Has political correctness stopped us from voicing our concerns about Islam?

An increasing number of Australians claim that political correctness has no place, at least when it comes to examining any

An increasing number of Australians claim that political correctness has no place, at least when it comes to examining any links between Islam and terrorism.

War hero turned MP Andrew Hastie claimed the time has come for an “honest debate about the ideas driving Islamic extremism.”

“We don’t have a problem with Muslim Australians, but we do have a problem with a small part of the community which subscribes to radical extremism,’’ the former SAS commander said.

Mr Hastie says this topic has too long been “clouded by political correctness,” and he’s not alone.

Last week, MP Josh Frydenberg added that Australia is grappling with a “large element of denial” when it comes to discussing Islam and terrorism.

Meanwhile, MP Michael Sukkar claimed that a lack of reform within Islam has contributed to “medieval teachings and practices.”

Mr Sukkar believes that debate about Islam’s future is necessary, however “uncomfortable” this may feel.

Other voices are now joining this chorus of parliamentarians.

A recent opinion piece challenged, “has political correctness in Australia whitewashed us from speaking the truth about the ugly realties of Islamic teaching?”

Whilst the piece acknowledges that ISIS has distorted popular perception, it also describes how many Australians “see Islamic State as an outpouring of the ‘purest’ form of Islam.”

“They worry that allowing mosques in their communities are just the beginning of worse things to come,” it reads.

The piece goes on to state that religions which “encourage, sponsor or fund violence, should not enjoy the same protection offered to more acceptable expressions of faith.”

Mr Hastie has reached similar conclusions himself.

“Modern Islam needs to cohere with the Australian way of life, our values and institutions. In so far as it doesn’t, it needs reform,” he said.

Has political correctness hindered the way Australians approach Islam and extremism? Is there any need for concern in our country?

  1. Yes doesn’t matter what we say we’re apparently racist for voicing our concerns

    • the only racists are those who are against Australian laws etc, that includes people born here.

    • Lynne A Becker Australia is a secular country with our own laws as passed by our own Parliament and the people running around saying anything else are wrong. If anybody disobeys or breaks our laws they will be investigated and taken before the courts. As to whether the Laws are always correct or the courts suitable is another question and not what people are supposed to be discussing here.

    • And they go before courts & are given minimum sentences…..so much PC……the whole western world is falling over itself not to “offend” the perpetually offended. 😝

    • Bronwen Bannister Is that and any other event like it the fault of the person or our law or our judges. Just because we have a problem only means we need to fix our law to be fair.

    • That’s the problem, they’re not fixing it. They are making it worse by enabling those who get ‘offended’ to keep complaining and our governments, be it local, state or Federal keep trying to appease the complaining minority at the expense of the majority who want our laws and customs to stand as they always have. Anyone should be welcome to our beautiful country but don’t bring the issues that you are fleeing from and expect us to accept them here

    • Lyn Mottrom So complain to your MP, your Senator and be vocal about the correct matters. Australian Law is constantly changing. That is why there are Parliaments.

  2. So may we have the same debate about the greed and extremism that happens in ALL religions and cults? May we debate also why people’s personal religious views colour their decisions in the political arena and are pushed on the rest of us. May we also know why all these religions/cults get out of paying taxes and get away with illegal behaviours.
    I am totally against extremism in any religion/cult, but education, awareness raising and discussions are needed much more than fear mongering and singling out people. BTW I don’t conform to political correctness, I prefer to voice my opinions appropriately and reasonably while not (hopefully) being offensive.

    • The World would be a much better place without religion it is a destruction an evil form of brain washing, believe in the tooth fairy it dosent screw your head up as much

    • Yes Muslims get singled out for UN Australian practices, but what of the other faiths and cultural groups in Australia that still have arranged marriages

    • How many “funny” cartoons of Christ / Budda / Dali Lama have you seen? How many of their supporters / devotees go out & kill indiscriminately to appease their preferred Holy Person? Lots to 1st question, none to 2nd. Now compare that to Mohammed & Islam – difference is blaring! Which is why Islam needs to look internally for change in a global society. Islam can not expect /demand EVERYONE comply to their view of religion; that’s what our Freedom (fought in blood to maintain) is all about

    • Michele Orban not all Muslims are extremists. That would be like saying all Germans were Nazis!
      There are good and bad people in every race, culture and religion.

    • Michele. The same silly argument. Most Muslims do not want to force their religion on us. The vocal minority are just that a ratbag minority. Most moderate Muslims deplore their behaviour and certainly don’t want to live under an extreme version of Islam either.

    • Lisa Drury Hudson It is also saying all Christians are like the KKK. There are extremist views being stated here and if they listened just once to more moderate voices in the community (I am not talking Muslim voices) they would hear that they are actually doing the work of the extremists.

    • Nita Crompton I agree completely and must say there are ratbag elements in every culture we have in Australia including what a lot of people call the Australian culture.

