“If Malcolm Turnbull is fair dinkum”: Shorten challenges PM on this emotional topic

The last thing many Aussie pensioners want is an increase in GST, and now Bill Shorten has challenged Prime Minister

The last thing many Aussie pensioners want is an increase in GST, and now Bill Shorten has challenged Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to debate this idea in public.

Turnbull’s government is currently conducting a “root and branch” review of our national tax system, and won’t rule out raising the Goods and Services Tax to a whopping 15%.

However, Shorten is adamant that raising tax will hurt everyday Australians, and has vowed that Labor will oppose any increases to the GST.

Shorten has challenged Turnbull to put the proverbial ‘money where his mouth is’, in a debate at the National Press Club.

“On the day before Parliament starts this year… I’m prepared to debate Malcolm Turnbull about why increasing the GST to 15% in any set of circumstances is a bad idea”, Shorten said.

“If Malcolm Turnbull is fair dinkum, he’ll front up”.

Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop has accused Bill Shorten of overreacting though. She said the government must consider all options when it comes to tax reform.

“We’re having a discussion about tax reform and Bill Shorten should join in and make a positive contribution to it”, she said.

“It’s for the growth of our economy at a very challenging time internationally, so I would hope that Bill Shorten would make as his one of his New Year’s resolutions to be a little more positive”.

Would you like to see Shorten and Turnbull have a real debate on tax reform? Do you support any increases to the GST? Or do Australians already pay enough tax?

  1. I am all for the debate, this Government has done nothing but talk about raising the GST, since the first budget. They were the ones who bought this topic up to the States. Then they back peddle and say this not Policy..well what is it then? have the debate and tell us

  2. What’s the point in bill trying to discuss tax reform with them while they are “looking into tax reform” bill knows dam well the libs are pushing for GST increases libs have been putting pressure onto the states to get them to do the dirty work. The only tax reform that REALLY need to happen is taxing corporations and big business. I find it very interesting how quiet TURDburger is these days we are seeing more of his wife in public than him. A man who likes to boast how he catches trains to be among the people couldn’t even go out to give support to those who lost property in Melbourne . His smile is loosing it’s charm I think

  3. why do you need to be on a side, a debate is where we should be learning the facts, then making our decisions

  4. As far as I know there has been nothing said that confirms an increase in GST. So far the proposal is merely part of on going discussion on across the board tax reform. Our tax system certainly needs reform. It is very complicated and complex and a subject that very few fully understand. Government and the opposition parties need to be positive about this. They should work together rather than attempt to score political points. I doubt a public debate between Shorten and the PM would achieve much because they would both be so absorbed in point scoring and political spin that the rest of us would be left more confused than we are now.

  5. Good on you Bill stand up to those that will have us in the poor house. A decent platform to win back those that have listened to Murdoch propaganda and now suffering under the cruel regime we have in government.

  6. I would accept a rise in the GST (not including food), a rise in the Medicare levy, with no changes to the pension entitlements (accept for the polititions, their pension entitlements should be brought in line with other Australians)

  7. This is not an emotional topic it is about economics, something BS knows nothing about. However the debate will rage on regardless right up to the election later this year.

  8. Dianne Evans  

    Well it is another expense and on food will be a killer for people who struggle already if it is bought in it should at least be out there debated for people too judge.

  9. Fifteen percent is not “whopping.” Even New Zealand has had a 15% GST for ages. Some Canadian Provinces have both National and Provincial GST equivalents that are over 15% aggregate. Remember that many products in Australia are GST exempt unlike other countries.
    We expect to have free hospitals, a welfare system that works (which it clearly doesn’t), an education system that educates (which it does with difficulty) and good roads, parks etc, but we don’t want to pay for it.
    You can’t have both a top level of government support and low taxes, the two extremes are mutually exclusive.
    Labor created most of the huge debt we have. Mr Shorten should be telling us what Labor will do in office to provide everything the populous wants without increased taxes.

    • Rikda  

      “Fifteen percent is not “whopping.” Even New Zealand has had a 15% GST for ages”

      That would probably account for about 10% of the population living in Oz because the economy is hand to mouth for them.
      It’s whopping if 80% of the cost of goods & services is going to cost an extra 50%.
      Is there anything at all that these plutocratic economic ignoramuses do that you people don’t approve of.
      They want to up the tax because they have no income as a result of the fire sales to their mates at the top end of town.
      Hospitals & schools etc were funded from profits from Airports, Power, & a dozen other utilties that were victims of an ideology that Corporate venture is committed to a balanced economy. It’s a bloody lie & they know it.
      What you are seeing is a race to the bottom & a restructure for a plutocracy.

  10. Rikda  

    ““We’re having a discussion about tax reform and Bill Shorten should join in and make a positive contribution to it”
    They did that for you in 2013 Julia, you hypocrit6ical tart.
    Remember the promises about Labors “Joining in”
    “No changes to the pension. On a unity tick with Labor. No changes to the GST… where do I stop?
    What would she know about commitment when she can brush off $30,000 plane ride for her & her bloody boyfriend because it was “More convenient”.
    There’s an echo where her conscience once was. Bloody fraud.

  11. The GST should have been on everything from day one. Howard should never have given into the Greens. All other countries have GST on food for example. Anyway, Shorten is so bereft of ideas it’s not funny.

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