Grieving on camera: Has reality television gone too far this time?

British television viewers have slammed Celebrity Big Brother for broadcasting Angie Bowie’s reaction to the death of her ex-husband, David

British television viewers have slammed Celebrity Big Brother for broadcasting Angie Bowie’s reaction to the death of her ex-husband, David Bowie.

Viewers were able to watch Angie crying on-camera, telling producers: “It just feels like an era has ended with his passing”.

Although Angie was apparently told of David Bowie’s death by her agent away from cameras, many television viewers feel that reality TV has officially gone too far.

One person online wrote, “to use the footage of Angie crying as a teaser to promote tomorrow’s show was really distasteful and exploitative”.

Whilst another person added, “disgusted at (Celebrity Big Brother) for showing the footage of Angie Bowie breaking down. What a hideous violation of her privacy”.

The Channel 5 program has defended its decision on Twitter though. It said, “for those asking – Angie was told the tragic news about David Bowie off camera by her agent, then spoke to Big Brother about it in the Diary Room”.

A Channel 5 statement later added, “(Angie) then took the decision to remain in the house of her own accord”.

Angie Bowie was married to the rock legend from 1970 to 1980. David and Angie had a son named Zowie, who later changed his name to Duncan.

Are you shocked that Angie Bowie has been left to grieve on reality television? Or do you think it was her own choice to remain on Celebrity Big Brother?

  1. They haven’t spoken in donkeys years her son has nothing to do with her so not that close then but makes for good tv ratings eh !

    • totally agree … this is BS and looking for ratings !!!! who watches this crap anyway ??

    • Faye  

      They are all paid to go on Big Brother, and quite a substantial amount too. I remember their divorce, and it was a bitter. I am sorry, but I doubt she was really upset. I read the interview she gave after being told of his death and it wasn’t terribly nice, and she admitted she abandoned her son, but was sorry. She has had no contact with him[her son that is] for about 30 years. In England [I have friends there]. it was always said she was trading on her past relationship with David Bowie to get on big brother in the first place.

  2. She allowed this to be seen? Pretty insensitive to promote one’s self using what is such a tragedy to the rest of the world. Wonder why her son has no contact with her?

    • Like she had a choice. The producers decide what gets seen and not seen.

      • Faye  

        She was given a choice, and she made it. She could have left the show. Telling of his death was not live at all. She made her choice. They have been divorced and estranged for nearly 40 years, also with her son.

  3. Glenda  

    So sad that they think its what people need to see, such news and grief should be a private thing for family and friends to share and support each other.

  4. Trish Bolton  

    Sick & I would never watch the program again, shows how they put ratings before humanity. Shame on you, & the ex for playing games……….

  5. I read this morning, that she was told off camera, and she decided to keep going with her big brother stint. so this could be all for show. They have been apart for a long time, and her daughter by Bowie, are not comunicating

    • It was also reported that she and David had not spoken for 40 years. Don’t how true that is.

  6. Dianne Evans  

    Do not watch any of those reality shows it is rubbish!

  7. Reality TV went too far a long time ago. Feasting on other people’s embarrassment and mistakes is a very unhealthy process which we can stop quickly by switching off our tellies when such ‘entertainment’ is offered.

  8. Her distress may be genuine, but this is her workplace, we all need to earn a living while dealing with our personal lives. Just because I (and apparently many others) think that “reality” televison is unadulterated rubbish doesnt mean she is not entiled to deal with her own life in her own way – I am sure would have been consulted.

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