Health Minister Sussan Ley in property controversy

Federal Australian politics is on the edge of its seat as news came out that Health Minister Sussan Ley purchased

Federal Australian politics is on the edge of its seat as news came out that Health Minister Sussan Ley purchased a property worth over $700,000 while on a taxpayer-funded trip to the Gold Coast.  Her husband was also with her on this trip also covered by taxpayer funds.

At first a spokesperson for Ms Ley confirmed the purchase and said that the Health Minister was on the Gold Coast for official government reasons as that the purchase “was not planned nor anticipated”.  Something that Labor MP Catherine King calling “unbelievable”. 

Talking to the ABC, Ms King said, “I think she’s got some explaining to do, to explain how purchasing a luxury apartment with her husband is in any way, shape or form official business”.  She added, “Frankly, if she can’t, she needs to resign.”

It was the idea that the purchase wasn’t planned that has caught Ms King’s ire.  She said, “In anyone’s world, $700,000 plus is a lot of money”. She added, “I don’t know too many people who would spent that sort of money, even if they had it, on an impulse. It’s a pretty unbelievable claim.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce came for Ms Ley’s defense saying “If they [Ms Ley and her husband] made a purchase — even though I admit it’s a substantial purchase — that is not the reason she went to the Gold Coast”.  He added, “She went to the Gold Coast for work … people are saying she concocted a reason to do a policy announcement on the Gold Coast. I think that is a bit rich.”

Ms Ley has one of the highest expenditures of any politician as she has claimed over $1.1 million in taxpayer-funded travel in a one year period.

What do you think of the situation?  Should she step down or has she done nothing wrong?

  1. Kerry  

    Whether is was a spontaneous buy or not, a minister of the Crown needs to be seen to be NOT corrupt. She needs to reimburse those airfares quickly even if she were on business. She stands to profit from the purchase of a property and she needs to pay the airfare to do the business not the taxpayer.

    • Cheryl  

      Absolutely correct!!! AND she can probably claim those airfares back against the tax on the investment!!

  2. Delma  

    Maybe seeing as we can’t trust anyone of them to have a moral compass we should get them to get the headmaster (turnball) to sign a statement declaring where they are going and for what reason and get the person/persons to sign when they have concluded said business. No more free for all. No more hiding behind “business trips”

  3. It is unbelievable that she expects people to believe that she made a $800,000 purchase on the spur of the moment,and why the hell is the tax payer footing the bill for her husband.

  4. George Whittaker  

    Of we go on a work assignment and while we are out and about we just pop down the coast and spend a lazy $785000 just on a whim. Claim a another few hundred tax payers dollars on a motel room. What do you take us public for IDIOTS because that is how you are treating us. You should quit in shame and any other pollie doing the wrong thing should also go and Prime minister do something about this. If you follow social media you will see a rebellion coming your way and a new lot of unaffiliated senators winning seats on a platform of ridding all the crazy perks, remember the age of entitlement is OVER.

  5. H K Stack  

    I think she has to go – how dare she spend all that money on travel

  6. Roy Bridges  

    Should resign story just made up, and if was true do we want someone in charge of our money who spend so much of hers without research, and makeing sure getting value for money.

    Whole thing is self interest , what a disgrace!

  7. Cheryl  

    Is it a misprint that her travel expenditure in only one year is $1.1 MILLION?? Surely that cannot be accurate unless hee $700,000+ property purchase was claimed as a travel expense!!!

    Where are the bean counters overseeing these travel budgets?

  8. Bruce Taylor  

    Why should we be surprised? Just another dishonest and greedy politician. This another in the same vein as Bishop and Hockey.
    There really needs to be an integrity commission to oversee the actions of politicians. We will never see it however because there are not enough honest ones to vote for it to be implemented.

  9. Brian Lee  

    You’d think these politicians, especially the experienced ones like her, would learn to think before they put their feet in their mouths, wouldn’t you. With the speed of information spread and the quickness of the public to jump down their throats, you’d think they’d have learned to be more careful. What worries me is the fact that what she did indicates she’s NOT too bright – just the sort we DON’T want in Parliament!

  10. Mary Heffernan  

    I am totally disgusted with this whole “entitled” LNP mob! This Health Minister has done incredible damage to Medicare and the whole health system in this country, and she swans around at OUR expense feathering her own nest! On her salary, surely she has the integrity to pay for her own damn trip and expenses to purchase luxury property that we poor idiots who elected her (no, NOT ME!) can only dream about! She has joined the ranks of “Helicopter Bronwyn” who rort the system then retire on humungous amounts of taxpayers money in pensions and perks. No wonder the country is going broke, with all these “entitled” politicians running it into the ground!

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