How the world’s media reacted to Donald Trump win

There can be no denying the world is waking up in a state of shock this morning. There will be

There can be no denying the world is waking up in a state of shock this morning. There will be those who are reeling that Donald Trump is the president-elect and there will be those who are in awe that Trump did what many thought he could not do.

While Google searches for ways to emigrate from the United States were on the rise in the hours following the victory — possibly from all those actors and actresses who threatened to leave should Trump become president — it was the world’s newspaper headlines that really brought home the sentiment of Trump’s upset win.

In Trump’s hometown, The New York Daily News was arguably one of the harshest critics and was not holding back with its disapproval of the election result.

An early look at Wednesday's front cover following the election of Donald Trump.

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While in Australia the Daily Telegraph got straight to the point in the question many had been asking in relation to Trump’s victory, simply ‘W.T.F?’

In New Zealand the Herald was making its feelings known.

The front page of the NZ Herald today.

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While The Wall Street Journal was very matter-of-fact in its headline, pointing out that the loss of key battleground states really put the nail in the coffin for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Newcastle Herald reworked the iconic Obama poster ‘Hope’ for this one…

It seems that the US president will be a major talking point in the days to come, but only time will tell what Donald Trump’s time in the White House will yield.

Were the front pages of your newspapers dedicated to the presidential election in the US? Share your photos with us.

  1. Joan Marshall  

    The media are a low lot and Donald Trump put them in their place by winning. The media were out to destroy Donald and he stuck it to them by winning. I have a friend who is a journalist she got out of the media because she used to be told to go for the jugular in discrediting people whether it was right or wrong. In my estimation any decent human being would get out of the media. Incidentally my friend has done very well for her self in a company which is world wide and she is an Executive.

  2. Pamela  

    Most of us breathed a sigh of relief that DJT has been elected.

    The childish left are throwing tantrums screaming that they did not get what they wanted – boo hoo!!

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