Helen Mirren makes a stunning appearance on Ellen

Actress Helen Mirren sat down with Ellen today looking absolutely gorgeous and opening up about her husband Taylor Hackford, who
Dame Helen Mirren was glowing on her Ellen appearance.

Actress Helen Mirren sat down with Ellen today looking absolutely gorgeous and opening up about her husband Taylor Hackford, who it turns out she didn’t think much of when they first met!

Helen was positively glowing has she sat down in the Christmas-themed set in a silver fringed skirt, black turtleneck jumper, and matching black tights and shoes.

She seemed to be in great spirits, chatting and laughing with Ellen about the most annoying thing her partner does.

Helen says she was annoyed with Taylor after their first date because he turned up 20 minutes late!

The Dame said she is a notoriously “early” person and was ready to throw in the towel after his tardiness.

Thankfully she gave him another shot and the couple have been together ever since!

Later, Ellen coaxed Helen into playing a game of ‘Heads Up’ – a game the TV invented, which is similar to charades only at high speed.

After impersonating “a Russian woman giving birth”, Helen had to do her best impression of the Queen – something you think would be easy enough considering she won the Oscar for the part.

However, Ellen failed to guess right and thought she was doing an impression of Melania Trump instead!

You can watch all the hilarity below. Are you a fan of Helen Mirren?

Do you admire Helen Mirren? Do you like Ellen’s show?

  1. Margaret  

    I am a fan of Helen but not of Ellen

  2. lyne  

    I think Helen Mirren is a true lady and fantastic actor. Ellen is a fool and I have never understood how she is categorized as a comedian……She is pathetic and I refuse to watch anything with her

  3. Ann T Reed  

    I think they are both fantastic!!!

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  5. Melanie White  

    Would love to know where i can get a skirt like Helen’s. .

    • jane coussey  

      I know it is a designer skirt. I saw the dress and can not remember which designer. I did not know there was a skirt.
      I have looked online to see where I saw it but can not locate it again.
      Someone must know who the designer is. I want it too.

  6. Linnie Bedenfield  

    Where can I find the skirt that Helen Mirren wore on Ellen.

  7. V  

    Same here I have been hunting for that skirt.. love it!

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