He’s preached about a united government, but is Malcolm Turnbull keeping secrets?

Malcolm Turnbull has consistency said called for transparency and a united government since he took office last September, but it

Malcolm Turnbull has consistency said called for transparency and a united government since he took office last September, but it looks as though the PM hasn’t been playing by his own rules.

Mr Turnbull has been forced to admit that his own Treasurer Scott Morrison was not in the “very small circle” that was made aware of plans to bring the Budget forward on Monday morning.

Mr Morrison was reportedly caught off guard when the PM announced the Budget would go ahead a week before planned and was forced to play catch up as he tried to get a grasp on the changes.

The confusion about the Budget announcement has raised eyebrows and has many people questioning just how “united” Malcolm Turnbull’s government really is.

After taking over from Tony Abbott last year, Mr Turnbull says he has focussed on creating a close team within his party to try to move on from the tensions that arose during Mr Abbott’s leadership.

With a federal election looming, the government has a tight race on their hands and any sign of discontent within the LNP could do a lot of damage at the polls.

While Mr Turnbull enjoyed a surge of popularity within his first few months of office, the tables have turned in recent weeks with the latest Roy Morgan poll showing the ALP now sitting at 50.5% over the LNP’s 49.5% – meaning if an election was called tomorrow it would be too close to call.

Although the PM insists that Mr Morrison was “in the loop” on the budget changes, he also admitted he didn’t include him in the decision to move the budget forward.

Whether they voted for the LNP or not, many people were hoping that Mr Turnbull would be able to rid the government of the kind of in-fighting that plagued Mr Abbott’s leadership.

Now some are saying this is proof that Mr Turnbull is behaving in a similar matter as his predecessor.

Do you think Malcolm Turnbull is a better PM than Tony Abbott? Who will you vote for in the federal election?

  1. Malou Lee  

    Will have to say Malcolm Turnbull.

  2. Angie B  

    Can’t trust him, couldn’t trust Tony……….our politicians are a disgrace!

  3. Derek Miles  

    The Treasurer should be the right hand man. The fact that he was not included in this decision making process is really bad form which makes Malcolm Turnbull just as guilty of captains picks – something he ridiculed Abbott for.

  4. trisha  

    I will vote for a government that is united, actually cares about all it’s people (no matter if rich or poor).
    I am afraid this government is the exact opposite of that. Pensioners need to unite and demand a fairer
    deal. Our paltry pension rises do not cover even the cost of two loaves of bread. Yet with no other way of
    increasing our income, we have to survive. No one will hire us, so god help those in the future who are expected
    to work until 70.

  5. Roy Gavin  

    Does it matter?
    If they win Abbott will be back in charge within weeks and the have fixed the senate so he will have control of that too!
    If you thought he was bad last time just wait until you see what happens then.

    • Dave Aitken  

      Abbott might have the education as a Rhodes scholar but …..he’s a ”power hungry limelight loving lunatic”, and a total ”bloody idiot ” with a do as we say , not as we do style , I would not trust him with my smoko money……. and Bill SHORTARSE God help us if that bunch of under achieving egotistical losers get in .

  6. Dave Aitken  

    If you wanta good man for the top job MORRISON IS THE MAN however Turnbull and Abbott made sure they gave Morrison the most ”unpopular jobs” [ immigration, social services, treasure ]to keep him unpopular with the voting majority, but using him because he is good at what he does, that way they avoid the challenges…….

  7. Malcolm may be a moderate Liberal but he has a strong right wing forcing their agenda on him.

  8. shalong  

    This BACKSTABBER(tho it was GREAT to get rid of the embarrassing Abbott!) knows that this is his ONLY time ‘in power’ and will then take all his taxpayer-funded pensions and ‘hopefully’ go sleep with his money in nther Cayman Islands! WHY, do we want anyone like this??? None of them are any good and ONLY interested in re-election!!!

  9. Robert Green  

    President Turncoat is beginning to sell us down the lefttard gurgler. He is setting the country up for forced submission to the rising one world government.

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