advertising will solve ALL our problems. I was disgusted when, over the last 48 hours it was announced that the present government, if re-elected, is going to see what they can grab back from the pensioners to “make up the shortfall.” WHAT ABOUT THE BIG BUSINESS CORPORATIONS?

    I have no problem with targeting “genuine” welfare cheats and tax dodgers, but for Turnbull to make special mention of the pensioners, makes my blood boil. It was boiling before this but now it’s running over the sides of the saucepan.

    I am tired of endless weeks of smug smiles and being told not to vote for a particular person or party because there will be CHAOS if an independent or minor party “gets control” of the Senate. Well, actually all the candidates are educated people – yes, for the “naysayers” even Pauline Hanson has been to school – and they are not so stupid that they don’t understand what’s going on around them. The problem for the government is that the minor parties and independents are FREE to examine each issue and vote according to what they feel will solve the problem currently in discussions. They are NOT beholden to party lines!

    I have never made my preferences public before, but here is how I am voting for the SENATE! I don’t care who knows and I looked up my main charity (Animals Australia) on their website to find out the best way to help THEM.

    SENATE: 1 Animal Justice Party. 2 Sustainable Australia, 3. Renewable Energy, 4. Australian Cyclists (?!!) 5. The Greens, 6 ALP.

    SO THERE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kenneth Hopgood  

    If he isn’t He should be as a long time Liberal Voter and Anti labor man I cannot pick between either of them so will be voting INDEPENDENT Whoever we have in our Electorate Hanson member, Palmer Party, Xenophon Party.
    I hope all Pensioners do with what they are doing to health and welfare cutting pensions add costs to see Drs. etc.
    Time for a BIG CHANGE.
    a Parliament of Independents sounds democratic.

  6. Sheree Lucas  

    The minor parties formed as they saw problems with the current system and they are the only ones who give a damn about Australia and its people. Turnbull is trying to manipulate the Australian public to his own advantage here. Hanson and Lambie would be in there, standing up to greedy politicians and making the Australian public fully aware of the greed and corruption that goes on behind the scenes. Go ladies!

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