How Nicole Kidman surprised fans… and her husband on NYE

When your husband is one of the biggest music stars on the planet and he’s tied up in concert on

When your husband is one of the biggest music stars on the planet and he’s tied up in concert on New Year’s Eve what is a girl to do? Join him on stage of course!

Nicole Kidman surprised fans and her husband when she got up on stage and performed back-up while he belted out tribute pieces during a New Year’s Eve performance in Nashville.

Kidman looked cute as a button swaying her hips as Urban performed songs in tribute to those music stars who had passed away during 2016, including David Bowie, Prince, Merle Haggard and Leonard Cohen. Her impromptu performance sent social media into a spin, with many offering words of praise for the actress.

However, there were some who thought that perhaps Our Nic had had a few too many drinks and was maybe a little tipsy on the stage.

“Nicole Kidman was very drunk and happy dancing on stage while Keith Urban performed,” Twitter user Christine Nunez wrote.

While Jeremy G tweeted: “Nicole Kidman is straight drunk cougar dancing on CNN” seemingly referring to Kidman’s 49 years.

Urban was performing as part of CNN’s multi-timezone celebrations and performed a medley of tunes in his tribute, including Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, The Eagles ‘Take It Easy’ in memory of Glenn Frey, and Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, Haggard’s ‘Mama Tried’ and finally Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’.

Kidman joined in the singing and at the end of the performance gave her hubby a big ol’ smooch.

How have you supported a loved one? Do you think Nicole was just having some fun? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Diane Evans  

    I think it is fun and they would both be happy!

  2. Jen Smith  

    Good on her! That’s Nicole and that’s our Aussie tradition GO NICOLE. xoxox Love Your Work. xo

  3. Maria Webb  

    No big deal, whats wrong with her getting up there to support her hubby. Its was NYE, so naturally she had a drink or two.

  4. Alison  

    Fantastic should be more of it

  5. Kayann Smith  

    Just goes to show all the tabloid crap saying they are divorcing, just that crap, thats love there live on stage, you go girl, love you Mrs Urban

  6. Faye Dapiran  

    Why would the word cougar [which is just dreadful anyway] word be mentioned. They are both 49, I think she is 3 months older than him – wow eh! Good on her for this, but I am annoyed that this comments by someone at CNN was ever mentioned

  7. jan bowman  

    I also say go girl, and hope you are both very happy.

  8. Fay Wardrop  

    Sometimes its someone else’s time to shine. It was a poignant tribute and perhaps Nicole took the focus from the performance…but you do that when you’re tipsy…it’s all me me and me!

  9. Why is it that a woman like Nicole can not enjoy herself without some idiot saying, “Oh she must have been drunk” or “I think she may have had one too many” fro goodness sake, she is with the man she loves on NYE, of course she is going to be happy wouldn’t you be, if you were with the person you love. Good on you Nicole, show the youngsters how it is done. The Aussies love you.

  10. hanny hoffelner  

    Good on Ya Girl, have fun and enjoy your life with your Husband and dont worry what the Press writes , we wish you a long and happy marriage , and great life with your beautiful Family

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