Hundreds of Aldi customers lined up for hours this morning

Aldi carparks across the country sure were a sight to behold this morning as hundreds of people lined up for

Aldi carparks across the country sure were a sight to behold this morning as hundreds of people lined up for a chance to get their hands on the supermarket giant’s latest sale item.

Aldi opened its doors at 8am this morning and was inundated with hoards of bargain-hunters ready to scoop up whatever they could at the German chain’s annual ski sale.

Skiing has become hugely popular among many Australian families over the past few years, thanks to cheap flights to Japan and neighbouring New Zealand, but the ski gear itself isn’t always so affordable.

That’s why when Aldi announced it was going to be selling its high-quality ski gear at a discounted rate shoppers jumped at the opportunity.

Tonya Pearson braved the chilly morning weather and waited in line with her children at one of Aldi’s Brisbane stores for hours this morning so she could get everything she needed for her family to enjoy a winter getaway.

“We’re travelling to Japan for a ski trip so we have a huge list of things to buy,” Ms Pearson told News Corp.

“I brought my sister as back up to help.”

While most Aldi customers manage to keep their shopping dockets below $100 thanks to its low prices, that wasn’t the case today as people spent up big on boots, jackets, pants and hats.

Ms Pearson spent more than $1000, but says it was well worth it compared to what she’d have to pay elsewhere.

“The kids grow out of their gear so quickly so we always come down to stock up,” she said.

“It gets crazy inside though with people shoving you out of the way so it’s always good to have a plan.”

Have you ever lined up for a bargain at sales time? Would you buy clothes from Aldi, or do you prefer to stick to groceries only?

  1. Yvonne Vishnich  

    they don’t have much to do with their time.

  2. Gail Raad  

    That’s not very nice Yvonne, these mums are taking their children away on skiing holidays and Aldi were offering her what she needed at much cheaper prices, she’s obviously shopped around and thought it was worth standing in live for hours ….what a negative attitude you have Yvonne I take my hat off to these ladies and I hope these ladies have a wonderful time on their skiing holidays with their families ⛷🏂

    • Jan  

      Good on this lady, great way to get rigged out on a budget…some people sadly don’t understand, so love what you had to say toYvonne…being negative gets you no where. Enjoy the ski trips everyone, hope the snow is deep and worth the trip!

  3. Sharlie  

    makes no difference in Tassie.. we don’t have them 🙂

  4. Shirley McDonald  

    Aldi apparently sells more ski gear than any shop in Australia because of its reasonable prices & when your children are still growing it’s worth waiting in line.

  5. Kathy  

    Only because Aldi only get a small amount of there special buys in. So if you want it you have to be first in the shop or you might miss out. I had brought some of there rechargeable tools there and I was told that they would always have them. Have been back every week to several places and still can not get a battery or one of the other ones that I wanted . Not happy Aldi

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