How do you explain terror to a child? Exactly like this…

A French journalist who asked a child about the terror attacks in Paris got far more than he was expecting when

A French journalist who asked a child about the terror attacks in Paris got far more than he was expecting when the child’s father interrupted. What followed is the most beautiful and intimate conversation between a father and his son, one that any of us could imagine having with the small people in our lives.

After the reporter from a French TV show asked the little boy if he understands what’s happened, the child starts to say that he wants to leave Paris, but the father stops him to say “France is our home”.

The child is worried about the bad guys who have guns.

“They might have guns but we have flowers,” says the father before gently explaining how that means they are safe and must stay in Paris.

See their beautiful conversation here:

This clip raises the question of just how you explain the horrible things that happen in the world to children. Especially in today’s world where global events are difficult to ignore and the 24-hour news cycle means we’re constantly inundated with pictures and reports about world events.

How would you explain what’s happened in Paris to your grandchildren? How much do they need to know, and is it possible to protect them? 


  1. It breaks my heart to see how this is affecting everyone but especially the innocent children, what a wonderful explanation from his dad!

  2. Little darling,you can positively see his relief when his world returns to being safe and protected with that bank of Flowers and Candles his Dad tells him are there with the love of all the good people.That way he clearly sees and is comforted that those “mean” people have not had the last say. wonderful Dad for bringing him that security all children should feel.

  3. He did well. You can’t lie to children but you can explain about good guys out numbering bad guys and cushion the horror with talk of flowers and candles. It really depends on the age of children too. What you should never do is pass on fear. Teach awareness, but tolerance, talk up those things that keep us safe.

  4. I had seen it earlier this morning, it’s a moving piece, and such a hard time for kids and parents at the moment with so much in the media. He’s a very caring and loving Dad.

  5. I saw it on ABC 24….It was amazing how this very young boy answered the journalist.!!! 🙌🙌👍

  6. All parents need to be having age appropriate conversations with kids this week, little ears & eyes take everything in & need reassurance & understanding appropriate to their age.

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