Aussie prisoners go on strike because they want to be PAID more

If you think you’ve seen everything, think again. High security prisoners in a Victorian jail who are serving time for their crime, have
Some 448 inmates are involved in the strike over pay.

If you think you’ve seen everything, think again. High security prisoners in a Victorian jail who are serving time for their crime, have gone on strike because of this one thing – they want to be paid more in their prison jobs.

Some inmates at Barwon Prison, south west of Melbourne, have been refusing to work at the maximum security jail since last week and are protesting against new employment arrangements at the jail, which have already been introduced at other Victorian prisons.

Jails across Victoria pay inmates between $6.50 and $8.95 a day for various jobs, including maintenance and gardening, reports Daily Mail.

Inmates earn a salary based on three levels, depending upon the degree of responsibility, the complexity and demands of the task, the skills required and the hours of duty.

“Barwon Prison has moved to new prisoner employment arrangements, which bring Barwon in line with other Victorian prisons,” a spokesperson for Corrections Victoria said.
“This is the culmination of a lengthy process across the prison system. Some Barwon prisoners have refused to work, but this has been managed without incident.”

The jail has not revealed which of its 448 inmates are involved in the strike over pay.

Barwon Prison is home to violent murderers like Matthew Johnson who bludgeoned gangland kingpin Carl Williams to death inside the jail in 2011 knowing CCTV cameras would record the killing.

It also houses drug kingpins Tony Mokbel, Frank Madafferi and Pasquale Barbaro.

Prisoner Christopher ‘Badness’ Binse, who once held a 44-hour siege, helped foil an alleged terror plot after an inmate and suspected terrorist follower wanted to behead prison staff.

A spokesperson for Corrections Victoria said all prisoners in Victoria were required to be employed unless they were elderly or unable to work.

“Work provides skills to help prisoners find jobs when they are released from custody, and reduces the risk of reoffending,” the spokesperson said.

How do you think? Do they deserve higher pay?

  1. Karen  

    All prisoners deserve jack Sh..! They can do the work to pay for the food, shelter, guards wages, etc that the taxpayer has to provide to them. They owe the taxpayer, the taxpayer owes them nothing!

    • Cliff Bernard  

      If they do productive work that earns money for the prison, they are entitled to some reward for that.

  2. If you ask me they should be chained and make them work for their food and save the money to pay the hard working people that have worked a life time to get a miserable pension.

  3. Patricia  

    I think what they are paid is already plenty…these are people who have broken all rules of society…they are in prison. Why should they be given opportunities which are denied to so many who are homeless or unemployed. they are lucky that the Cat o’ nine tails is no longer used.

  4. Gail sinclair  

    They have to contribute to their keep while in custody, I think they are lucky to get anything at all

  5. Gail sinclair  

    They have to contribute to their keep while in custody, I think they are lucky to get anything at all

  6. Wayne Mclean  

    they should be made to work to pay for their upkeep in gaol what makes them think that they deserve to be paid no work no privileges and extra time added to their sentence for refusal to work and off story

  7. Vic Roby  

    Prisoners get paid an amount which is credited to their account (they don’t actually handle the money). With this money, they can purchase things at the prison canteen. They can buy anything from a colour TV down to a box of matched at SUBSIDISED prices. Nobody else is allowed to buy anything at these prices..not even the prison officers.
    As for going on strike for more money…let them… but don’t let them win..

    • Anne Wolski  

      You obviously have no idea of what you are talking about. They don’t get things at SUBSIDISED prices and things are often way more than you would pay at the supermarket. A tube of toothpaste for instance, costs around $5 in prison. Would you rather these people don’t clean their teeth so we end up paying for dental treatment. For your information, most of the money prisoners get is from their relatives.

  8. Robyn Simek  

    If they did the crime and obviously they are doing the time…..then let it be without benefits.

  9. Loz  

    I am sure they don;t work hard at all, any work done would be to keep them housed and fed. NOTHING EXTRA. They are not there for a holiday but for being stupid law breakers.

  10. Jennette Elliott  

    It would just be terrible if they got to sit in their prison cells ALL day when they have the opportunity to help someone else. This is the pathetic attitude that contributed to their being locked up….Arse holes.

  11. Anne Wolski  

    I’m always amused at the pathetic attitudes around these subjects. Chances are many of them are in for crimes that you or yours may have also committed but not been caught for. There are a lot in there for charges of smoking marijuana and yet there are many more who have never been caught and smoke the weed every day. Many people drive home from the pub when they’ve been on the grog. You think that not being caught makes them less of a criminal than those who are in prison?

    • Anne Wolski, while I agree that some prisoners are innocent not very many are. Why should they be paid for doing some trivial jobs while in jail, it costs more to keep a prisoner housed, fed, guarded etc than pensioners get. I for one object to my money being paid to prisoners as a wage. I have worked hard all my life and now get a measly pension, which is very hard to live on. And wow $5 for a tube of toothpaste, I pay more than that in the town I live in.

      • Anne did not comment that some prisoners are innocent – she remarked that some prisoners are incarcerated for quite minor crimes that many of us have committed, but not been caught for.
        I tend to agree with her.

        • Bruce Taylor  

          If all prisoners were given the sentences they deserve we would have to build a lot more prisons to house them. Have not heard of anyone recently being jailed for a minor crime. In fact the sentences handed out by our judiciary these days is a joke.

    • There is a directive to magistrates from the government…don’t put people in gaol if there is any chance of rehabilitation, the government can’t afford it and neither can the tax payer….hence the revolving door at the courthouses….the same people keep coming and going…this is one of the reasons our society has just about completely broken down. This is called lawlessness….people will eventually get caught but nothing will happen to them….

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