Hanson set to hold balance of power in Qld as support surges

One Nation has 8 percent primary support across Australia, another poll reveals
One Nation appears on track to beat its 1998 state election landslide.

One Nation’s support has surged from 16 percent to 23 percent in Queensland in just three months, a new poll for The Courier Mail shows.

The Galaxy poll taken this week also reveals that the popularity of Premier Annastacia Palasczuk has plummeted in the same period, with the Labor leader’s standing as preferred premier dropping 7 percent to 39 percent.

Labor has said it won’t govern with One Nation.

The Courier Mail says the results put Pauline Hanson’s party on track to take more than 20 seats at the state’s next election and hold the balance of power in the Queensland parliament.

At the 1998 election One Nation got almost 23 percent of the vote to grab 11 seats.

A Newspoll published this week by The Australian shows that across the country One Nation commands an 8 percent primary support number.

The results come despite a third candidate disendorsement this week in Queensland, and as Hanson was criticised for praising Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Asked by Labor Senator Sam Dastyari on a Facebook Live broadcast about Russia’s alleged role in the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine, which killed 38 Australians, the outspoken One Nation leader commented that “everyone has done something.”

Last week Hanson outlined her broad policy platform if she became Australia’s prime minister, which includes banning all head-coverings such as burqas, overhauling the family law system and slashing the number of politicians.

Hanson spoke to Starts at 60 last June, telling us that she also plans an Age Pension increase.

Do you think Pauline Hanson would make a good prime minister? Is criticism of Hanson and her party over-the-top or are One Nation’s policies unworkable?



  1. Murray Walker  

    Oh dear, politics are in a big enough mess now lets not go completely down the drain surely we ca do better than this.

  2. Brian  

    The ‘HANSON FACTOR’ will/should jolt Lethargic and ‘Alternative Facts’ driven polititions to an overhaul of their base values and hopefully initiate a new breed of polititions that actually care…..

  3. Chris  

    To be honest I think Pauline Hanson is the only hope we have of moving forward and getting things changed for the better, she is not afraid to speak up and she has our country’s best interests at heart. Annastacia is a weak politician and just pussyfoots around the problems at large, Queensland would be much better without her, look at all the sick children dying because she refuses to give in on the medical cannabis debarcle, keeping in mind that cannabis is a plant which grows in gods garden and she deems to make that illegal and not available for those who would benefit from it, and this is only one debarcle wonder what she would do if it was her child.

    • Maureen Fitzsimon  

      Oleanders grow in God’s garden too! Highly toxic. Moves have been made to make cannabis safely available. However, just like any drug, there can be side effects. Which children have died because of the lack of cannabis? I agree that some might have had the benefit of symptomatic improvement. Experts in medicine and pharmacology are currently defining protocols. The government is following expert advice on this issue. Look what happened when ” Pink batts” were rolled out too quickly. Pauline fills the “gap” left by Clive Palmer. Promise the world. Deliver nothing. Hospital waiting lists have significantly improved under the current Qld government. That’s a solid achievement. Not just rhetoric.

  4. Valerie Kirby  

    Pauline Hanson is the only politician who admits that seniors paid an extra 7% income tax to fund their retirement pensions. The fund was worth millions when Malcolm Fraser took it into general revenue about 1977 saying “we can use the money better now and cross the pension bridge when it arrives”. Well, it is here and age pensions are not handouts and are not supposed to be means tested. The 7% extra income tax was never stopped either which was why we fought for superannuation to be paid to individuals and not in a fund that could be stolen by the government. Not that they have not tried! The 7% was put in place by Chifley and Menzies as a bipartisan agreement and stated that age pensions were never to be classed as welfare. Pauline definitely needs to state where her preferences will go as in WA we are told that they will go to the Liberals which rules out voting for someone who will sell off our Western Power electricity supplier.

    • Therese  

      Pauline Hanson has raised the issue of the 7.5% tax that we have been paying for the past 50 years – I have tried to source the validity of these statements – all my research points to the validity of the statements. Why then do the politicians ignore these comments. What does one have to do to have the money stolen from our retirement returned to us – and not in the form of “welfare” – but as our hard earned right!!

  5. Dieter  

    Well said Valerie, I am also behind Pauline but if the preferences go to the liberals in WA then I can’t vote for her.
    The present liberal government has to go. The sooner the better.

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