Is it time for the Queen to retire?

At age 90, Queen Elizabeth has done more than enough to cement her place as the jewel in the crown

At age 90, Queen Elizabeth has done more than enough to cement her place as the jewel in the crown of the British monarchy.

But as she ages and the health of her 95-year-old husband Prince Philip becomes uncertain, some are asking the question of whether it’s time for the Queen to retire?

As the world’s oldest reigning monarch, there’s no denying Queen Elizabeth is doing an amazing job for her age.

Royals across the world have retired well before they hit 90.

If she were to retire to make way for her heir, Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t be the first.

In 2014, King Juan Carlos of Spain stepped aside so his son King Felipe VI could take the throne.

Similar has happened in the Netherlands, where three queens stepped aside in their 70s to make way for their heirs.

In Japan, Emperor Akhito has been reported as saying he’d like to resign.

The 82-year-old has also slipped in public and is “beginning to feel his age”.

So why is the question of the Queen retiring being floated?

Throughout her reign there’s been talk of abdication, but in recent years her personal popularity has skyrocketed.

In 1990 a survey found the British public were split almost 50/50 on whether the Queen should abdicate.

Today that number has changed drastically, with just 20% of Brits calling for her abdication.

What would happen if the Queen did resign?

Many royal lovers would be disappointed to know that under British constitutional laws, the Queen would not be able to choose who would take her place if she retires.

The throne would automatically go to the next in line, Prince Charles.

For many that’s not the preferred option.

Survey conducted by the Women’s Weekly here in Australia found 49% want Prince William to be King compared to 25% for Prince Charles.

Despite the abdication suggestions, some of those close to the Queen insist she has no plans to abdicate.

Author Sarah Bradford said the Queen wasn’t staying on because of concerns about Charles’ ability to be king.

“The Queen simply feels she must do her duty and she’s never even contemplated abdication,” she said.

And the Queen herself has hinted at serving a lifetime.

In a message to the Commonwealth on her 21st birthday, “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service.”

Do you think it’s time for the Queen to resign? Who would you rather as King, Prince Charles or Prince William?

  1. Jean  

    The Queen will never retire or abdicate. That might be what happens in other countries but not in the UK. The next king will be Charles whether we like it or not (unless he predeceases her), then William, then George. There is nothing to discuss.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I really think the Queen is staying because of Prince Charles, he should not be next King as he is a divorcee, and also married his mistress and she is not fit to be Queen under no circumstances. I think the Queen will wait till and give to William. The Royal Family will be ignored if she quits and Charles takes over. William and Kate have the Royal Family exceedingly popular. Prince Charles and Camilla are not.

  2. facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

    The Queen is doing a remarkable job for her age but as we’ve seen she has handed on many attendances to the younger royals – giving them time to adjust and learn the ropes but keeping a steadying hand on the position. I would prefer William and Kate to be the next King and Queen. I think deep down Charles would too but Camilla wouldn’t be too keen me thinks.

  3. Why fix it if its not broken. Shes marvelous and she looks like my mum. God bless you mum

  4. Stephen  

    Although our media doesn’t like the concept, the reality is they have no input in this discussion at all. This is not some 20 or 21st century latest fad; this is the continuance of an inheritance that goes back for over 1000 years. When Queen Victoria’s husband died she spent the next few decades in seclusion, but she did not retire. The Queens uncle Edward abdicated for love, but he didn’t retire. This is really one of those “New Idea” made up magazine stories for a fill in, and nothing more. Yes through the latter Princess Di years the royals had a low image, but the reality is Q.E. heads up the only family organization on the planet that stands for dignity and humanity, good on her.

    • Stellar  

      I think Edward abdicated for ‘lust’, not ‘love’!
      His was also possibly ‘AC/DC’, as written in several books.

      Thank god, he didn’t become King, as he was the weakest of men, in very many ways!

      Bertie was the better, by far, of the two.

  5. Elizabeth  

    The queen should not retire, in our country the constitution is the monarch dies being King or Queen, the heir to the throne only take over on the queen death and this should remain so.
    Our queen is doing a fantastic job why would we want to retire I hope she has many years left.
    Charles must take over because he is he heir to the throne and this is okay as long as the person he’s married to has nothing to do with ruling this country.

  6. Pamela  

    God save our gracious Queen; long may she reign!

  7. Joan Marshall  

    I hope the Queen never retires. Sadly Prince Charles is not King material !!

  8. Zoe  

    Deffinatly don’t want Charles and cetainly not Camilla. Never Camilla.

  9. S martyn  

    She don’t want Charlie as King go Willie

  10. Dawn Jess  

    I thought Charles couldnt inherit the throne because of wedding a devorcee , wasn,t that forbidden for Margaret?? personally I have no time at all for so called royalty and the day we become a nation seperate from the monarchy would be a day to celebrate.

  11. Emma  

    Her Majesty. Queen Elizabeth II, is Queen for the ‘term of her natural life’.
    When she dies, Charles will become King Charles III, if he’s still alive.
    If not, his first-born son, Prince William, will become King.

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