How long do Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch have in parliament?

You rarely see opposing members of government agree, but a deal between finance minister Mathias Cormann and Labor’s senate leader

You rarely see opposing members of government agree, but a deal between finance minister Mathias Cormann and Labor’s senate leader Penny Wong, only four of the 11 crossbench senators and only three of nine Greens will see out a six-year term in parliament.

What that means is that seven crossbenchers and six Greens will face re-election within three years at a half-Senate poll, and if they want to retain their seat they’ll need to double their vote!

Who then will go all the way?

You’ll have six years of Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie and Nick Xenophon, that’s for sure and all because they scored such a high vote at the July election.

Under the Constitution, six-year terms are given to six of the 12 members elected from each state following a double dissolution, while the other six will be given three-year terms.

This means that Derryn Hinch only has three years before he faces re-election.

“It’s the fairest way and reflects the will of the people expressed at the election,” Cormann tells The Weekend Australian.

Wong told the newspaper that Labor supported the Government’s proposal to allocate senators’ terms to the order in which they were elected in each state saying, “This is consistent with the Senates previous practice following double dissolution elections and reflects the will of the voters.”

Previously, Hinch threatened legal action if he was pushed to take a half-senate term, but told the ABC that he would avoid doing so in order to “save money for my campaign”.

The three Greens to receive six-year terms were Richard Di Natale, Peter Whish-Wilson and Scott Ludlam.

What do you think of the process of sending voters back to the polls in three years for a half-senate election?

  1. Bruce Taylor  

    It’s the way it has always been done. It is what the constitution requires. Half the Labor and coalition senators are also subject to a three year term. So it is not unfair.
    The only thing that disappoints me is that we will have to wait 6 years to get rid of Hanson. Never mind perhaps by then some of the people who voted for her this time will have developed some common sense.

    • Roy Bridges  

      Might be good if some of Bill and Mal mates go with all the unturths they told last election what a disgrace they are only interested in self, ego and of cause their own power base not what’s good for the country.

  2. Martin Chance  

    The Constitution does not actually specify any formula for allocating the 6 year or 3 year terms to the individual senators just elected. In practice this has been up to the Senate itself to determine after each double dissolution. This has been used politically in the past, to strengthen the long term positions of the parties with large numbers in the Senate, protecting their own. It would be far preferable, from a fairness point of view to have a transparent formula set in concrete which was beyond the reach of any Senate at the time to play with.

  3. Brian Lee  

    I suppose this is a Senate rule, that has to be abided by, I just hope everyone watches, when the time comes, to see that the necessary number of Coalition and Labor members have to be re-elected! At least thank goodness Pauline will be there for the full six years it will give her more time to accomplish what needs doing!

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  5. Gerard Saldanha  

    Honestly it won’t matter, because all will find the world ending in 2017, as per our Lady of FATIMA. I who was then an atheist, was shown.

    • I’m an atheist Gerard and if you think the world will end I urge you to spend all your money on the poor so they can have at least a few months of joy.

  6. Truth 13  

    My only question is, will Pauline Hanson be eligible for a life time pension for been in the Senate for only six years. If she is, that will be lots of Fish & Chips, and very much more than she ever earned, all her life time. Can the public also tell the politicians, “Pension is not an entitlement”, for politicians, just like some idiot said less than a year back to the others.

    • There are many misperceptions about politicians. Details of their entitlements to super are online (unfortunately I don’t have the link on this device) if you search for them. Also, to get a pension one needs to pass asset and income tests applied equally irrespective of your occupation. Most politicians would not usually qualify because of their high income and usually savings. They access their super contributions like the rest of us but their fund is more generous.

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