Helen Mirren reveals secret to long-lasting marriage

What is the secret to a long and successful marriage? If you ask Dame Helen Mirren she will tell you

What is the secret to a long and successful marriage? If you ask Dame Helen Mirren she will tell you it’s building a house together.

Mirren, 70, has been married to Taylor Hackford for almost 19 years and she believes their marriage truly became indestructable after they built their home.

The gorgeous house in Salento, Italy forced then to lean on one another for strength and she credits it to vitality as a couple.

“You build houses together. If anything’s going to make you divorce, it’ll be building a house together. If you get through that, that’s a huge triumph,” she said when asked the secret to a long-lasting marriage.

She goes on to explain that they have each taught and learned from the other and are grateful to have a significant other in their lives who brings out the best in them.

Speaking to OK! Magazine she said: “We’re very different but I’ve learnt a huge amount from him, including returning phone calls. If he gets a phone call, he returns it immediately. He’s one of those detail-orientated people. I admire him very much. But then, it’s a two-way street. I’m sure he’s also learnt things from me.”

What do you think the key to a long-lasting marriage is?

  1. Barbara Phelan  

    After 43 years it takes patience humour tolerance and determination . We signed for all times not just the good ones

  2. Jeannie Bliss  

    I am divorced after twenty years of marriage, been long time ago now due mainly to lack of communication my ex used to say if I wanted to discuss an issue ‘sssh if your not happy leave’ took a while but did he was a good person but definatly mans man another of his comments was’ you cannot have good conversation with a woman’ I have had richer and much more fulfilling relationships since but do not want to marry as like my own space and as no longer intending to have children look for like minded male friend who converse,laugh and keep growing. As Helen said we all learn qualities from each other if open and not judgemental to differ is good. I am poorer now but wiser and can do a lot of things I thought would never do love art , poetry etc things that give me pleasure and if nice male around now and then brilliant. As the song goes ‘I will survive” Yes I do like men who treat me as unique individual and I them To stay in a marriage that is not compatible is an unbearable and lonely hardship

  3. Frank  

    secret to long marriage is build a house together – because it worked for her ?

    having worked in real estate, I have sold many freshly renovated houses – why were they being sold ? Because the couple had argued so much about the thousands of tiny stressful decisions required for a renovation that they broke up

    so there’s the other side – trial by fire – if you’re gonna stay together, it may strengthen your relationship, otherwise it may quickly destroy it.

    like the advise given by some centenarians – smoke and drink whisky every day – it worked for me – so good advice for everyone ? Probably not.

  4. Julia turner  

    We have been married for 50yrs-we were 17 and 18 yrs old with a 7month old baby boy-we went through hard times in the UK and Australia over the years-now life is comfortable- one of the things thats kept us together is being able to talk to eachother and do things together.

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