“I’ll name the human vermin”

Senator Derryn Hinch is no stranger to controversy as the 72-year-old has been a mainstay in our media landscape for

Senator Derryn Hinch is no stranger to controversy as the 72-year-old has been a mainstay in our media landscape for decades. He has also been held in contempt of court three times and jailed twice for public statements revealing the names and details of child and violent sex offenders.

He has shown that he is not going to be deterred in his goal to create a public sex offender registry, andย used his first speech in Parliament to name and shame a number of convicted child sex offenders.

Senator Hinch said he would use his time in Parliament to push for a public register of convicted sex offenders, arguing everyone had the right to know who was living next door to them.

In a lengthy and wide-ranging speech, Senator Hinch told the chamber he was “honoured” to be elected, and at times “gobsmacked”, and outlined his other priorities, including legalising voluntary euthanasia and establishing a “living will” to boost organ donation rates.

During the speech, Senator Hinch restricted himself to naming convicted sex offenders currently serving jail time, including Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Peter Cowan and Adrian Bayley, who murdered Melbourne woman Jill Meagher.

He also named El Salvadorian man Juan Carlos Cruz, “whose semen was found on the nappy of a two-year-old girl”.

“For this disgusting crime, almost incomprehensible to normal people, he was sentenced in Canberra to only three years and three months imprisonment,” he said.

Senator Hinch told the chamber he would not be a “cowboy”, but he would use parliamentary privilege to name names if he believed it was necessary.

“It will be the court of last resort, I will not be a cowboy,” he said.

“But if it’s necessary to protect a child’s wellbeing, then you’re damn right I’ll name the human vermin.”

Do you agree with the Senator’s stance?

  1. Yes definitely go Darren between you and Pauline we may clean up this country
    Carstration is the correct punishment or send them to the philapines to a death sentence he has the right idea

  2. agree with him 100%. we dont protect any other type of crim . why should these creeps be cossetted and protected after they committed these crimes when the know how utterly vile the offences are. Good on you Deryn.

  3. Lorraine  

    Yes I believe everyone should know who they are. We need to be able to protect our children from these monsters

  4. Michelle Thornton  

    Most definitely……100%! Name, shame, lock them up and throw away the key! Why is our judicial system failing us? Why do offenders get a slap on the wrist, while the public is imprisoned in fear for their safety? I truly hope Derryn, Pauline and Jackie will honour their promises and make our country safe!

  5. Louise Britton  

    At last!
    A productive politician who actually cares!
    Keep rattling those chains Derryn – we need someone in Parliament to speak up for these children. Sadly, they don’t have a voice.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  6. Fred Smith  

    It’s about time these people were accountable for their actions. It’s a pity that people generally don’t fight for something unless it has been part of their life. Maybe we need more people in politics that have lived real world lives not some cosseted rich leach.

  7. colin  

    the law is the law, and the courts are there for a reason. I think these people and the are generally heterosexual; are evil BUT Hinch is immoral and wrong in what he is doing, even mentioning possible offenders is wrong.
    If any of them end up murdered, I hope the families sue the pants of him. He should net even be in parliament. over the retirement age and has a criminal conviction.

    • Gina  

      The law is the law Colin. But it should also reflect puplic opinion. That is why we put people into Paliment. And if a Senator wishes to do a job for wich he is paid for, instead of gas bagging nonsense all day. And picking up a hefty wage at the end of the week. Sick and tierd of these kiddie fiddlers getting away with their crimes with a slap on the wrist.You go Mr Hinch. Most of public opinion is with you.

    • Russell Burnett  

      Well done Derren 100% agree with you….keep the bastards honest and these sick vermin in check

  8. 100% with Derryn on this but you have to ask yourselves…. Why has this not been done before? Why has our collective governments not done the right thing by, and protected, our kids? How many times do we hear about repeat offenders, even if they are out on bail and how can they even be out on bail? Who is being protected because if it came to one choice, of either protecting some sleazy paedophile or protecting our kids, the choice is, and should be, really simple to make… Keep fighting the good fight Senator.

  9. Great work Derren, everyone should know who is living in their community, especially know offenders, keep up the good work, name and shame is my motto.

  10. desleigh clarke  

    You bet I agree with him, in fact I’d go further – I’m sick & tired of feeding & housing these oxygen thieves. Put them to sleep like the rabid dogs they are and the terrorists while they are at it. If the do -gooders don’t like it maybe they can look after them in their houses!!

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