“I failed him by ringing the police”

The mother of Dylan Voller believes she “failed” her son when she reported him to police, beginning a childhood of

The mother of Dylan Voller believes she “failed” her son when she reported him to police, beginning a childhood of imprisonment which eventually led to him being strapped to a chair with a spitting hood over his head.

Dylan had been difficult from an early age, Joanne Voller told ABC’s 7.30. Alice Springs primary schools were unable to deal with him and he attended at least five different schools between the ages of six and nine.

Joanne Voller said she contacted the NT Department of Children and Families for help when Dylan was 11.

“That was the time when he broke my window and I was told if I reported him for breaking my window he’d get the help that he needed,” she said. “At the time he needed counselling to help with his anger issues, but it’s not what he received in jail. I was seeking help, I was asking for help. I in no way thought he would be hooded and chained to a chair or thrown in isolation for 200 days at a time.

“I don’t see that as counselling or helping him. I really feel like I failed him by ringing the police that day when he broke my window, to be honest.”

Dylan’s family said he had emotional problems which should have been dealt with.

“Something happened in Dylan’s life that made him really angry that he didn’t talk about until he was older,” Joanne Voller said.

According to his sister, Kirra Voller, Dylan grew up not trusting people. “I think that’s where his naughtiness comes in because it’s a lack of trust for the people that he’s supposed to trust, so they just think he’s rebelling and being a naughty person because of whatever reasons — he’s got ADHD or he’s troubled — they don’t see the underlying problems that are really affecting him,” she said.

Dylan is now in an adult prison in Darwin serving time for a serious assault.

“I’d say out of the last seven years he’s probably been out six, seven, eight months since [age] 12, so pretty much his whole childhood he’s spent in jail,” Joanne Voller said.

Dylan’s lawyers have petitioned the Northern Territory Administrator to exercise his prerogative of mercy and grant Dylan an early release.

“He’s really trying not to get his hopes up about getting out,” Kirra Voller said.

“He really wants to get out, he deserves to get out because of everything he’s been through. I think he’s entitled to that at least.”

What do you think about what Dylan Voller’s family has said?

  1. elena  

    …where is his father? The family failed to address this important matter. Probably Dylan also would like to know…give his dad a hug and have a chat. Poor Dylan, he is suffering the consequences of unfit parenthood and motherhood.

    • Anne Wolski  

      Full of assumptions aren’t you? Very easy to judge without knowing all the facts

      • elena  

        Unfortunately there are countless of UN-fit parents and mothers…it is easy…free…and…enjoyable to…babies but to bring the up OH dear me no much joy there…poor children of this world.

  2. Vic Roby  

    Yeah, let him out….we’ll then see how long it is before he reoffends and then he and his family will blame everybody but themselves…NOBODY makes him commit crimes…everybody has choices…he chooses to be as he is…

  3. Dylan needs to know how much he is loved by his father Jesus Christ. Dylan should have never been treated in this manner. All Children should be loved and cared for. May the Good Lord repay him for everything he has lost. Lord Jesus, send your people to share the Gospel to Dylan.🙏🏼

    • Susan  

      Haha really. Well darling little Dylan attacked a Salvation Army member who was trying to be kind to him. Don’t think Jesus Christ would be a fan of this scumbag.

      • Firstly Jesus came for sinners …. For all have sinned and fallen short….Jesus loves Dylan and would never address him as a srumbag. Jesus works with broken hearts and heals them with agape Love. Jesus said Love you neighbor as you self…have compassion for children that have gone through hell. Love covers a multitude of sin ,without Love we are nothing. Jonh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he sent his only son, that Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life . Christ died for us while we were sinners to redeem us from the curse of the law…. And saves us by Grace through faith. The truth shall set us free.

  4. Di Field  

    He needs more than Jesus . We all have choices in life, let’s not blame anyone other than the kid . I was brought up in a very poor house hold, along with 3 brothers.None of us turned to am life of crime, we had plenty temptation along the way.Look at the parents too, our parents actually gave a dam about how we behaved. SO , lets let him out of prison and see how long before he is back there, blaming some one else .

  5. Give the lad a chance, you all know the saying “until you walk in my shoes you have no idea what has happened.” Let him get the emotional & phsycological help he obviously needs, not just what happen with his parents but the brutality in which he has suffered at the hands of people who are supposed to be intelligent & educated. Time to try a different method to help this young man.

    • elena  

      Yes, but it would be too later for Dylan…authorities should restrict people to bring children to this planet when such people are themselves full of traumatic upbringing…

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