Harvey Norman franchise guilty of misleading its customers. Have you been affected?

The Federal Court has ordered a Harvey Norman franchisee to pay $52,000 in fines, after it was found guilty of

The Federal Court has ordered a Harvey Norman franchisee to pay $52,000 in fines, after it was found guilty of making “false or misleading representations” in regards to customer rights.

The Harvey Norman franchise in Queensland made ten misleading statements to customers. It claimed to have “no obligation to provide a remedy” for two unhappy shoppers, telling them to either pay for repairs or pursue a manufacturer’s warranty.

The judge, Justice John Dowsett, said the Harvey Norman franchise had made misleading statements over a long period of time. Many staff members were involved, and the franchise turned over substantially higher profits as a result.

“Faulty products must be repaired, replaced, or a refund must be provided by the retailer”, said the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

“This ($52,000) penalty is a timely reminder to all businesses, whether large or small, that they must not mislead consumers about consumer guarantee rights under the Australian Consumer Law”.

Aussie shoppers have welcomed the court’s tough stance on this Harvey Norman franchise. In general, customers are tired of having the mickey taken out of them.

As one Facebook user said, “many retailers try this, bluffing customers with false information. As consumers, the law is on our side with regard to returns and refunds, but many people just do not realise this”.

Have you ever felt mislead or deceived at the shops? Are you glad that courts are taking consumer rights seriously?

  1. If any store has been found guilty of misleading its customers and of deception, there is no way I would shop with them. Any products can be faulty and I would not risk my money if I can’t return the item and get a refund or a replacement

  2. Harvey Norman may have fallen down on their duty of care… But I must mention the excellent service I received from DICK SMITH.. I purchased a stand alone PC from them which had a ‘fatal crash’. I was given very clear instructions for making a claim under warranty, the necessary contacts.. to cut a long story short.. my PC has been repaired, only took 2 weeks for the whole process..

  3. Harvey Norman did this when we bought our lounge suite which was not cheap. The material was pilling after 2 years of use. We went to Loganholme branch where we bought the suite from and was told to see manufacture. Was not impressed at all with that

  4. Harvey Norman gave always done this. That us why I would never deal with them again.

  5. Clare Bailey-Bradshaw Sandra Elizabeth Bradshaw Shannyn Baty. Read the article for your own information

  6. I don’t shop with Harvey as I can get the same thing from the Good Guys for a hell of a lot less

  7. This happens regularly with big and small shops, I bought a pair of sandals on Xmas eve and wore them on Xmas day, the colour leeched out all over my feet, so I took them back to where I bought them but they refuse to refund my money and I had to take a credit, I will use it at the shop but will never shop there again, at least now I know I can insist on a refund if it should happen again

  8. Yes. I was told if problems with Jura coffee machine to take back to store and they would replace under the five year extra warranty. Not true, and company refused to fix the broken plastic frother under warranty saying was external part, but the machine had to be dismantled to fix! Wouldn’t pay, only had partial use of machine. We always shop elsewhere. You can always get just as good, if not better, deals elsewhere!

  9. I don’t buy from his stores way to over priced and mass produced. Sometimes I venture in just to compare products it’s always empty. Anyway the owner of Harvey Norman is a horrid horrid stool and I wouldn’t give him a cent

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