How would you feel about Bill Shorten as PM?

Australian Opposition leader Bill Shorten likes his chances in this year’s election, telling ABC AM host Michael Brissenden this year’s Federal

Australian Opposition leader Bill Shorten likes his chances in this year’s election, telling ABC AM host Michael Brissenden this year’s Federal election will be one of “real differences and stark contrasts”.

Despite an election date not being confirmed by prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Shorten says the Labor campaign will be focussed on jobs, education, health, renewable energy and a fair tax system.

“On one hand you have the Labor party and our policies will put people first,” Shorten says.

“On the other hand you have the Liberal party who are representing vested interests, and as we’ve seen most recently, determined to protect the big banks for a royal commission.”

Shorten says “quite a bit” of the opposition’s $100 billion in savings and revenue measures will be put back into the budget and voters will get a unified party if Labor wins power.

“Mr Turnbull doesn’t seem to have the courage of his convictions. He doesn’t run his own party,” the opposition leader said.

Is it too soon for Bill Shorten to be so confident about his election chances? What do you feel the key issues of this year’s election will be?

  1. Farmers Daughter  

    Bill Shorten PM? That is scarier than Redbacks in your Brockli.

    • guinny  

      I fear the opinions of people unable to spell basic vegetables more than Bill Shorten

    • We’re not voting for the leader, we’re voting for the policies put forward by the party. It’s the Coalition policies that are obnoxious regardless of who their leader is. The Mad Monk was bad enough with his hair-brained schemes & now the Smiling Assassin has carried on with the same ideas. At least Labor aim to preserve Medicare, make the multi-rich pay their share of tax, look after workers rights & make the banks accountable for their shady dealings & exorbitant fees. Even Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t trust them, that why he keeps his money in the Cayman Islands. Think about the policies, the Leader is just the spokesman.

  2. Grace Boland  

    That’s about as scary as Donald Trump winning and becoming President

  3. Joan  

    My first choice would be Richard de Natali, but that is just too optimistic. I’d prefer Tanya Plibersik to Shorten, but it’s hard to imagine how either of them could be worse than the two coalition PM’s we have had.

  4. Wiso  

    God help Australia if that is the best we can offer up !! what a horrifying thought.

  5. peter duff  

    I don’t think Turnbull will be any good for every one only the rich and banks

  6. lulu  

    Give Bill a chance, is what I say. Malcolm spells disaster.

    • toby2  

      you want the farce we had before? Plibersek is waiting in the background ready to pounce….rudd….gillard…rudd…shorten…plibersek…shorten…wait and see

  7. A. ABELL  

    Sadly I don’t think either party have a leader suitable to be a good Prime Minister. Malcolm and his yes men are hopeless. Bill is the Union puppet. We need someone to lead the country out of the mess it has become. We need someone who understands that the working class are the backbone of the tax system but they are not able to cope with more taxes. They are struggling now. We need the upper crust rich to have all their tax loopholes closed and pay fair taxes. Too many mega rich pay a pittance in tax. Such an unfaircsystem.

    • Dian Pond  

      Agree, I’m liking Xenophon more and more. Hope he runs a candidate in my electorate, Hughes.

    • toby2  

      and offshore companies paying their taxes

  8. Ross Roworth  

    Too involved in the union movement. If Labor could only break away from their union roots they would be unstoppable

  9. Pam  

    Better than Malcolm. he cares only for the well off ,God helps us pensioners if Malcolm wins!

  10. trisha  

    How about finding a decent photo of this man?????? You are making him look like a clown, and the comments
    just take you up on your suggestion. Please be impartial.

    • Susan Watts  

      Here here Starts at 60 should be better than this

      • Lynne Highfield  

        Agree trisha! That was my first thought on seeing this photo…that you had deliberately chosen this photo for your own ends – which, of course, leads the gullible to some of their ridiculous comments above.

    • Harry  

      The photo portrays him very well as a goose that he is!

    • Pamela McCormack  

      I agree. If asking the question you should show impartiality!

    • Linda  

      I so agree with Trisha this photo is a joke , nobody deserves to be treated like that ,if you don’t like someone no need to make a joke of them abit of respect goes a long way .

  11. Robyn  

    Before you all get excited about Mal T continuing in the job, you should educate yourselves about what that will mean as you age and for your loved ones.
    1. End of pathology bulk billing from 1 July this year.
    2. Continued cuts to education so our grandchildren are likely to be saddled with a huge HECS debt. What many don’t know is a HECS debt is a liability when your grandchild applies for a credit card, car loan or mortgage. An $80,000 debt for example with make s huge difference to their capacity to obtain loam/credit. You can take that to the bank.
    3. I attended Centrelink a few weeks ago re some advice.
    The Centrelink over 65 advisor confirmed the reduction to the allowable assets for a couple by $300,000 for calculation of Age Pension currently.
    4. And here is the Libs Jewel in the crown. From 1 July 2017 the family home WILL be included in calculating eligibility of Age Pension. The Centrelink staffer told us the details are yet to come through to staff but he was very clear our primary place of residence WILL BE ASSEESED AS AN ASSET FOR THE PURPOSE OF CALCULATING AGE PERSON eligibility. You think they won’t do this? Do you think the Libs will tell us openly what they plan prior to the election? Did they tell you before the last election? No, they did not. What they said was no cuts to pensions, no cuts to health, no cuts to ABC or SBS and the list goes on.
    Now before you jump up and down denying the Libs will do this, the information was from Centrelink not a political party.
    So a vote for the Libersl Nationsl Party coalition is s vote to reduce or lose your age pension.
    So go for it if you want, knock yourselves out.

    • facebook_anne.mills.73  

      I agree completely Robyn. The pensioners will continue to suffer at the hands of the Libs. as will our precious health and education for all children.

      • Kris  

        Interesting. Check all pensioner safety nets for dental. All those – introduced by Howard – were abolished by Rudd and Gillard.
        We had an EPC for dental, $4500 of dental chronic repair free under medicare, Howard’s work.
        Labor axed that too!
        Wake up ffs!

    • Kris  

      Centrelink? A public servant? Oooh, what an impartial advisor there 🙂
      Under labor in Queensland, another 10,000 such creatures have been added, squandering the 1.1 billion dollars LNP saved.
      The ALP destroyed this country in the 70s and 80s claiming hi tech would threaten the blue collar worker. All minerals as a result have been exported at a small fraction of their added value. QLD is now worse off than Greece.
      Are you retarded?

    • Vince  

      Not to mention they will abolish other pension benefits such as drivers licence rego rates power and water subsidies etc….. then they will hit health benefits ….. a vote for Liberals will affect our most vulnerable people…… Why don’t the Liberals make the top 10 companies who are shifting money and profits offshore pay their tax…Most pay zero tax…if just 3% of what is owed is recovered this would pay for education and health. LOOKING AFTER THEIR POLITICAL MATES.

    • I am in complete agreement with Robyn. Everyone needs to look at tbe big picture here, the health system is at risk, the education system is at risk, pensions etc., jobs are practically non existant in S.A.n it won’t get any better. Good on you Robyn for pointing out what Centrelink told you. Let’s hope the voter’s will take it all on board. I for one will never vote again if the Bulldust gov.get back in. Fines or no fines.

    • Roger Harrison  

      If you want the government to do everything for you, go to China.
      If you want to pay your way in a real democracy, stay in Oz and vote LNP.
      If my borrowings exceed my assets, I am in deep kimchee.
      Labour has NEVER even tried to live within its taxpayers funded income and has always gone offshore for more money.
      I think they call it a ‘Swan Song’….

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