How will Melanie Trump compare to Michelle Obama?

In just a few days the United States of America will swear in their 45th President with Donald Trump. With

In just a few days the United States of America will swear in their 45th President with Donald Trump. With a new President comes a new First Lady and like most of the conventional procedures around being President the Trump Presidency will be handling the role of the First Lady differently as well.

Melania Trump will be part of a very small group of First Ladies that didn’t move into the White House. Melania has stated that she wants to stay in New York so that her son can stay in his private school at least until the end of the school term. She will join First Ladies Anna Harrison and Martha Washington as the only First Ladies not to move to the White House, though all for different reasons.

Anna Harrison didn’t get the chance to move as her husband William Henry Harrison contracted pneumonia after not wearing a coat at his inauguration and died a month later. Anna was preparing to move when she got the news. Martha Washington didn’t move into the White House for the small reason of it didn’t exist yet.

Kate Anderson Brower, the author of the book First Ladies, told ABC, “I think that Melania Trump not moving to Washington for the first few months at least is really tremendous and unprecedented”. She added, “Every first lady has moved to the White House. It is an incredible honour to be the first lady.

“You have a huge platform; you can do a lot of good. I think that she’ll eventually feel pressured to move to Washington.”

Many of the staff don’t know what to expect from Melania’s role as First Lady after the experience they had with Michelle Obama. Ms Anderson Brower said, “I think Michelle Obama was ground-breaking as the first African-American first lady absolutely. But I think if we go back and look in 100 years from now, she will be remembered as a very traditional first lady in a lot of ways”. She concluded, “She was a mum in chief. That’s what she wanted to do, was to take care of their two daughters, and she did that very well.”

How do you think Melania will do as First Lady? How do you think Michelle will be remembered?

  1. harry brookes  

    title of the story asks a question, story does’nt answer the question. great journalism! hope the author of this article is paid substantially more than he/she is worth, otherwise homelessness and starvation looks like the future prospect.

  2. Greg Hills  

    Harry Brooke’s, the writer here has hinted t similarities between Melania and Michelle in that both are Mum’s first.
    Firstly, by stating that Melania wants to do her duty to her son first by initially staying in New York. Then, later on, by reflecting that Michelle was known as the “First Mum” by her actions in raising her daughters in the White House.
    However, you are correct that it is not great journalism by the fact that the writer has not summarised by tying these similarities together.
    There is no obvious connection between the body of the article and the title of the article. Of course, this is probably not the author’s fault. It is the sub-editors who are at fault here.

  3. Roby D  

    There should be no comparison done here. Each woman is entitled to be her own person.
    Let us wait and see. Some women are not enthralled with the idea that they will be on show for the world to see. I personally am a private person and would not like to be in this position. How about we allow Melanie Trump to find her own way without criticism before she has even moved to the White House if she ever does. Michelle Obama filled her role as First Lady splendidly. Each to their own I say.

  4. Rob  

    Once again SaS proofreader(s) or editors are found wanting – check the headline…. What’s her name?? Couldn’t even get that right so I didn’t even bother reading the rest.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    I am sure Melania Trump will make a beautiful intelligent First Lady. She has not said she will never move in to the White House she will when her son has finished his term at school. As a Mother she is considering her son first which is paramount.

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