“I don’t believe there’s going to be hate”

Senator Pauline Hanson has made it quite clear she doesn’t support the idea of same-sex marriage. However, she has said in

Senator Pauline Hanson has made it quite clear she doesn’t support the idea of same-sex marriage. However, she has said in a recent interview that she would be prepared to put aside her personal opposition to same-sex marriage and vote for it in the Senate – but only if the Australian people vote in favour of it at a plebiscite.

In an interview on the gay and lesbian radio station Joy FM in Melbourne, the One Nation leader also said she believes fears about hate speech and the mental health risks to young people of a plebiscite, which she wants delayed and held alongside the next federal election, are being overblown.

“I think you are actually blowing that out of proportion to make that an excuse why you shouldn’t have a plebiscite,” she said on Saturday.

When presented with the research around mental health, Senator Hanson said, “I disagree with that; I don’t believe there’s going to be hate. I think it would be a balanced debate.”

While One Nation says on its website that its number one priority is to “bring about the necessary changes for fair and equal treatment of all Australians”, Senator Hanson made it clear that didn’t extend to marriage equality.

“I agree that everyone has the right to peace and harmony, but the gays and lesbians are now wanting to change my way of thinking, who I am,” she said.

“I come from a time when there was no discussion about gay marriage. That’s my background, that’s what I’ve grown up with.

“You want to take something away from the majority of society that we’ve grown up with. Why do you want to take the word marriage?”

Senator Hanson said she “associated with the gays and I’ve even worked with gays” but not all of them wanted to get married. She believes the gay and lesbian community should be content with civil ceremonies.

She said she didn’t care that other Western countries were allowing same-sex marriage, but also suggested that could be a way for Australian gay and lesbian people to get what they want.

“If you feel so strongly about it, I’m sure you can move to that country and then you can have that marriage,” she said.

Unlike the Turnbull government, Senator Hanson wants the plebiscite run in conjunction with the next federal election in order to save taxpayers the estimated $200 million cost.

But she said that if a plebiscite is held and the people vote in favour of same-sex marriage she will follow suit.

“I would support that because people have had their say. I’d give it my total support because I’m there as the people’s representative. I believe we’ve got to start listening to the majority and not the minority.”

What do you think of Pauline’s comments? Do you think the plebiscite needs to be held or should the MPs vote within the Parliament?

  1. She never fails to speak for many of the silent majority and as she admits, of her generation. She is simply being truthful and that in a politician is rare. If the majority support same-sex marriage she will accept their choice and vote for the legislation to be passed. I think that is fair and why politicians are elected. They are not our voice but they do represent and are elected to uphold the values of our communities with honesty, courage and integrity. They are not voted into Parliament to fight like undisciplined toddlers and promote verbal abuse as is so clearly shown every time I watch a Parliamentary “debate.”

  2. Pamela  

    Totally agree with what Pauline is saying!

  3. Pauline, it’s already started. Don’t you read the news? Oh, just “murdoch-lies?” A group of Liberal Party back benchers have begun a Marriage Alliance and have printed up and spread around actual lies and scaremongering claims and have been caught out. There are Liberal Party back benchers making ugly claims about marriage equality on Facebook. And their rabid followers are foaming at the mouth. Please, stop treating the majority of us like the idiots who follow you. Marriage equality will not affect you or anybody else unless you are gay and want to marry. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue and anybody promoting the NO vote should receive not an ounce of respect for it, including the churches who want to be given $7.5 million to promote the NO vote…on a human rights issue. Australia in 2016…Pathetic.

    • And yet another group of back benchers,, Children’s Future, spreading lies about equal marriage, and this weak PM refuses to pull them into line.

  4. I am 70 years old and have the Privilage to have Gay and Lesbian members in my Family Tree, I am Proud of their Stand for their Rights.
    They were born this way and they have no say. So Please give them the opportunity to have some dignity, Dont spend millions having a vote we all know even Christians like me that wasting money is a Sin, we elect Government let them decide.
    And if Wrong Decision is made we kick them out. I am Afraid we are Governed by Weakness not People of Strength and Integrity.
    We need more Pauline Hansons and Nick Xenophon’s in Government.

    • So who’s taking away their “dignity”? (sic) They can do what they like; but it’s not “marriage”. As for the plebiscite … screw you … I want to have my say in this matter. Bugger leaving it to politicians!

  5. Leandra Ford  

    So be heterosexual or don’t get married. That sounds a lot like assimilate or go back to where you came from. Anyone would think that Pauline could no longer get married if same sex marriage is legalised. I notice Pauline also has two failed marriages behind her, when the concept of traditional marriage is a lifelong commitment. But as always, there’s one rule for Pauline and a very different rule for the people she dislikes.

  6. Heather Margaret  

    I am not against same sex union.
    What I dislike is the word “marriage” being used

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