    • Michele Orban How many true Muslims go out and kill. As far as I know we have a very small problem within Australia but a huge problem with sexual assaults by a large number of clergy and a big problem that is real terrorism where 789 women have been killed this year by their partners after terrorising them for years. Why are we not screaming about real problems instead of holding prejudiced views not substantiated by fact?

  3. Paranoia about an imagined invasion. Grow up you lot.

    • “Invasion” doesn’t just mean an outside force landing on our shores. “Invasion” is an erosion of Australian heritage & values : e.g. Muslim’s in court refusing to stand for judicial officers because Muslims do not recognize Australian laws (fact – research court cases).

    • What he is stating is there is a lot of talk about an imaginary take over of Australia by Muslims. The same was said about the Russians in the 1880s and the Governments put cannons everywhere to “blow them out of the water”. The only problem was they never arrived. Must be bloody slow. Menzies continually talked of the “Yellow Peril”, funny they didn’t arrive either. Our biggest worry is not Muslims but our LNP Governments selling all our assets to other countries.

  4. Oh dear I don’t even want to get involved in this discussion, because I’m too afraid of a particular faction of people who will tell me off for having an opinion. So I’ll get out the popcorn…or choccies and sit back and watch the hatred spew forth.

    • Just read the factual comments and make it easy. When people start a sentence with “I am not racist but” I cringe because you know some great generalisation is about to come forth. I am old enough to remember the same thing happening with the Italians, the Greeks, the Hungarians and the Vietnamese. Some people like Pauline Hanson seem to revel in their racist attitudes. She told us we were about to be destroyed by Asians in the nineties and now she is back with the Muslims. Her driving force though is she makes money out of being racist. She never seems short of a bob. All the TV stations and papers pay her regularly.

  5. The problem with the discussion is it seems to become accusations and bigoted very quickly. Yes there needs to be a discussion with the Muslim community rationally expressing our community’s concerns about the radicalisation of their youth and asking what we can do to help stop it. How we can ensure all their people are aware some of their customs and religious practices must be abandoned as they are not in line with Australian Law explain there are penalties for disobeying Australian Law and the law will be enforced. Unfortunately the fascist rants of Reclaim Australia and some political aspirants and current politicians is only adding to the them and us mentality which will serve to alienate Muslims more rather than embrace them as part of the broader community.

    • I also think the Muslim community need to back this or it will always be an us and them mentality instead of a we are all Australian mentality

    • I agree Barbara. I am tired of the poisonous hatred that is expressed by some in these discussions.

    • It would be nice for a peaceful discussion on this topic, I migrated to Australia 29 years ago from England, and when I came I swore alligence to the Queen and Australia, this is my home and my loyalty lies with Australia, Australian people are warm friendly and would rather buy you a beer than to do a bad deed against you, Thank you all, We trust all that come and want to be Australian as long as you accept the Australian Law above all else and realise you need to fit in, maybe a question to ask when accepting migrants is……If there was a war between Australia and the Country you come from who would you fight for……..

    • Doesn’t help when people are accused of “fascist rants” does it. The fact is, all anyone has to do is respect our country, its’ flag, culture, laws and people and there won’t be a problem. Bit hard to have any sort of conversation with people who disrespect all of that and then play the victim when they’re called on it isn’t it. And absolutely no mention of the “rants” at the rallies in Lakemba, or little toddlers holding up signs saying “behead infidels” or some such thing. Or is that excused because they just don’t “understand”?

    • Political Correctness is wrong – full stop. We should be able to discuss any important subject rationally, without resorting to personal attacks or worse.

    • Jenny Hill no it’s not right when either side takes extremely aggressive stances. Hatred has never solved one of the worlds problems. It matters little if you agree or not but some of the speakers I have heard and comments I have read are extremely fascist. Children should never be recruited to hold up signs or be involved in something they don’t fully understand. Indoctrinating children with extreme views just prolongs the problems not solve them. Look at Ireland, the Middle East and other places where the original wrongs done or parting of the ways was well before the generations who continue the battles.

    • This is Australia not an arab country. I am sick and tired of being told we are bigots ,racist when islam is mentioned.I watched a video done by a young muslim woman in America and what she had to say about islam opened my eyes.She said do the research and read the koran in english. She said their prophet who they all have to follow was a murderer,adulterer,rapist and sold people into slavery, sounds like isis to me. When the grand mufti of australia says basically Paris brought what happened on themselves,well i for one don’t want him and his bigoted ways in my country thank you very much. What makes me mad is the muslims who don’t agree with what is going on won’t speak up.I refuse to buy halal foods,i watched how the poor animals suffer and it is total bullshit. The muslims don’t have to have halal certification they only have to say a prayer over the food. I pay for no one’s religion. I donate money to organisations so animals don’t have to suffer and then along comes halal.It is a big rort to suck money out of companies and the money trail goes all the way to isis.Our government need to stop being gutless and step up and say enough is enough.How many swore allegiance to our Queen and country?

