Iconic church bathrooms investigated after allegations of illegal activity…. by over 60s

No – over 60s have not been getting frisky England’s iconic churches – they’ve been doing something far worse, and very

No – over 60s have not been getting frisky England’s iconic churches – they’ve been doing something far worse, and very unexpected.

According to an investigation by UK’s The Sun, the bathrooms at some of Britain’s most iconic places of worship show signs of cocaine abuse.

But perhaps what is most interesting is the average age of the churchgoer: 61.

Investigators discovered evidence members of the public used the narcotic at 11 out of 25 top cathedrals and churches — including the Church of England’s HQ.

Traces of the Class A drug were also found at the iconic St Paul’s in London as well as at Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge and Cardiff.

The Sun’s probe also discovered it in St Leonard’s, Shoreditch, East London.

Drug information analyst Harry Shapiro told the newspaper, “Many churches can be hired for events, where guests might choose to take drugs, and have publicly accessible toilets”.

One church – Canterbury Cathedral – responded to the investigation and said although they were sorry to hear that cocaine had been found, its toilets were available to millions every year.

Canterbury Cathedral authorities were “sorry” to hear cocaine had been found but pointed out its toilets were available to a million visitors a year.

The average age of a Church of England churchgoer in 2010 was 61, though that is believed to have continued to increase. This latest allegation also is backed by research that revealed rising levels of drug use among pensioners.

Another Sun investigation of the nation’s bingo halls found high traces of cocaine in the bathrooms as well. Dr Sarah Wadd, an expert in drug use among the elderly, told the newspaper: “There is no doubt that illegal drug use is rising in the older age group.

“I think this is mainly because heroin users from the 1980s haven’t been able to kick the habit. Cocaine is … a problem”.

Tell us, have these allegations of drug use in the church shocked you? Do you think over 60s have a problem?

  1. Mike here-this is the trouble with younger people today, they think they invented everything. So a coupleofover 60s use a bit of blow.

    • Happichique  

      Where on earth do you get paedophiles from this!!

  2. Like they said millions use these toilets and what a better place to be safe to do that crap but a church toilet and the bingo halls aren’t only used for bingo so seriously could be any age group

  3. Regardless of age people are people. If you engaged in risky behaviour when you were young chances are that you will not change as you age. Remember that these drugs have been around for a long time.

  4. Nothing in the article to show that the seniors were the sniffers, only that they comprised the greater proportion of toilet users which is not surprising.

  5. Yes, I’m a little bit shocked (as a non-drug user) but not totally surprised. If people are into this type of stuff anyway, unfortunately the place in which they choose to use it isn’t an issue to them. However, going back about 4 years ago, my sister Sue Daley left something of a more innocuous nature behind in the toilets of the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral. We were heading to look at the cathedral, it had been pouring with rain, her shoes let in the rain, therefore her socks became sodden. We nipped into a nearby sports shop to buy some new socks, then straight to the cathedral toilets where she changed her socks and disposed of the smelly, soaking wet socks in the bin. We often think of what the cleaners may have thought. It’s become a running joke. Just thought I’d share the situation/fun 😜

  6. I am not at all surprised, they did some tests on our money and all the notes tested positive for drugs, wonder how many of them were in the collection plate at one time or another

  7. Nothing, absolutely nothing would ever surprise me about an Anglican or Catholic Church building! I could not believe my eyes and ears to the criminal behaviour I have witnessed followed with the lack of appropriate action by Professional Standards. Thank God the Bible warns us of this, if only we had read the Bible for ourselves and not been brainwashed by some who say that God gave them the authority!

    • @ Robyn Freeman. How sanctimonious of you! Just which religious sect do you claim as yours? I am betting London to a brick that if you look closely enough you will find that not everyone belonging to it is a saint.

  8. I can see a whole lot of assumptions in the previous comments. Who can say who the drugs users in the toilets were/are? Would the toilets not be accessible to anyone passing? Maybe it was the clergy (can’t see why they would go to the church loo do shoot up though) maybe it was the parishioners and maybe it was a few of any generation who were wise to the times he loos were open.

    • To assume makes an ass out of u and me. I don’t attend any church anymore. My comment referred to 2 married males in an Anglican local church. One on the sex offenders file and the other married male getting it off with that ones daughter since she was 13. Both families being held in high regard & given roles of authority, people looked up to them. The second even sat through children’s Sunday School groups . The best grooming ground.
      One wife even lied to a Catholic Priest who seemed to think it warranted a meeting to which I agreed wholeheartedly! BUT, no meeting! That priest was moved on. Anne, you were so quick to be vindictive of my post, I don’t understand how people like you sleep at night. Like me, I see you have helped the one punch law come into being, surely innocent children have a right to be safe, especially in any church?

    • What do you mean “people like me”? I have no affiliation with any religion. I do not condone the behaviour of any clergy or anyone else related in anyway to any religion, race or creed who do the wrong thing whatever that thing is. I merely mentioned that you were being very sanctimonious. You don’t know who was using drugs in the church loo, you just ASSUMED something not proven and not even mentioned, thus I think it is you who is the ASS. (BTW that cliché is really overused) I don’t care to what you were referring. I just re read the article and nowhere does it mention the church toilet was used for paedophilia activities. So just which one of us was doing the assuming?

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