Greens and Coalition: Don’t touch the GST, leave our super alone!

The Greens have begun negotiating with the Turnbull government, to discuss major changes to Australia’s tax and superannuation systems. Retirees

The Greens have begun negotiating with the Turnbull government, to discuss major changes to Australia’s tax and superannuation systems. Retirees are in the firing line, with many everyday people calling for our GST and super to remain untouched.

According to The Australian, Greens spokesman Adam Bandt sought out federal treasurer Scott Morrison yesterday, with a dramatic proposal. The Greens believe by changing “unfair tax breaks” for people with surplus superannuation, the government could access an additional $7 billion.

“The Greens believe the upcoming budget should tackle ­unfair tax breaks and secure the country’s revenue base”, Mr Bandt reportedly said. “If the government agrees, we would be pleased to ­discuss our proposals further”.

Negotiations between the Greens and the Coalition could “get rapid agreement in parliament for difficult changes while sidelining Labor”, The Australian reports. The Greens’ proposal could replace a “more ambitious” Coalition agenda, based on increasing the GST.

However, not everyone is happy about this new political friendship. As one member of the public commented online, “I do not like people’s super being tampered with!”

Whilst another person added, “If the Greens are in favour, it will be driven by financial envy, wealth redistribution and economy destroying policy, with a cameo appearance from Robin Hood… I will mention one more time LOOK AT GOVERNMENT SPENDING”.

Are you worried about these major changes to Australia’s tax and superannuation systems? Should the government keep their hands off our savings? Or does the government need to accrue more revenue somehow?

  1. We have been told for years yo top up our super for our retirement. I did that & am now retired. Now the government wants to belt me in the bum for doing what they wanted. I went without a lot of things when I was working to set myself up.

    • I would not worry to much, if you have huge amounts in Super and are retired they will probably Grandfather it

  2. The Rich should pay more even in Super but poor and middle income workers and retiree’s should not be paying any more tax than they are now

  3. If the Greens want to be taken seriously as a political party they have to display their stance on more than just the environment. Superannuation is certainly an area that should be looked at to make it more equitable. Salary Sacrifice is another where actual income is reduced and consequently the tax paid and sometimes reduced to slide out of child support payments.

  4. Rubbish article. The greens are against the GST. They are also against the super tax concessions that allow the rich to avoid tax by putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into their super funds.

  5. Well that told us nothing. I will wait until we actually have some concrete information before I comment further.

  6. They are all full of HOT AIR, testing the waters to see how the public react to their suggestions. I’m sure they are trying to shock all retirees so much they DROP DEAD, then they wouldn’t have to worry about us. DON’T VOTE FOR THE AR#**%#%S.

  7. The government harangues us to save for our retirement, but taxes our savings away. Go figure…

  8. What possesses you to imagine the Greens would support such a patently unfair tax? Do try to get your facts straight when reporting on these issues. I strongly recommend you get in touch with Richard Di Natale and get their position from the horse’s mouth, not via the biased media outlets.

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