Hilarious video mocking Centrelink controversy goes viral on social media

In the past week one of the biggest stories you’ve probably read or heard on the news is the Centrelink
One of the hilarious scenes in the mock video taking the mickey out of Centrelink. Source: The Juice Media/Facebook

In the past week one of the biggest stories you’ve probably read or heard on the news is the Centrelink debt scandal.

No doubt you know all about the letters sent to people telling them they owe money to Centrelink, and maybe you’ve received a letter yourself.

While many have reacted to this news with anger and frustration, there’s always someone who is going to find the humour in every situation.

A video, mocking Centrelink and their debt letters has gone viral on social media and it’s got millions of us laughing along.

Produced by The Juice Media, the video is a mock ad explaining the debt letters.

It’s been viewed more than a million times and shared 44,000 times on Facebook in just a day!

“Hello, I’m from Centrelink,” the mock video starts.

“Did you recently commit the crime of accessing social security? If so, you will have received a polite letter from us over the Christmas holidays indicating you might need to pay us a shit load of money.

“You may also receive a visit from our friendly debt-collectors. Merry Christmas.”

If that wasn’t funny enough, the mock ad goes on to take the mickey out of Centrelink even more and addresses the many politician’s expenses scandals of recent times.

“We’re here to reassure you Centrelink’s algorithm is not malfunctioning. It’s doing what we asked it to: sending out a clear message to poor people that this Government f***ing hates you,” the video states.

“Above all, it’s distracting you from the actual bludgers who really know how to rort taxpayers.

“That’s why we’re going after the most vulnerable people like single-income mothers and people with disabilities… rather than billionaires who stash their money in corporate tax havens or the top third of companies in Australia that pay no tax or ministers who blow public funds on private flights to their own weddings, parties and house-buying sprees.”

If you haven’t seen the video, it’s doing the rounds on social media.

Watch it below and give yourself a laugh this afternoon!

What do you think? Did you find this funny?


  1. David  

    Yes it is hilarious, but unfortunately too close to the truth to be funny to most people. It’s a bit like watching an episode of Utopia.

  2. Eluzabeth Pandelis  

    I shared it as soon as I saw it and I know others saw my post and shared it. Funny but close the bone considering “impulse buys” by Ministers when using allowances.

  3. You can bet your bottom dollar that some people will get their knickers in a knot over it. But I for one, found it very funny.

  4. Dee Kerr  

    If it wasn’t true it could be funny but when your 91 year old mother who is in a nursing home suddenly has her pension stopped because C’link want to know how she got the money to pay the deposit – information they already had – and then it took me a month of intense distress to get on to them on the phone to finally have it reinstated. Not funny. Just causing extreme anxiety. How do elderly without family to help get on? It used to be that you could fax them but this is now not an option. I had to take time off work to sit on the phone for hours. It is inhumane and elder abuse,

  5. Peter Aldhamland​  

    This is a must watch – it is a good giggle. The underlying theme also tells you that this country is suffering from total ant poor leadership – I have been here twenty-five years and seen the decline of a great country – it saddens me greatly –

  6. John  

    About as funny as a fart in an elevator! Only a dole bludger would like it.. Why whinge? Is having to go through a bit of hassle proving you aren’t getting paid too much harder than working 40- 60 hours a week? Ur getting hand outs be grateful stop ur freaking whinging! If you were in a third world country ud be dead because ur too unless to get off ur arse!

    • My business, not yours.  

      Sounds like you have a job. Your time on the outer will come and the sooner the better so you learn that not all people are as fortunate as you.

  7. Withheld so I don't get sent a letter  

    I used to work with these clods, theor debt process is a law unto itself. Self reporting is ignored so they can justify their meager little ego’s boost when they “catch” some poor bastard like he is guilty of taking the cash and running off..

  8. Name withheld  

    I recently got a letter saying my pension had been cancelled as I hadn’t replied to a previous mail. Well that mail and the following one had been replied to immediately. After three calls to them and being told it was a mistake, I sent an email to the boss with an immediate reply they would look into it. Got my fingers, toes and everything else crossed my next pension is correct, or I’ll be out on the street!!!

  9. Supervisor  

    I didn’t find it funny at all. As a Senior Supervisor within the Centrelink Compliance Section some years ago, it was then policy that we could not issue a notice of debt legally without having proof that an overpayment had occurred, proof which would stand up in a Court of Law. What Centrelink have done is to put the onus on the client to prove that there is no overpayment. This is not only illegal but establishing a very dangerous legal precedent. Would people think it funny if every corporations, every agency, every bank and every business decided to charge you with a debt, threaten you with legal action and imprisonment if you didn’t prove that you didn’t owe them??

  10. My business, not yours.  

    This country has gone to the dogs. We have machines taking all the simple jobs so is it any wonder there are homeless people crowding our streets. The idea that machines are more efficient is spurious at best and disgraceful at worst. People need jobs not machines and it’s about time politicians started governing for the people; all the people, not just the industrious and intellectually fortunate.

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