“He just wasn’t the man I married.” Lisa Wilkinson opens up about her marriage to Peter FitzSimons

They are the media power couple that everyone thought had it all. However, a new interview reveals that Lisa Wilkinson

They are the media power couple that everyone thought had it all. However, a new interview reveals that Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons’ marriage was on the rocks.

In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly the pair share that Peter’s drinking almost brought down his career and their marriage. Peter denies that he was ever an alcoholic but does admit that he was self-medicating with alcohol to deal with his stressful and hectic word and life schedule.

Peter’s drinking would mean there would be more arguments with Lisa when he got home. Lisa told the magazine, “He stopped caring when he had alcohol. He wouldn’t care too much what he’d say to me, he’d be careless he might upset me — and it actually takes a lot to upset me.” She then added, “He just wasn’t the man I married. We were missing out on time spent together, which we love”.

The couple, who have been married for 24 years, were always open about everything in their lives. Unless, as Lisa said, she was “pissed off about something — and that usually followed an alcoholic lunch.”

It wasn’t until a business lunch that Peter asked a workmate why he wasn’t drinking after drinking an entire bottle of wine himself that he realised there might be a problem. He changed his life after that, giving up the drink, and focusing on his health and the health of his relationship.

Lisa said, “I feel like I have my husband back”. Peter is also taking his journey to the people with a new book, The Great Aussie Bloke Slim-Down, that will help other “blokes” to get healthier as well. Peter adds “As for alcohol, just give it a go for a month and see if your life is not better without it.”

  1. Marg standen  

    Why do all these comments come out when celebrities are trying to sell their books. Oh I care I love him so much and gosh it’s good publicity to sell the book

    • Dave Pritchard  

      Ah, another Over-60 cynic, eh ? B-)

  2. Brian Lee  

    I suppose the next thing we’ll hear is the recently separated Carl is moving in with Lisa!

  3. Nola Ryan  

    Probably got a lot to do with the Channel 9 vs Channel 7 ratings that they are fighting over. Amazing what they can bring out for ratings!!!

  4. Mary Heffernan  

    Peter may not be an alcoholic, as in being addicted to alcohol, but he certainly became heavily alcohol-dependent, which means much the same thing. There are many high-functioning “alcoholics” in high-power jobs whose lives are a mess behind closed doors. The ABC’s “Australian Story” a few weeks ago featuring a very brave Talitha Cummins who “came out” as the “modern face of the alcoholic” is a step in the right direction, replacing the dated image of the alcoholic as a park-bench drunk, or someone incapable of functioning in society.

  5. Ron Pond  

    Self medicating……With alcohol????

  6. Anne  

    I agree about the book thing. Same when Steve Irwins ‘best mate’ decided to “open up” about “that awful dsay” Steve died and strangely he had a book to promote too

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