Indigenous AFL star Eddie Betts’ reponse to banana thrower couldn’t have been better

Indigenous AFL star Eddie Betts had a banana thrown at him by a woman during the Adelaide derby game between
Betts showed her that success is truly the best revenge. Photo: YouTube (Adelaide Football Club).

Indigenous AFL star Eddie Betts had a banana thrown at him by a woman during the Adelaide derby game between Port Adelaide and Adelaide Crows on Saturday night but his come back was way better than anyone could’ve imagined – he kicked five goals in Adelaide Crows’ 15-point victory.

A Facebook video appeared on social media showing a woman hurling a banana at the Indigenous player but it was slapped away by team-mate Josh Jenkins.

The woman was then shown in the video making an offensive gesture towards Betts as other Port fans joined in on the abuse but the one who had the last laugh was truly Eddie Bretts.

He celebrated his 250th AFL game in Showdown 41 and ended Saturday night’s game with a trademark snap goal from the left pocket to secure the 15-point win at Adelaide Oval.

In a statement released on Sunday morning the Crows club said they were “disappointed and disgusted” by the behaviour of some fans at the game.

Port’s chairman David Koch said the club knew who she was but had not yet spoken with her.

“We’ve revoked the membership not only for this year but also for next year as well,” he said.

“Whether we take any further action will be decided on the outcome of the motivation and further investigation.”

The video showed team-mate Josh Jenkins batting away the banana thrown at Betts.

Jamie Christodoulou who was watching, told ABC News he saw the woman throw a banana after Betts had scored.

“A lot of supporters in the area were very disappointed and angered with what she had done,” he said.

“We all outed her, I particularly did.

What do you think of this lady’s behaviour?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    For a start she is no lady.

    • Sheila lakeman  

      I think she will get her just deserve.

    • Mitch  

      Its 2016 and to think that this type of behaviour is going on is absolutely disgraceful.!!! RACISTS AREN’T BORN THEY’RE TAUGHT.!!!

  2. Not enough the woman she definetly not a lady should have a life ban for AFL and SANFL football a disgrace no excuse for her behaviour

    • Karin  

      I agree ….life ban for this disgusting woman . I hope she is feeling disgraced with all the bad feedback she is getting . Hang your head in shame ughh!

  3. Shantaram  

    Appalling behaviour. Will these red-necks ever learn?

  4. Marie van Eijk  

    That is for me à real racist and not à lady at all

  5. Dianne Evans  

    Ban for life she is not nice and not a Lady

  6. why did it have to do with race maybe she was upset at the game if he had not been a aboriginal nothing would have been said while i dont agree with what she done everything isnt about race

    • Anne Wolski  

      That’s where I’m confused. How is a banana a racist thing?

    • Mitch  

      How naive are you to think that it’s not racist I’m black and I’m offended just from watching it on TV

    • Susan  

      Exactly stop pulling the race card it shows YOU are a racist by even suggesting it. It’s a simple matter of her throwing a banana at a player. If he was white would the media have said a banana was thrown at a Caucasian player nope…….media winding the leftie loonies up yet again.

    • Margaret Freeburn  

      I agree Cathy, I think this racist thing has gone way too far and most of it is the press stirring it up. Surely he is big enough to stick up for himself if someone threw a piece of fruit at him. People have to run and tell tails for anything these days, all to be noticed. When my kids were little and came in blabbing about what so and so did, I used to chastise so and so and the one who told tails got chastised for telling tales….same goes for adults.

  7. why did it have to do with race maybe she was upset at the game if he had not been a aboriginal nothing would have been said while i dont agree with what she done everything isnt about race

    • Ally Morgan  

      Cathy I read on another site that someone had asked her why she had thrown the banana – she replied “Because he’s a monkey” – guess that says it all? It has connotations of the treatment of Adam Goodes, who was called an “ape”. They also reported that this woman is notorious for her bad language and behaviour at most games.

  8. Warren Whittle  

    Why is throwing a banana considered “racist’? Why can’t she just be a frustrated fan of the opposition team, who temporarily let emotion get the better of her? Would the racist card have been played if she through the banana at another, non-indigenous player? TTFU, people!

    • Catherine Benfield  

      The Port Adelaide Football Club have investigates and CONFIRMED that this was a racist act,why question it?Heads stuck in the sand all you ppl attempting to play this incident down.Unfortunate that it has taken focus the away from the Crows win and Betts’ 250th, but has highlighted the ugly element of football crowds.

  9. Bronwyn  

    Of course it had to do with race, think about it lady, who eats bananas. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out what she thinks of Eddie.

    • Susan  

      Hahaha you know what we think of you. …..hahaha get some help lady you are a racist.

  10. Dianne Ireland  

    Simply ban her for life she doesn’t deserve to be allowed to watch a game that honours it’s indigenous players

  11. She not only thru a banana at the player but when chastised about that and her vulgar language by another supporter, called the player a monkey. I would suggest it definitely had racist and nasty overtones and she should be banned, for at least the one year, made to take some form of course on what is racism and how it effects those who are on the receiving end…and depending on her contrition allowed back or if not contrite and apologetic, banned for life

    • Mike  

      I know where I would like to shove the banana. Back to the person that threw it, but not in her hand. On top of which she should be banned from attending another game for a minimum of 5 years.

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