Helen Mirren plants a big kiss on Morgan Freeman at awards show

Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman have sealed their friendship with a kiss.
The duo starred in the movie Red together.

Hollywood favourites Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman have publicly declared their love for each other, sealing the deal with a big ol’ kiss in front of a huge audience overnight.

Helen was presenting her former co-star with a Career Achievement award at the 16th annual Movies For Grownups Awards when the pair shared a friendly kiss on stage.

Helen’s husband Taylor Hackman was watching on from the crowd, but it seems the trio are all old friends with Morgan joking he had been in love with the actress for years.

“I want the world to know that I’m in love with Helen Mirren,” he jokingly told the audience.

“I’ve been for some years now.

“Taylor Hackford knows it and I’m still alive.”

While the kiss made headlines around the world, the real point of the night was to honour actors and film makers over the age of 50.

The annual awards show aims to highlight the achievements of baby boomers in the industry and is a night where those with a wealth of experience can shine.

Last night, Denzel Washington, Annette Bening and Jeff Bridges all receiving honours for their work over the past year.

Would you kiss a friend on the lips? Do you think it’s important to have an award’s night like this just for baby boomers?

  1. Guy Flavell  

    Oh my God, another bloody lot of drivel about Helen Mirren … that’s three in 2 days SAS
    and about a dozen over the past month. Why, oh why are you just so infatuated with this
    woman ??? Surely many, many of your readers are equally as bored with your constant
    mindless articles about her ? Next thing will be a description of her successful bowel movements !!

    • 😂😂😂 Know what you mean ,every time I go on Facebook there she is again!!!we had this a while back ,I thought SAS had got over this infatuation,apparently.not💤💤💤

  2. Elizabeth Gardner  

    so?what is wrong with kissing a friend on the lips I have done it many times. As for Helen Mirren what is wrong with keeping up with a great actress. People are always interested in her and others like her you do not like that sort of thing ? easy – do not read it.

    • Bazz  

      But she kissed a black man – YUUCK !!

  3. Guy Flavell  

    I have a great deal of admiration for Helen Mirren … as an actress. Apart from acting though
    she does absolutely nothing for the benefit of humanity … NO celebrity philanthropic works,
    NO charity works and NO advocacy whatsoever for the down-trodden. In a way you could describe her as a bit of a ‘parasite’. Apart from acting her only real claim to fame is her
    support for British nudism … of which she partakes in enthusiastically.
    So, all you wallies who enjoy her shallow antics constantly highlighted by Starts at 60 … I feel VERY sorry for you.
    PS: read Wikipedia to confirm everything I’ve stated.

  4. K  

    I agree Guy we are drowning in Helen Mirren. In the past I too have complained about having her shoved down our throats.

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