Grubby footballers fuelling grubby media… Why don’t they learn?

It’s on again. The 2016 cycle of grubby footballers destroying their careers by getting drunk, making inappropriate advances on women,
Mitchell Pearce (ABC 2015)

It’s on again. The 2016 cycle of grubby footballers destroying their careers by getting drunk, making inappropriate advances on women, then dogs, all caught on mobile phone only to find it bought by a TV station and newspaper title so they can “scoop it”. No rocket science in this one, just pure disappointment in Australian footy… again. Do you ever wonder if they will learn?

It’s distasteful, it’s damaging for the player’s career, and it’s not very interesting to watch. Yet it is enough to destroy the brand of the NRL, waste our oxygen, and embarrasses everyone. So why do the footballers do it and why do the media buy it? And we have to ask… Why on earth don’t these players just stop drinking and getting into trouble during the most important parts of their careers?

When you read about it, it does sound abhorrent. Media reports say the Sydney Roosters halfback was slurringly drunk and apparently tried to kiss a woman, urinating on himself. He was rejected so grabbed her dog and simulated a sex act on a what is thought to be a small poodle.

Not surprisingly, the woman tells him to stop, grabs the dog off him and asks him to leave.

The Roosters co-captain doesn’t leave at first, claims he has no preferred sexuality and says he will continue to perform sex acts with animals.

I don’t really understand why for some reason this week, Channel Nine has chosen to spend $20,000 on this footage and the Daily Mail $40,000 on the rights. Likely so they can use it over and over we imagine to punish Mitchell Pearce, NSW origin star.

We’ve seen it all before… footballer, drunkenness, women, and even dogs! Why do they keep repeating themselves and why does anyone want to buy it? Have these football players not learned from the lectures in the football club how children look up to them and adults revere them? Have the TV stations and papers really got that much to sell off embarrassing badly behaved stars?

The man in question, Mitchell Pearce should certain know better given his father, Wayne, is an ARL Commissioner but they all should quite frankly. It’s just all poor taste from where I sit. Do you agree?

So what do you think should be done?  

  1. Wendy crawford -Brennan  

    The person that taped it is a low life – guess this person had never made a mistake!

  2. A Polkinghorne  

    It is certainly disgusting behaviour. This lowlife of the NRL should be kicked out of sport. He is no better than the lowlife from the AFL who are rampant with drugs, are constantly drunk, are abusive, carry out obscene acts, rape innocent women and consort with criminals.

  3. Jan dodson  

    If they don”t want it plastered over all media outlets, then don’t drink. If you want to drink do it behind your locked door. With everyone having a mobile phone now, it will get out. These footballers who don’t know when enough is enough, should be sacked. Their not someone to look up to, not someone to represent their team or club. And to be so drunk that he urinates on himself is disgusting and to simulate a sex act with a dog, doesn’t say much for his personality. I lived with a person who got drunk, and used to find out the truth. That was the only time he was truthful. Which doesn’t say much for this young man. The real person comes out when drunk. Sack him.

    • Angie B  

      Jan, my thoughts exactly. Disgusting behaviour all round!

  4. Bruce Taylor  

    Given what is supposed to be the leagues policy on this sort of thing he should not play again this year. Oh and shouldn’t be paid either.

  5. paul  

    they are roll models what do you expect shows the kids total disrespect for others & you wonder why half off these kids do these things

  6. Pamela  

    Despite no morals, they are idolised and when do wrong rarely get more than a slap on the wrist.

    Being men who should be responsible, they are called and treated as ‘boys’.

    Nothing will change – it’s all wishful thinking – unless strong action is taken and have wrongdoers banned for life.

  7. Judith Lowe  

    Proof that some men never grow up! Funny how you never hear of female sports stars getting into trouble in this way!

  8. I think they need to sack a few of these people to set an example.
    They are grossly overpaid and over-hyped.

  9. Peter Warren  

    Wendy, regardless of whether or not the person who taped and released the footage is a low life, there would have been nothing to tape if Mitchell had not drunk himself into oblivion, especially knowing that he is constantly in the public eye. That is NOT a “mistake”…It is stupidity of the highest order.

  10. I agree with Peter’s comments. I am sure his father wouldn’t have taught him to behave like that. But on the lighter side……I would loved to have seen the dog swing round and bite him on the you-know-where :). I am pleased he doesn’t go to my gym!

    • Owen  

      A drunken man’s deeds are a sober man’s thoughts!

  11. Sorry no sympathy and regardless of whether he is a key player and the son of a past hero, he should be sacked. The apology is scripted and insincere and too often it’s a case of “I’m sorry I got caught”

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