Has Australia officially lost its sense of humour?

It seems that Australia is ready to get serious, with new research showing less of us are looking for a

It seems that Australia is ready to get serious, with new research showing less of us are looking for a laugh in what we watch, listen to, and read. In the past, the majority of us have been happy to sit down and watch a guffaw-inducing comedy after dinner, or have preferred to see humorous articles and funny pictures when we turn on our computers, but these days many of us are looking for something a little more serious to entertain us.

The research into our ‘laugh-out-loud’ habits focussed on how many Australians are looking for “something funny as their top media content preference at least once during the week”. While we were once a nation full of people looking for a laugh, these days it seems we’d rather stick to something serious.

These results are coupled with the fact that Australia has recently seen a push towards the type political correctness we have traditionally steered clear of. Rather than risk offending anyone, many people are more careful in what they say to others. In the past we have been known to push the boundaries of what’s considered ‘funny’. As an easy-going nation we value a good chuckle, even if it’s brought on by something other countries might consider rude or outlandish.

So we have to wonder: is this research really a reflection on Australian society? Just because we’d rather watch a riveting TV drama, does it really mean that we’re not willing to have a laugh?

Let’s talk. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Has Australia lost its sense of humour? Are we too scared of offending people these days?


  1. I think Australians will always have a sense of humour, the ability to laugh at themselves. I love this about us

  2. Many of us are still laughing – we just tell our politically incorrect jokes amongst our friends…….

  3. We will never lose our love of laughter, you only have to look at some of these posts, we are always laughing with each other. And that is just in here!! Despite doom and gloom Australian’s will always be fun loving larakins at heart

  4. I don’t for one minute believe that, in many ways I think a lot of the shows we watch have been forced on us. There appears to be less and less shows produced that we can have a good laugh at, we choose what is available for us however we certainly haven’t lost our sense of humour and never will. I know all my friends love to have a good laugh and we always will.

    • Glenda Faber  

      I agree, there aren’t many tv shows that make us laugh which is why my tv remains off most of the time.

  5. I hope not. This site here gives us such fun and we hv our favourites who really give us the best laughs so often – let’s all keep our humour going – 😃 as a Pom think I still hv my quirky sense of humour I don’t ever want to lose😂😂

  6. There are hardly any comedy shows on TV any more, and yes, I think people are losing their sense of humour.

  7. who said we stopped laughing? they forgot to tell me !! I will always manage to find humor in life

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