Is it right to use children in protests?

Greenpeace sent a group of young children aged between five and 14 years old to protest outside the gates of

Greenpeace sent a group of young children aged between five and 14 years old to protest outside the gates of a Liberal Party fundraiser attended by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and his wife, Lucy, at the weekend.

The children were dressed in business suits and had fake $100 notes in their hands, which they used to ask for a ticket to the event so they could discuss the threats to the Great Barrier Reef with the PM.

According to climate campaigner Nikola Casule, Greenpeace has formed a ‘children’s party’ and intended to use them in further events in the lead up to the July 2 election, saying “it’s young kids’ futures that are going to be most affected by climate change and they have a right to have their voices heard”.

However, there have been questions raised about the suitability of having children protesting.

Earlier this year councils in the United Kingdom suggested parents could be fined for using their children as ‘political pawns’ in relation to demonstrations about education.

When asked about the children protesting, the prime minister said ‘All parents I’m sure pay very close attention to looking after safety of their children.”

Would you want your grandchildren to be involved in a protest or demonstration? Have you ever been involved in a protest? What was the cause?

  1. ian ryrie  

    No it is not right, but what is worse & should be banned is Religious groups dragging young (under 5) children round the streets of our towns & city’s. If their beliefs are so strong they should go overseas & preach to all yhe people fighting there. My personal view is that people who take children out to preach their view of religion should be charged with child abuse.

  2. No it is not. This just shows how pathetic they are in that they have to rely on sympathy. Is their message not strong enough to stand on its own?What is worse is that the same children are also being brainwashed by the group. When children are old enough to have their own opinion then they can participate.

  3. NO! I would not want any children or grandchildren of mine to be involved in a protest.
    YES I have been involved in two protests.
    1. To SAVE PELICAN POINT from the building of a power station – unsuccessful
    Do pollies listen to the people??? NO! I think they have ‘community consultation’ tick the box off and then do what they planned all along.

  4. Disgraceful, should not be allowed. This is indoctrination by any other name, just like they are doing in the schools, Grrrh!

  5. colin  

    ITS THEIR FUTURE and children are a lot better educated and inform these days,, If even ten or twenty years ago, the writers here had done something instead of pretending driving cars and burning fossil fuels was not harming anyone but was GOOD, then we would not be in this situation

  6. colin  

    and by the way, I have not owned a car for fifteen years….

  7. Mitch Butler  

    I went to my first protest, without my parents I might add, when I was a teenager like these kids getting organised with GP. If someone had told me I wasn’t old enough to have an opinion, I’m pretty sure I’d have had a short response for them! Seems somewhat paternalistic to assume children don’t have a view on the world.
    Is the argument that children should be seen and not heard?

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