      • Mia Van Der Stam  

        Well said Gloria Paddock- I agree

    • Barbara Easthope believes “How we can ensure all their people are aware some of their customs and religious practices must be abandoned as they are not in line with Australian Law explain there are penalties for disobeying Australian Law and the law will be enforced.” Wow Barbara good luck with that one. They don’t want to change. They want to change us. Just look how schools are banning pork products from the canteen, how muslim children get to leave assembly before they sing the national anthem, how we don’t have a choice except to eat halal certified food, how the badge on the army chaplains hat is getting changed after 102 years because it offends them. No, you are probably a very nice woman but I think you are misguided.

    • Maggie Geeves : If all the muslims were as nice as you and willing to swear allegiance to the flag and country there would not be any problem at all.

    • Jennifer Dunne the school asked those children if they wanted to wait outside whilst the national anthem was sung and it was for a 2 week period only. As to the halal food, do you object to kosher food? It’s statements like yours that marginalise people. I have no objection to you voicing your concerns, but please, make sure your facts are correct

    • maybe if you lot went and learn the truth about us Muslims you might be pleasantly surprised that most of the things you read and hear is a load of rubbish….go and meet some Muslims and talk with them, they have more to worry about than you do….

    • Jennifer like all ethnic groups that come to Australia they like to hold some of their customs and religious practices. They certainly aren’t alone in that, I’m not Hindu nor am I Chinese but I’ve been to Hindu celebrations and like a huge number of Australians I’ve celebrated a Chinese New Year. I worked with Orthodox Christians who didn’t hold their Christmas celebrations till the twelfth day after Christmas. I think it a weakness on behalf of our education departments, local government and government as a whole that so much of our Australian traditions are being given away. It’s not solely Muslims who are the cause of this, our culture is much more diverse, many religions with differing beliefs and a huge number of atheists. I don’t expect the Muslims to change instantly, they may struggle just as some of the Vietnamese did when they arrived. Most Muslim refugees are running from the very same Islamic groups we find so abhorrent

    • Robyn Rylands :I don’t care if there is an halal aisle in every supermarket as long as I have the choice to buy from the non halal aisles.

    • Barbara Easthope :I do not have a problem with any other religion or nationality. In fact I am proud of the diverity of Australia.However as an example have a look at Sweden, Where muslims have been welcomed there are now no go zones for non muslims. Do you really want that in Oz?

    • Kudos to Jenny Hill. Well said. I am a great believer of ‘ fit in or f@#$k off’….simple as that….end of story

    • We have woman , a Muslim lecturer At W Sydney uni, ” claiming all these poor boys that are being picked on by the police are just doing what young ays do, , She is the go to for de radicalisation , !!!!!! The other lecturer says we have to moderate our language as Muslims have there own cultures etc

    • Jennifer Dunne there isn’t a kosher isle either so you don’t have a choice there. So what? Kosher ok halal not? If you had any idea of how many Palestinian children Israel has killed you might object to kosher. But then maybe not because those over 2000 children are Muslim.

    • Dawn teenagers go through identity issues as they mature, many handle it well and come out the other end as civilised adults. Others rebel in large or small ways. Some its the clothes they wear, hair styles, graffiti or minor antisocial acts. In the US they join gangs, for many who join ISIS it is an extreme form of teenage rebellion. As for modifying our language I think she is dead right. It is so much easier for ISIS recruiters to convince teenagers they don’t belong and aren’t part of Australian society when you have Reclaim preaching hate and Pauline Hanson and others of her ilk expressing anti Islamic views.

    • Barbara Pincott it depends which sect. The ultra orthodox Hasidic won’t sit next to women on public transport, the married women are not allowed to show their hair so wear a wig when they leave the house. Try giving them the same racist nonsense that is thrown at the Muslims and I think you’ll find that they wouldn’t take it quietly. Although they are not a direct threat to us the genocide they are practicing against the Palestinians is appalling. One member of the Israeli parliament was quoted ‘all Palestinian mothers should be killed so they can’t produce any more children’ sounds a bit like ISIS to me.

  6. I have no problem with a debate or discussion but I doubt that it will make any difference.

  7. say anything about islam & u are immediately labeled a racist…..islam is NOT a race…..

    • Oz Robpittam find another answer instead of your continual repetitive responses and please read my previous reply to you.

    • Chris Katt Well anybody who doesn’t want to be called racist can be called bigoted if they wish.

    • Oz Robpittman, if that is in fact your real name, disagreeing with your opinion is not bigotry, it simply means someone holds a different view to you. In this country that is our right. Your continued shouting of either racism or biggot actually makes you that biggot.

    • Pointing out bigotry does NOT make one a bigot. Being entitled to your opinion does not automatically make that opinion correct. Opinion does not equal fact. Calling someone a “a leftward moron troll”, does not make one an expert, intellectual giant.

    • that must be the lamest comment I have ever seen……never talk about intellectual giants when u are only average at best.

  8. I will always say what I think.who are these faceless people who think up this political correctness crap,and let someone try and tell me what I can and can’t say in my own country!

    • I agree with you, I also would like to know who thought up the idea of political correctness.

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